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Kengan Omega Chapter 82 Spoilers and Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 81 has shown us the aftermath of the Special round. We knew from the very beginning that Misasa will overpower Yumigahama in this round. Misasa had the advantage of the rules. That is why this fight was all one-sided. The chapter has also disclosed that Yumigahama is not the strongest fighter of the Purgatory. Many fighters could overwhelm him in the Purgatory. They had already taken this fight as their defeat. Now, the worm has made an appearance. Kengan Omega Chapter 82 will display the beginning of Round 5.

The round 5 will undertake between Naidan Monkhbat and Gaoh Ryuki. So, who will have a greater chance of winning? What will happen in the next chapter? Therefore, in this post, we will discuss the summary of the next chapter and the release date.

Kengan Omega Chapter 82 Spoilers

Naidan Kengan Omega
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Naidan Monkhbat, the Hawk of Ordos, is the fighter of the Purgatory. According to Masaki, he is wearing a Mongolian Wrestling uniform. It means he is an expert at grabbing and wrestling. He is from the inner Mongolia Autonomous region, having a strong physical appearance. But more importantly, he has a connection with the Worm. Fans know that the Worm has already infiltrated the Purgatory. Naidan Monkhbat is the same as dangerous as the Mongolian Death Worm.

On the other hand, the Worm’s sworn enemy, the Dragon King, will challenge the Hawk. Gaoh Ryuki is the fighter from the Kengan team. His main objective to join the Kengan Association is to wipe out every member of the Worm. He is from the Inside and an expert in the Gaoh style. His Gaoh style is as same as the Niko Style. In the past, he had killed many members of the Worm.

Therefore, Kengan Omega Chapter 82 will display the fight between the sworn enemies. In our opinion, Naidan has the upper hand. The previous chapter showed the promise between Gaoh and Koga. This promise has made Gaoh weak. We have already witnessed this in the combat between Gaoh and Akoya. If Gaoh relied on his killing instinct, then he will win. But due to that promise, he chose to lose. We think Gaoh is at a disadvantage in this fight due to emotional attachment.

Gaoh Ryuki
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Kengan Omega Chapter 82 Release Date

Yesterday, MangaOne released Kengan Omega Chapter 81 under the title, “The Hawk of Ordos.”  Hence, Kengan Omega Chapter 82 will release next week on October 22, 2020, i.e., Thursday. It is a weekly scheduled manga created by Daromeon. Therefore, we have to stand by until next week.

Where to Read Latest Kengan Omega Chapter

Fans can read the latest chapter of Kengan Omega officially on the MangaStream website. You can read the newest chapter as soon as it gets released. The Reddit has also provided the link to the previous Omega chapter. You can follow the Reddit for the latest update of this series.