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(Six Fingers’ Plan) Iruma-kun Chapter 221 Spoilers & Release Date

The second-year has officially begun for the Misfit Class. As we predicted in Iruma-kun Chapter 220 spoiler article, this chapter comprised new subjects, classes, and environments for the students.

 The last chapter was begun with the introduction of two new teachers in the Babylus School. But these two teachers look familiar. Yes, you predict it right; those are the members of the Six Fingers, Atori & Shiida. So, what are they planning now? Let’s discuss.

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Before considering it, let’s revise the environment of the previous chapter. After presenting the new teachers, we witnessed the operation of a magical tool that measures the magical aptitude, named “Devil-in-the-Slot-666.

This tool measured and imprinted the status report of every student in the Misfit class. As usual, Asmodeus got the highest numbers; however, Clara got 50 in “Unknown.” This “Unknown” stat will unveil in the future and play a crucial role in saving one’s life.  

However, for Iruma, we viewed a scorched paper with the demon seal mark on it. It’s because he is a human, and he used Ali-san’s magic. That’s why he always causes the strangest things to happen. No doubt, he will become the next Demon King.

Iruma-kun Chapter 221 Spoilers-

The new journey has commenced with new obstacles for Iruma-kun and his friends. The foremost hindrance is the involvement of the Six Fingers in the Babylus school. They desire to infiltrate the Babylus school in order to revive the Demon Lord. Also, there is a possibility that they are here only for Iruma-kun because currently, the leader of the Six Fingers, Ami Kirio, acknowledges that Iruma-kun is a human.

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Some fans on the discussion hubs assume that Shiida and Atori, two members of the Six Fingers, are here signifies that the remaining four have infiltrated the Levialon Academy and the Jackapo Institute. If so, they are plotting to execute something important. Presently, the great musician Poro is also with the Six Fingers.

The last chapter also revealed that Kalego is on leave after the Familiar incident. In the absence of Kalego, Shiida and Atori can efficiently attain their goal. Everyone is predicting that this time the Misfit class students alone will cease their plan under Iruma-kun. So, get ready for the action that will begin in the upcoming chapter.

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Iruma-kun Chapter 221 Release Date-

Iruma-kun is a weekly scheduled manga; therefore, Chapter 221 will release next week on September 25, 2021. However, if there is any news on the hiatus this week, then we will update the scheduled date. The next chapter will unveil a glimpse of the Six Fingers’ plan.  

Where to Read Iruma-kun Chapter 221-

Fans can follow welcometodemonschool website, mairimashitairumakun website, or many other private sites to get the latest updates on the Iruma-kun manga series. We will be back next week with other posts on the Iruma-kun series. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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