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(Komi Vital Discussion With Manbagi) Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 285 Spoilers & Release Date

Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 285 will be featuring a very imperative talk between the two main heroines of the story, Komi-san and Manbagi-san. A drastic situation will arise, demanding a discussion between these two. On the previous note, chapter 218 featured Komi-san meeting up with Rei-chan in America Central Park.

She spent quality time discussing their progress in making a hundred friends someday. What will Komi-san and Manbagi-san talk about? Is it about Tadano? Or are they going to fight? Read further to know what can be expected to happen in the next chapter.

Komi can't communicate chapter 285 spoilers
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Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 285 Spoilers-

Komi-san, accompanied by Manbagi-san, went to Central Park to meet Rei-chan. They have met before in Japan, so they wanted to meet again. Rei-chan brought Rumiko-chan with her and started bragging about her awesomeness. Komi-san got swayed and started bragging about Manbagi-san. Somehow the competition ended up into a badminton match.

They all had a very good time and learned a lot of things from each other. This chapter showed us that Komi-san and Manbagi-san have a very deep friendship, even though they like the same boy. What exactly can two best friends with the same crush talk about? Let us discuss some expected spoilers of the next chapter to know that.

  •  Komi-san will ask Manbagi-san to accompany her to some private place.
  • There she might ask Manbagi0-san to help her decide on souvenirs.
  • She might even ask for help to decide a gift for Tadano-kun.
  • They will have a lot of brainstorming but with no conclusions.
  • As they are both inexperienced in love, that too in a foreign place.
  • Tadano-kun will himself end up helping them like always.

Basically, the next chapter will have deep importance for the two lovely friends. At the same time, the depth of the topic can’t be put faith upon when two love-struck maidens fret on their crush. Moreover, no matter what happens, the chapter is going to be super fun for us like always.

Komi can't communicate chapter 285 spoilers
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Komi can’t Communicate Chapter 285 Release date-

Upcoming chapter 285 of “Komi can’t communicate” will be released on 23 January 2020, i.e., on Saturday. Although the series has taken up an irregular release pattern, You can always look out on our page for the latest release date. The next chapter will feature some of the most dramatic parts of the series.

Where to Read Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 285-

You can read all chapters of “Komi can’t Communicate” from Viz.com and other paid platforms. Do support this sweet manga by reading it from official trusted sources only. We will be back with another ‘Komi can’t communicate’ article next issue. Until then, stay tuned, stay hyped.

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