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(Blooming Friendship) To Your Eternity Episode 4 Spoilers & Release Date

The new spring anime To Your Eternity or Fumetsu no Anata e began its release about three weeks back and has now begun to gain the attention of viewers. It is rumored to be the first candidate to possibly secure the title of the Best Spring Anime of 2021. The currently 141-chapter manga began its serialization in 2016 and shared an author with legendary work of “Koe no Katachi” or “A Silent Voice.” Yes, this manga has been written by Oima Yoshitoki

In the previous episode, we witnessed how the new blooming friendship between March and Fushi plays an important role in her salvation at the sacrificial altar. As Parona and Fushi work to save March, the people of Yanome stand by and watch. Hayase then concludes that the appearance of Fushi and his fight with the spirit bear must be a sign from God.

To Your Eternity Episode 4 Spoilers
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Hayase then offers Parona and March a chance at a new beginning. She mentions that she would report the success of the ritual if they choose to either die there or move with the Yanome to their land. And so, as Fushi learns to say ‘Arigatou,’ Parona, March, and Fushi, along with the old lady shaman from the selection ceremony, head off to Yanome with bright hopes for a better future.

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To your Eternity Episode 4 Spoilers-

The new episode shall include the contents of chapter 5 of the manga, wherein we watch the blooming friendship between March and Fu-chan unfold further. As Parona, Fushi, March, and the old shaman travel toward the land of Yanome, the true intentions of the Yanomes readiness to perform the ritual and then accept the presence of strangers is exposed. Further, Hayase’s not-so-pleasant plans are revealed to us. This episode is peppered with multiple revelations, which are sure to keep fans hanging on the edge of their seats.

To Your Eternity Episode 3 Spoilers
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  • In the new episode, we shall get to see the carriage ride from Ninannah to Yanase, wherein we find the revelations of the old shaman’s identity as a criminal, the true intention of the ritual, and a little about Parona’s past. We learn that the people of Yanome are preparing for war, hence wanting to get into the good graces of the people of Ninannah.
  • As they later halt their carriage to clean off the mess Fushi creates, Fushi is reminded of the promise he made to the nameless human boy as he sees his reflection in his wolf form. The pain he feels soon stimulates him and causes him to change his form into that of the nameless human.
  • Reaching the land of Yanome, Hayase offers them a change of clothes and offers to buy them anything they wish from the city stalls. And so as the bunch chooses to indulge, March realizes she misses her family but cannot send them letters in a written script which saddens her.
  • Later as Hayase offers them food, we realize that her wicked ways haven’t changed as she drugs them and then imprisons them. During their imprisonment, we watch Hayase experiment on Fushi’s immortality using other prisoners and then plot on how to use him as a weapon of violence in the upcoming war. 
  • As Fushi learns the words ‘It hurts,’ we witness his pain as he repeats the words through every experimental trial and then finally attempts to escape in his wolf form. 

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To Your Eternity Episode 4 Release Date-

The fourth episode of this already commendable anime is set to be released on 3rd May 2021. The resemblance if the animation to the manga surely sets one’s heart at ease. And since the anime is definitely doing the manga justice, we surely can wait in anticipation for the story to unfold.

Where to watch To Your Eternity-

In case the first three episodes haven’t been enough indication, To Your Eternity fans are in for a huge load of pain. And since the anime is only in the initial stages, you can easily catch up to the manga; if you haven’t already. Fans can read To Your Eternity officially from the Mangago website or watch the anime on the Crunchyroll website.

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