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(Monarch vs Rulers) Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Spoilers & Release Date

The previous chapter of the Solo Leveling series ended with the battle between the National Rank Hunter and Sung Jin Woo, where Andre ends up using Demolition and Capture skills to surpass and overpower him. The skills eventually destroy half the shadows summoned by Jin Woo.

And prompt him to comment that if it weren’t for the ruler’s power, he would have been pulled in the outcome of the Capture skill. In the last chapter, we also saw Jin Woo wondering about the four humans who burrowed the rulers’ power and speculates Andre could be one of the five members who survived the Kamish Raid. So, what will happen in the next chapter? Let’s discuss.

Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Spoilers –

Solo Leveling Chapter 147
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The chapter begins with the continuation of the battle between the strongest. Thomas Andre will use all his ruler’s power to surpass Sung Jin Woo. However, as we have mentioned in our previous article, Thomas will be badly crushed by hunter Sung Jin Woo. He will even try to kill him but luckily Thomas will be saved by Adam White and the hunter bureau. Adam White will request hunter Sung Jin Woo to leave Thomas Andre alive.

After the one-sided battle, Adam White will urgently check on Thomas Andre for the signs of life. And he will think about if anyone is capable of putting Thomas in that state and gradually awes at the strength of Jin Woo that even surpassed the expectations of the Hunter Bureau.

  • Thomas Andre got every bone in his body broken by the Hunter and gets treated by the healers. The same is the case with the members of the Scavenger’s elite hunters. Yu Jin-Ho is still admitted to the hospital.
  • Top-rated healers will be brought along with Adam’s remark about hemorrhage in Thomas’s body and the hunters from the Bureau will save the injured elite members from the abandoned factory.
  • Adam, flabbergasted by Jin Woo’s power, will start to search for him. And after receiving news about Yun Jin-Ho’s treatment sighs in relief.
  • The healer will comment about healing up the physical injuries sustained by Thomas but is unable to heal one’s psychological trauma. While Bureau’s hunter will inform him about Hwang Dong-Su whose heart is not beating anymore.
  • While the next part will show an editor getting hold of pictures taken by a reporter showcasing beat-up Thomas and Jin-Woo. And they will decide to use them as a ‘scoop’.
  • We will see Beru healing Yu Jin-Ho while he still remains unconscious.
Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Spoilers
Source: Webtoons.com

This is the summary of the next chapter. In the next chapter, the protagonist Sung Jin-Woo will name the Black Knight as ‘Greed‘ as it previously had died of greed while waiting in a nearby playground for Beru to report back on Jin-Ho’s treatment. We may even get to see the outcome when the knowledge regarding Thomas’s condition gets to the media. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Release Date –

This week, Solo Leveling Manhwa is on break. Therefore, the next chapter of the Solo Leveling series will release on next Wednesday, i.e., on April 14, 2021 as it is weekly scheduled. The dates and timings of the release are expected to differ according to different regions. Chapter 148 will release on April 21. Fans should get ready as there is more action to come and more powerful opponents to face.

Where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 147 –

Fans can access the latest chapters of the series on Tappytoon, Mangadex, or any paid official websites once it is officially released. We will be back with more spoilers like this; till then stay tuned and hyped with us.

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