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Black Clover Chapter 269 Spoilers and Release Date

Yesterday, Shueisha released another exciting chapter of Black Clover under the title, “Devil.” Black Clover chapter 268 showed us a glimpse of the devil’s past. It was one of the remarkable chapters of the series. This chapter has made a twist in everyone’s predictions. No one has expected this kind of story in the series. Black Clover Chapter 269 will display the continuation of Asta’s training. But before that, let us discuss the climax part of the previous chapter.

The previous chapter has displayed the past of Asta’s devil. Therefore, in this post, we will discuss the theories of Asta’s history. We will also apprise you of the spoilers and the release date of the next chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 269 Spoilers-

Liebe Asta Demon
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The previous chapter has shown the real identity of Asta’s devil. He is the weakest devil in the Underworld. Everyone in the Underworld thought that he was born without magic. But no one noticed that he has anti-magic. When a high ranked devil tossed him, his anti-magic canceled out the barrier between the Human World and the Underworld. In the end, he reached to the Human World. The chapter has also revealed Asta’s devil name the first time. His name is Liebe.

In the previous chapter, Licita told him that she found a Five-Leaf grimoire. In our opinion, when Nero completely sealed Zagred, she fell asleep for a few years. Maybe, the time when Licita got this grimoire, Nero was not awake. If that’s the case, then Asta’s devil is around 400-500 years old. So, the theory of Asta’s mother is wrong. Here, Tabata sensei has shown us the most fabulous suspense of the series so far.

Black Clover Chapter 269 will unveil the outcome of the Devil Binding ritual. Asta and his devil will work as a team to overwhelm the Dark Triad. Now, they both have the same objective. Therefore, in the next chapter, we will witness the accomplishment of the Devil Binding ritual.  We are pretty sure that Asta will figure out something to overpower his devil for the ritual.

Black Clover Chapter 269
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Black Clover Chapter 269 Release Date-

Black Clover Chapter 269 will release next week on October 25, 2020, at midnight JST. It has also officially mentioned the release date of the next chapter. Black Clover is a weekly scheduled series. It means that the upcoming chapter will come next week. 

Where to Read Latest Black Clover Chapter-

Black Clover Chapter 268 is officially available on the MangaPlus Shueisha website. You can also try the Viz Media website for the current chapter. Black Clover Chapter 269 will be available once it gets released on the official website. Till then, stay tuned with us.