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(Two Tigers) Kengan Omega Chapter 127 Spoilers & Release Date

The second last round is at its climax. Although, many fans are predicting that the fight will comprise at least two more chapters. However, in our opinion, in the upcoming one, we will witness the result of the fight between the two Tigers. So, what will happen in Kengan Omega Chapter 127?

The last chapter has given us hope for Wakatsuki’s winning. Fei has overpowered him in every range. However, Wakatsuki has the trump card and, i.e., the Blast Core. Even a slight impact of it has given unconditional damage to Fei. In the last panel, we witnessed Fei successfully dodged Wakatsuki’s Blast-core. But the truth is he was caught by the Blast Core, but it was not a full impact; that’s why Fei was coughing blood.

Kengan Omega Chapter 127 Spoilers
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This scene has shown us a way for Kengan’s winning. If Wakatsuki lands a Blast Core with full impact, then even for Fei, it will be impossible to withstand for a fight. However, it’s not a straightforward task because Fei is now well aware of what Wakatsuki is conceiving. So, what will be the conclusion of this fight? Let’s discuss.

Kengan Omega Chapter 127 Spoilers-

In the previous chapter, we witnessed Fei’s past and his journey to become the Tiger’s Vessel. Over 4000 extraordinary fighters from China, only Fei was the chosen one. The chapter also unveiled the secret behind the Niko Style Divine Demon.

As justified by Kiryu Setsunathe Niko Style Divine Demon is the succession of the Fallen Demon & Possessing Spirit in which one has both explosiveness of the Heart and the activation of the brain. But here, the question arises, why was Fei able to endure this without losing his sanity.

The chapter has also described the answer because he was chosen for this technique among the 4000 Chinese fighters who performed all the rituals and became the right owner for this technique. However, this description is also not accurate.

Wakatsuki vs. Fei (Kengan Omega)
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In our opinion, in the next chapter, we will witness a glimpse of the after-effects of the Divine Demon. Even Fei mentioned that it is impossible for him to come back if he increases the output a little more. This clearly illustrates that this technique has some limitations.

According to fans’ assumptions, in the next chapter, we will witness Fei will blow more attacks on Wakatsuki. Simultaneously, he will also be more cautious of his blast core. However, in the end, Wakatsuki will manage to land the entire impact Blast core on Fei.

But what about Fei? The circumstances will appear where he has to release the full output of the Divine Demon. And as a consequence, he will go berserk. It means there is a probability that this round will evolve into a deadly fight. The next chapter will reveal everything. Maybe we witness Lolong step in between the fight.

The raw scans are finally out, and we get the conclusion of the second last round. The result is Draw. Yes, read it right. Fei will overwhelmingly beat Wakatsuki until he loses consciousness, and on the contrary, due to excessive use of the Divine Demon, Fei’s blood vessel will burst up. And as a result, it’s a double knockout, the same as Akoya and Nicolas. Now everything is dependent on the final round between Ohma and Lolong.

Here, we have attached the raw scans of Kengan Omega Chapter 127

Image Source: DeviantArt

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Kengan Omega Chapter 127 Release Date-

As per the official announcement, there is no news of the hiatus next week. Kengan Omega Chapter 127 will release next Friday on September 24, 2021. The upcoming chapter will exhibit the conclusion of the second last round.

Where to Read Kengan Omega Chapter 127-

There is no official website to read the Kengan Omega series in English translation. Therefore, fans can follow private websites to get the latest updates of this series. Reddit is also one of the best platforms to read the latest raw scans and chapters of the Omega series.

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