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(Frost Monarch’s Retaliation) Solo Leveling Chapter 152 Spoilers & Release date

The last chapter of the Solo Leveling series gave quite a surprise. And also left many fans heartbroken with Guin-Hui’s death. Not only that arrival of the Monarch of Frost is also the implication of the upcoming unavoidable war. So, there is the question of how much time is left before the opponent attacks.

In the last chapter, we saw the interaction between Jin-Woo and Woo Jin-Cheol, and the former even vowed to hunt down the Monarch. Due to Guin-Hui’s death now all the guilds are operating to take down the assailants. Furthermore, Jin-Woo called a press conference to warn the public of the dangers. And even told the mass to contact him through the Korean Hunters Association if they feel threatened. So, what will unfold in the next chapter?

Solo Leveling Chapter 152 Spoilers–

Thomas Andre will plan to gift a pair of shortswords to Jin-Woo and there are only two of them in the whole world. Jin-Woo is not the only one preparing for the war. Monarch of Frost will also prepare for the war but before that, he will meet up with the other four Monarchs. He addresses them as Kings and will tell them about the Monarch of shadow.

The Shadow Monarch
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  • He will give every detail that occurred before he escaped from the confrontation with Jin-Woo. They will be sceptical about the vessel to hold Shadow Sovereign.
  • They will also discuss the lack of a powerful vessel for the Dragon Emperor, which is why he didn’t descend.
  • Monarch of Frost will ask their aide to defeat Jin-Woo but they will be indifferent. They will ask him to wait for the Dragon Emperor.
  • He will get angry and will call them cowardly for depending upon the Emperor. Two of the Monarchs will decide not to participate and will depart.
  • One of the Monarch will ask him if Monarch of Shadow is still human. He will show the dagger that was applied with poison to them. And will conclude that it is not the original style of the Shadow Monarch.
  • Finally, they will agree to aide him and together they will decide to kill Jin-Woo.
  • A meeting will be held to decide the next head of the Korean Hunters Association and Chief Woo Jin-Cheol will be nominated.
  • Jin-Woo will congratulate him in his mind after finding the news and will go to a forest to practice with the shortswords.
Solo Leveling Chapter 152 Spoilers
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Jin-Woo will continue to kill monsters in the forest and will level up to Level 133. All his stats will reach 300 and will decide to spend points on Perception. And the most exciting part is not only German’s best hunter Lennart Niermann but also Thomas Andre will arrive in South Korea.

Manga like Solo Leveling
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Solo Leveling Chapter 152 Release Date –

Fans can read the new chapter on May 20, 2021, and as there is no news of the current hiatus Chapter 153 is expected to release on 27th May. Now, what will happen now that Thomas Andre and Lennart Niermann have arrived in South Korea? The answers will be revealed in the upcoming chapters!

Where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 152 –

Fans can read the Solo Leveling series on the SoloLeveling website. Readers can also access the chapters on Tapytoon or Mangadex. Things are getting more and more exciting. And it seems like Beru is also on the verge of a breakthrough! We will be back with more Solo Leveling spoilers. Till then stay tuned.

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