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God of Highschool Chapter 497 Spoilers and Release Date

God of Highschool Chapter 497 will feature a legendary clash between the newly acquired Mubong Park’s Right Arm of Mira and the taboo Deer Antlers by the Deer God. The chapter will contain a very ominous end. On the previous note, chapter 496 showcased a last moment trump card prepared by the world president. Mira acquired the Mubong Park’s Right Arm and just evaded the mighty attack of the Deer Antlers. The most important part of the arc, How is Mira going to die? What will happen to the refugees? How exactly did this old man stay alive to recite the story back? Read further to find out.

God of Highschool Chapter 497 spoilers
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God of Highschool Chapter 497 Spoilers-

Executive R sure helped Mira a lot in the latest chapter. She could protect the refugees under her for quite some time. Unfortunately, the Deer God has more tricks under his sleeves. He will transform into a complete primal deer god, which will prove fatal for Mira. Not only him, Mira too, will push herself to the limits and borrow power from nearly half of the world to defeat the Deer God. The battle will mainly focus on the proper use of Mubong Park’s Right arm by Mira. So, from now on, let’s discuss some spoilers of Chapter 496:

  • The Deer God will defile his master’s land even more by awakening into a primal deer god.
  • Mira will increase her wi-fi range by taking control of the wi-fi units in Seoul.
  • The Deer God will unleash a mighty attack full of different elements.
  • Mira will use the supercomputer inbuilt in the Right Arm to analyze the counter for each element from the people lending her power.
  • She will accurately counter the mighty attack and shock the Deer God.
  • By driving in even greater power and resilience into herself, Mira will overheat the Righ Arm.
  • She will clearly land a deep swing in the chest of the Deer God.
  • The Deer God will accept his defeat but hold her in his arm and unleash a vile technique on Mira.
  • She will bloom into a gigantic black lotus, which Daewi will sense from far away.
  • Some refugees will flee in the commotion like the old man; most will die on the spot.

Even after regaining the 108 agonies and Mubong Park’s right arm, she will be pushed to her extreme limits. Her mortal body will start giving in to the mighty power she acquired. Being a god, the Deer God will kill Mira Yoo by blooming her into a gigantic black lotus. A somber note is incoming for all the readers and Mira fans.

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God of Highschool Chapter 497 spoilers
Source: Webtoons.com

God of Highschool Chapter 497 Release Date-

Chapter 496 will release next week on January 8, 2020, i.e., on Friday. The next chapter will showcase Mira’s last strike against the complete devastation that awaits the refugees under her. She is one of the main characters, so you can always expect the unexpected as we wait for more answers. Further, the wait is always worth it when reading God of Highschool.

Where to read God of Highschool Chapter 497

Fans can read the latest God of Highschool chapters from Line Webtoon or other official platforms. We will be back next week with another God of Highschool spoiler article. Until then, stay tuned, stay hyped.

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