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20 Hottest Monster Anime Girls (Sexiest Female Characters) Ranked

Monster anime girls are a typical appearance in many Anime and Manga. Out of those countless appearances, many famous and hot monster girls are loved by the fandom. And the majority of those monster girls have a common attribute of possessing sexy and er*tic bodies that are also again loved by the fanbase. 

Today, we will be taking a look at some of the hottest anime monster girls in the anime medium. Without further ado, let us jump straight into the ranking.

20 Hottest Monster Anime Girls

20) Lala Satalin Deviluke 

Lala Satalin Deviluke

Anime: To Love Ru 

Coming from one of the most popular franchises, we have the main female lead from the To Love Ru seriesShe is actually from another planet and has a long tail that extends behind her back.

She is often showcased to look like one of the hottest characters in the whole series. Satalin comes close to no one in the series when it comes to her perfect and hot body. Many girls also recognize her feminine charm and praise her for having the ideal body and a big bust.

19) Moka Akashiya

Moka Akashiya

Anime: Rosario to Vampire

The main female lead of the anime is another hot monster anime girl and a vampire in the anime. The best part about Moka is that she has two appearances, which have the whole male characters in the anime fawning all over her.

Her usual appearance is hot and sexy enough to arouse all the males in her vicinity while wearing revealing outfits to tease them more. Her vampire transformation is the best part about her, as she receives an upgrade in her physical attributes, and also her perfect body matures even more.

She grows a larger bust and butt in her vampire form, further evolving her perfect body into a curvaceous hot body. She also undergoes various changes in this form, such as voice and height. Moka’s uniform also outgrows in this form, teasing her seductive body and pulling in the other characters’ attention.

18) Eris


Anime: Cat Planet Cuties

Going by the name of the anime alone, we know what to expect, cute and gorgeous cat girls. This comes with a twist, as essentially, the main character, Eris, is not a cat girl but rather from a different planet.

She already has a cute and lovely appearance, but the twist here is she is also the hottest character in the series. A tall, slender and hot beauty, she is head over heels for the main protagonist.

On top of having a flawless body, she always keeps flaunting her enormous bust and her flawless body while wearing skin-tight and revealing outfits.

17) Lisa Alpacas

Lisa Alpacas

Anime: Peter Grill and the Philosophers Stone

Lisa Alpacas is a unique character who is both a villain as well as a protagonist in this anime. Her race is ogre, and looking at her body, we understand why she is qualified to be on this list.

She has quite a beautiful and sexy body, and the uncensored anime gives a look at her hot body at its best. Lisa is very hostile towards the protagonist, as she wants to win in the harem. Her outfit all works to benefit her body and flaunts her curves.

16) ElmaElma

Anime: Interspecies Reviewer 

If there is ever a mention of monster anime girl, there should be a few succubus characters included, and Elma is exactly one of those. Interspecies Reviewer anime has lots of hot and sexy monster anime girls, and an uncensored version of the anime exists for anyone willing to look at all these beauties.

Elma steals the show, from most of them, due to her sizeable bust and her revealing clothing, which bares it all, as the characters and audience in the series get to take a look at her finest body.

15) Tohru Kobayashi

Tohru Kobayashi

Anime: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

One of the main cast of the anime, and a dragon girl, she can be considered as the perfect girl in this list. She always has a tail sticking out in her human form and has a bigger bust than you can expect.

She further wears a maid uniform that further looks more appealing to watch. Add that to her exemplary and beautiful body; we have one of the hottest anime monster girls. Tohru also takes the utmost care of the main protagonist Kobayashi and tries to do her best every day.

14) Nyaruko 


Anime: Haiyore! Nyaruko 

An alien, and that too a sexy one at that, she got obsessed with Japanese anime and manga culture after visiting Earth. The best part about her is that her hair changes appearance depending on her feelings.

She has a pretty stacked bust, which she shows off with her fashion sense and some other scenes in the animeNyaruko, in addition to this, has a hot and er*tic body, which proves why she is one of the best monster anime girls.

13) Shiho Shishido

Shiho Shishido

Anime: Actually, I Am 

One of the main cast and a daunting beauty at that, Shisho is a unique addition to this list. She can switch between genders and can turn into a handsome guy or a hot girl, depending on the situation.

Shiho is a wolf girl and has the perfect curvaceous body that gets conveyed through her dressing style. She also has a pretty good fashion sense, which is reflected in her appearance, which further enhances her hot body.

12) Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu Kurono

Anime: Rosario to Vampire

Another succubus and a side character in the anime, Kurumu, is also very hot and comes close to Moka when it comes to feminine charm. She also has a big bust, and her uniform is focused on featuring all of her body highlights.

Kurumu is rather sexually aggressive towards the protagonist and always tries to seduce him with her sexy body and her succubus nature. In the series, she also has a lot of guys fawning over her voluptuous body while she keeps teasing all of them.

Even her other outfits in the series only showcase her perfect body even more, which explains the reason why she is so high on this list.

