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Our Blood Oath: Series Has Officially Ended In WSJ Issue 8 With 18 Chapters

Our Blood Oath manga series has ended with the latest issue #8 of the Weekly Shonen Jump. Last year’s acclaimed one-shot graced the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump returned as a brand new series. Kazu Kakazu’s elegantly drawn tale of vampire siblings and the oath that binds them has with just 18 chapters. Read further for the last illustration cover and little insight into the story.

The series started recently on September 14, 202. The story of “Our Blood Oath” follows brothers Shin and Ko Hizuki. As a child, Shin was taken in by a Vampire couple, and not too soon after, that couple had Ko. Then, a long-haired Vampire appeared and killed the couple, leaving only Shin and Ko alive. This was when Shin made a Blood Oath Of Darkness with Ko and he swore to protect his little brother forever.

Our blood oath
Source: @WSJ_manga (Twitter)

They live in a world of Vampiric Beasts, starved Vampires that turned into monsters, and they feed on human blood to survive, all the same with regular Vampires. Ever since the tragedy that befell the Blood Oath Brothers, they have been striving to form peace and coexistence between humans and Vampires. Final Volume 2 will be out on March 4th.

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