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(Psyduck’s Trainer’s Mystery) Pokemon Journeys Episode 57 Spoilers and Release Date

The beginning of the previous episode started with Ash and Go training with each other. Ash’s Galarian Farfetch’d was seen training extra hard after it lost his previous battle. Ash and Go decide to go to Kalos to train with Gampi, who was a member of the Kalos Elite Four. Scyther also decided to tag along with them since Go hadn’t used him in any battle for a long time.

Upon arriving in Kalos, Ash and Go met with Gampi in the Castle of Chivalry. Gampi explained to them that they need to complete 3 tasks in the castle, co-ordinating with their pokemon on various floors. If they can complete all the tasks and reach the roof, then they will be awarded the Knight Medals. Their first task was to run 10 laps around the castle. Although they were halted by the strong magnetic field of Nosepass, they were able to complete the task. Their second task was to pass through a maze of obstacles. Although there were some traps in the way, they cleared it at the end.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 57 Spoilers
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Their final task was to take a key from Cleffy. However, in this task, they had to fight Gampi himself and his Gilgard. Farfetch’d, while battling with Gilgard, learned a new move, Detect in this process. Meanwhile, Go and Scyther managed to take the key from Cleffy. In the end, Gampi helped Go to evolve his Scyther into Scizor.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 57 Spoilers

Pokemon Journeys Episode 57 Spoilers
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In the preview of the next episode, we saw Ash and Go eating hot noodles. Their surrounding seemed to be covered in snow, which indicated that they had come to a hilly area. Go plans to make use of that and catch an ice-type pokemon. We also saw a Psyduck sitting alone who suddenly seemed to have a headache. Since the title of the next episode is “My Love is a Psyduck,” it seems likely that the story is going to revolve around him. We may also get to see Psyduck evolving into Golduck.

We also saw Chloe in the previous episode. We can naturally assume that Chloe is going to be the main character in the coming episode, and we will not see a lot of Go and Ash. Chloe was invited to the house of one of Professor Sakuragi’s assistants. She told Chloe to train Psyduck. We could also see Chloe picking up a picture of a guy and Psyduck beside a snowman. It is possible that the guy was Psyduck’s trainer. We can also speculate that the guy got lost in the snow some long time ago, which will explain Psyduck’s erratic behavior.

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Pokemon Journeys Episode 57 Release Date-

Episode 57 of the Pokemon Journeys Anime is going to be released on February 26, 2021. The title of the episode is going to be “Love is Koduck.” Pokemon Journeys has a weekly release, so fans don’t have to wait a whole lot to see a new adventure of Go and Ash.

Where to watch Pokemon Journeys Episode 57-

The latest episodes of Pokemon Journeys Episode 57 can be watched on Netflix. Netflix has provided access to all fans to watch their favorite Pokemons in action. We will be back soon with another spoiler and prediction article. Until then, stay tuned with us.

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