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(Gun-Hui’s Death) Solo Leveling Chapter 151 Spoilers & Release Date

The last chapter of Solo Leveling ended with a cliffhanger with a fight between Jin-Woo and Monarch of Frost. Moreover, Monarch of Frost’s return also gave a pleasant surprise to the fans who were least expecting it. Besides, the Monarch’s revelation regarding breaking two of Fragment of Light’s pieces further proves they are ready for war.

The previous chapter showcased the fight between Goh Gun-Hui and Monarch of Frost where the latter gravely injured the former. Furthermore, he took the blow so he could break the dimension and Jin-Woo shadow soldier could get out. As a result, Jin-Woo could teleport and intercept the ice elf. So, what will happen in the new chapter?

Solo Leveling Chapter 151 Spoilers –

Chapter 151 will begin from where the previous chapter left off. Upon seeing the Monarch of Frost he will be reminded of his past failure to extract Baruka. He will ask the creature’s identity and at that moment the opponent will realize Gun-Hui was talking about him as a variable. And a fight will break out between them.

Solo Leveling Chapter 151 Spoilers and Release Date
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  • The Monarch will ponder about the power of Jin-Woo and the Monarch will ask him to choose between combat and saving Gun-Hui.
  • The ice elf will make a drastic escape but not before getting stabbed by Baruka’s dagger. The ice elf will look at the dagger with disdain.
  • Beru will be summoned to heal Gun-Hui but in the end, he will die. Before his final moment, he will tell Jin-Woo that he hopes he is on the side of humanity.
  • Moreover, he wishes he will choose his options carefully in the future. The next morning newspaper will be filled with three news.
  • The three news will feature the murder of Gun-Hui, the death of Jonas, the 6th rank Hunter, and lastly, a report regarding Jin-Woo’s return to South Korea.
  • Every guild will be on guard and will be informed to find and take down the culprit. The video footage regarding Gun-Hui’s death will be disclosed to the civilians and the public will be shocked to see the ice elf.
  • Furthermore, Jin-Woo and Woo Jin-Cheol will meet and Jin-Woo will promise to hunt down the murderer. Later, he will ask about the incomplete footage shown to the public.
  • Jin-Cheol will reply he did that to protect the rest of the Hunters as well as to keep his skills hidden. Jin-Woo will ask for a press conference.
  • During the press conference, Jin-Woo will reveal about the monsters targeting people. And will also say to contact the Korean Hunter’s Association if they feel threatened and he will be notified.
  • He will say that but not without his hidden agenda that is to trap them.
Solo Leveling Chapter 151 Spoilers
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The next panel will show Thomas Andre and his secretary, Laura. Thomas Andre will plan to give Jin-Woo a pair of shortswords. But the exciting part is that there are only two of them in the whole world. The next panel will show Gun-Hui’s funeral and Jin-woo standing on Daesung Tower overlooking possible threats.

Solo Leveling Chapter 144 Spoilers
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Solo Leveling Chapter 151 Release Date –

Chapter 151 will be available next Sunday, i.e., May 13, 2021. As there is no current hiatus for the series fans can expect Chapter 152 to release on 20th May. In the next chapter, Jin-Woo will call Thomas Andre will confirm one of his doubts. And it seems like Sovereign of Frost is also making preparations for the upcoming battle.

Where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 151 –

Tapytoon or Mangadex are the sites from where fans can access the current chapters. Besides this, Reddit also updates the link for Solo Leveling Chapters fans can read the series through that link. Readers can even read on the SoloLeveling website. We will be back with more Solo Leveling spoiler articles. Till then stay tuned.

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