11) Sakie Sato

Sakie Satou

Anime: Interview with Monster Girls

Yet another succubus, Sakie, knows well how to charm the male characters perfectly while using her sexy body and her feminine charm to the utmost.

She normally wears a tracksuit and glasses to hide her succubus nature, but still, we can see her large bust and her curves through her outfit. In addition to this, she has an even more sexy and er*tic appearance when she changes her hairstyle and removes her glasses.

10) Meroune Lorelei

Meroune Lorelei

Anime: Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Mero is a mermaid girl and is one of the best mermaid girls in anime and manga. She usually has a fishtail instead of legs, which is proof of her mermaid nature.

She has a pretty big bust, and her outfit is just a bikini, which enhances her already sensual body. This anime also has an uncensored version, which is the perfect showcase of her er*tic body. This anime also has a plethora of monster anime girls showing off their alluring and hot bodies.

9) Lum  


Anime: Urusei Yatsura

An alien girl, she is the main female lead of the anime and also the main attraction of the anime. She happens to stay on Earth after the male protagonist wins the challenge to catch her.

Lum always remains in her underwear most of the time, which showcases her hot and provocative body. This proves why she is in the top 10 best and hottest monster anime girls list. Her character design also looks to make the most of her er*tic appearance, and she succeeds at doing so.

8) Rachnera Arachnera

Rachnera Arachnera

Anime: Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Rachnera is one of the monster girls in the series and can be classified as a spider girl. She has spider legs attached to her back instead of normal human legs.

Her character design makes the perfect usage of her nature to show off her large bust and her top clothing, almost revealing all of her perfected curves, revealing the lower part of her breasts and her hip.

Rachnera is also a callipygous tall woman, possessing only attractive features, flaunting her arousing and stimulating body with her outfit selection, as well as her characteristic features. She can also be called the exemplary hottest monster anime girl, possessing all of the features required.

7) Rem


Anime: Re Zero: Starting Life in Another World

Rem initially started as an antagonist of an arc but later became an irreplaceable character in Subaru’s group. She is indeed a monster anime girl, given her past and her race.

Rem always wears a maid outfit and is the maid of Roswaal L Mathews mansion along with her twin sister Ram. She can be called the epitome of cuteness, as well as being one of the hottest characters in the series. Her maid outfit works in the best way possible to enhance her cute as well as her sexual nature.

6) Miia


Anime: Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Going by the name of the anime alone, we can understand that there are a plethora of beautiful and sexy monster anime girls in the series.

Miia is one of the main characters in the series and plays a major role throughout the series, all the while trying to seduce the main protagonist. She has a beautiful body and a big bust that benefits more from her lovely curves.

On top of all of this, she is a snake girl and one of the rare ones there is in anime and manga mediums. The uncensored version of the anime also works to benefit her sexy appearance and flaunts her body at its best.

5) Mosquito Girl

Mosquito Girl

Anime: One Punch Man

minor antagonist in the anime, she is a mix of a mosquito and a human. She has a pretty sexy and er*tic appearance during her screen time.

She has a lot of powers under her belt and has multiple appearances throughout the series. Mosquito girl also has a good fashion sense, which is reflected in her dressing styleThis serves another purpose of showing off her curvaceous body, which grants her fifth place in this list.

4) Albedo


Anime: Overlord

The sexiest of the succubus race can undoubtedly be given to Albedo, who has the most alluring and er*tic appearance in the whole anime.

Furthermore, Albedo always acts lovey-dovey with the main character, which further adds to her charm. Even her outfit works to improve her curves and gives her a classic hot tall woman appearance. Albedo also has some pretty memorable character traits, which gives her a tremendous advantage compared to other characters.

3) Holo


Anime: Spice and Wolf   

Despite her cute, lively, and flawless appearance, Holo is a wolf god and can also become very fearful due to her wolf form. Normally she takes the appearance of a harmless and cute wolf girl.

But she also has the power to turn into a large fox that can obliterate anything. Holo falls into the category of a sweet monster girl with all of her features. Granted, she even has a pretty great body when she is in her normal form, which makes her top 3 on this list. 

2) Centorea Shianus

Centorea Shianus

Anime: Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Being the most attractive and sexiest monster anime girl in the series, Centorea wins by a mile compared to all of the other characters in the series.

She is half-centaur and half-human, which we can surmise by taking one look at her. Adding on to her perfect body in the whole series, she has an enormous bust, which drags in the viewers as well other characters in the series. The uncensored version of the anime also helps to understand appealing and sexy she is.

1) Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa Hanekawa

Anime: Monogatari Series

Coming as one of the main cast in the Monogatari series, Hanekawa is already a fan-favorite character with all of her character attributes and her signature dialogues.

Hanekawa has an attractive and desirable body as she is, but when she gets possessed by the apparition, she turns into a different entity entirely. The shy Hanekawa gets a full appearance change, which reveals her skin more.

In her cat form, she stays in her underwear and behaves like a cat, even with her dialect. This makes her flawless and makes her truly deserving of the number one spot in the hottest anime monster girls list.

Here, we shall conclude our article on the hottest monster anime girls of all time. We will be coming up with more new and exciting topics soon enough.

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