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(Go and Grookey) Pokemon Journeys Episode 59 Spoilers and Release Date

The previous episode started in Team Rocket’s hideout. We saw all members of Team Rocket sleeping peacefully while Pelican was trying to mess with the Pokeball ejector machine. However, he somehow broke the machine and it started emitting numerous pokeballs releasing a horde of Gulpins in this process. Meanwhile, the next morning Ash and Go get stuck to a lot of Gulpins which eventually form a giant ball that kept rolling and sticking everything else on its path.

The Gulpin Ball kept rolling through town and caused a fiasco. Professor Sakuragi investigated the situation and informed Go that this happened due to Gulpin’s ability of Sticky Hold. Sakuragi’s instruction was misheard by Go but it somehow worked and they were able to release themselves along with everyone else from the big Gulpin Ball. We travel back once again to the hideout of Team Rocket for the second half of the episode. Wobuffet accidentally released Chewtle from the machine while trying to free Meowth. Chewtle started going to the park where he came across Turtwig and they decided to have a race to establish who is faster.

Pokemon Episode 58 Spoilers and Release Date
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The race also proved to be a great bonding time for Chewtle and Turtwig as they helped each other in the course of the race. Many other turtle pokemon also joined them in the race who was later revealed to be belonging to the Turtle Master. The race ultimately had an anti-climactic finish with Chewtle winning it.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 59 Spoilers –

In the preview of episode 59, we saw Go waking up from a strange dream. He said that in his dream he saw that he had become a Rillaboom. Later we find that Go had a Grookey sticking to his arm. The Grookey started spending time with them and piqued Ash’s interest in catching it. However, Go said that it was already caught by someone and they began searching for its trainer. Meanwhile, Team Rocket intervenes and traps Pikachu and Grookey in a net.

Pokemon Episode 59 Spoilers and Release Date
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In this series, we have already been introduced to the other two starter pokemon namely Sobble and Scorbunny. Both of them have been caught by Go. Thus, we are finally getting the most anticipated introduction of the final starter pokemon of Galar region, Grookey. However, it is a major concern as to who of Ash and Go will become Grookey’s trainer.

Fans have been predicting for a long time that Ash is going to catch Grookey since he doesn’t have any Galar starters till now. The preview mainly foreshadowed that Go was likely going to foreshadow. If Go eventually becomes Grookey’s trainer, it is going to be a bit disappointing and will be the first time that Ash doesn’t get to catch any starter of a specific region.

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Pokemon Journeys Episode 59 Release Date –

Episode 59 of the Pokemon Journeys Anime is going to be released on March 12, 2021. Pokemon Journeys has a weekly release, so fans don’t have to wait a whole lot to see a new adventure of Go and Ash. It will be exciting to see what new Pokemons Ash and Go encounter next.

Where to watch Pokemon Journeys Episode 59 –

The latest episodes of Pokemon Journeys Episode 59 can be watched on Netflix. Netflix has provided access to all fans to watch their favorite Pokemons in action. We will be back soon with another spoiler and prediction article. Until then, stay tuned with us.

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