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(Yuno vs. Zenon) Black Clover Chapter 305 Raw Scans & Spoilers

Megicula had been finally defeated as we witnessed the aftermath of the events in the previous chapter. The curse had been lifted, and Asta was carrying Lolopechka in her arms. She became flustered on finding herself naked as Noelle punched Asta away. 

She was delighted to see Lolopechka as both of them hugged each other. It was their time to catch up between them, but none of them was able to do that, including Nozel. Gaja was spotted in the distance, but he fell down as Lolopechka walked towards him.

Nozel Black Clover
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Charlotte and Rill also fell down due to their gruesome injuries. Lolopechka tried to use Water Recovery Magic on them, but she realized that she couldn’t do anything about such wounds. It looked like they were losing all hope when suddenly Nacht appeared from the floor. 

He had brought Mimosa with him, who used Ultimate Plant Magic: Flower Princess Utopia to heal every one of them. Nacht was surprised at the level of that magical power as everyone recovered quickly. Lolopechka cried on seeing Gaja alive, and he confessed his feelings to her after that. 

It was a lovely reunion as they started focusing on the matter at hand, which was to save Yami. Two members of the Dark Triad had been defeated, and the only one left for them was Zenon Zogratis. The scene shifted to their battle, where the chapter ended with Yuno asking Langris to buy him three minutes.

Black Clover Chapter 305 Spoilers-

We are very close to knowing the name of Zenon’s devil. At this point, we have only known about the devils of Dante and Vanica, which were Lucifero and Megicula, respectively. 

Zenon has always been the calmest and most composed guy among the Dark Triad members, so it will be fascinating to see what sort of a devil he is possessed by. Judging from the events that have transpired, it seems that Yuno is fated to take him down.

Asta vs Yuno Black Clover
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It will only be poetic if that happens since he was powerless the last time he faced off against him. Since Yuno thought highly of William and failed to protect him, he considers it his responsibility to save William and bring him back. 

We may see Yuno surpassing his limits to the next level with the help of his spirit Sylph that will help him to bring down Zenon with one final strike.

Currently, the raw scans and confirmed spoilers of Black clover Chapter 305 are not out. We will update this post once we get the raw scans, i.e, on September 2, 2021.  Till then read the article below.

Black Clover Chapter 305 Raw Scans-

As expected, we are going to see Yuno back in action against the last member of the Dark Triad. In the beginning, it will be all about Langris trying to hold off Zenon and try to buy some time for Yuno. Chapter 305 will have the title “Golden Dawn’s Vice-Captain” during its publication.

  • The chapter will start in the exact way it had finished previously.
  • Yuno will be shown asking Langris to buy him some time of three minutes.
  • Langris will be shown to have successfully achieved the completion of Mana Zone.
  • There will be a heated battle between Langris and Zenon, who are both Spatial Magic users.
  • Langris will finally acknowledge Yuno as the strongest mage in front of Zenon.
  • Langris will also go on to say that Golden Dawn is the strongest squad in the Clover Kingdom.
  • Yuno will finally be able to activate his new spell.
  • His new spell will be called Wind Spirit Creation Magic: Spirit of Euros.
  • The chapter will end at that point, giving us the indication that the main battle between Yuno and Zenon will take place in the next to next chapter.
  • The chapter will be pretty short, with the main focus on Langris and Zenon.
  • It will basically be a warm-up before the inevitable fight between Yuno and Zenon.
  • It will not be surprising to see Yuno knocking out Zenon in one blow.
  • The popularity poll results will also be shown in the next chapter.
  • The most surprising thing is that Noelle has dethroned Asta from the number one position.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover
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Black Clover Chapter 305 Release Date-

As per the new announcement, fans can get their hands on the new chapter of Black Clover on September 12, 2021. It is safe to say that the readers can’t contain their excitement with the possibility of seeing one of their most favorite characters bringing down the last member of the Dark Triad.

Where to Read Black Clover Chapter 305-

Chapter 305 of Black Clover can be read with the help of official sites like Mangaplus Shueisha and Viz Media. They will update their websites with the new chapter after their official release. Stay tuned for more Black Clover spoilers.

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