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(Roger and Oden) One Piece Episode 966 Delayed Release Date & Other Updates

In the previous episode, we saw further about the Wano country’s history. Sukiyaki sama, the then-current emperor was in critical condition and he wanted Oden to succeed him as the emperor. But since Oden wasn’t present, he decided to appoint Kurozumi Orochi as his proxy. We also got a glimpse of Orochi’s past where he got his future predicted that he will become the Shogun. When Orochi learned about what happened to his grandfather he started to despise Sukiyaki and was given the Clone Clone Devil Fruit by one of his blood relatives.

Later we saw how Orochi gathered money from Oden to make a large number of weapons. Then his blood relative used the power of Clone Clone fruit to put Orochi under the care of Sukiyaki. Sukiyaki ultimately died and this news managed to reach the ears of Oden, while he was on his journey with the Whitebeard Pirates. Meanwhile, the Whitebeard Pirates go to check an anomaly on a nearby island. This leads to the start of an epic clash between Whitebeard and Gol. D. Roger.

One Piece Episode 966 Delayed Release Date
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One Piece Episode 966 Delayed Release Date-

One Piece is going on a break this week which is why we are going to have a delayed release date. The last episode was released on 7th March and the fans need to wait for 2 weeks to get the new episode. The next episode is all set to be released on March 21 with the title of: “Roger’s Wish! A New Journey“. The reason behind this delay is that Fuji TV will be broadcasting the Women Marathon during the One Piece airing time.

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One Piece Episode 966 Delayed Release Date
Source: comicbook.com

One Piece Upcoming Episodes Details-

  • Episode 966 on March 21/ “Roger’s Wish! A New Journey”

In this episode, we are going to see the Roger Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates clash with each other. The battle will continue for 3 days and 3 nights but on the 4th day, it will turn into a present exchange. The members of both crews will become friends and will hold a banquet. Roger will come to know that Oden can read the ancient texts on the “Road Poneglyps”. He will then make a strange request to Edward Newgate.

One Piece Episode 966, 967, 968
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  • Episode 967 on March 28/ “The Bet of a Lifetime! Roger’s Adventure!”

Roger will request Edward to lend him Oden for one year since he can read the ancient texts. Edward will reluctantly accept it and Oden will embark on a new adventure with the Roger Pirates. They will go from Sky Island to Water Seven proceeding along the Grand Line towards the Last Island.

Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit One Piece
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  • Episode 968 on April 4/ “The Birth of the Pirate King – Arrival! The Last Island”

The Roger Pirates will reach the Wano country in search of the Road Poneglyph. However, as soon as they enter the waters near Wano, Toki will collapse. Crocus, a surgeon of the Roger Pirates will say that if they continue the sail they can’t guarantee Toki’s life. Thus, Oden will be forced to choose between two extremely difficult options.

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