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(Shuichi’s Plan) Detective Conan Episode 1002 Spoilers & Release Date

In the previous episode, we saw the continuation of the events occurring in Moonshade Island. Mayor Kuroiwa was the latest person to be murdered. Conan and Mori discovered a musical score written with blood on the murder scene. It was later revealed to be containing the message “The hellfire’s grudge is settled.” This sparked unrest among the residents present there and led to the murder of Nishimoto. A suicide note was also discovered in which Nishimoto held himself responsible for the murder of the previous three victims.

Meanwhile, Conan discovered someone tampering with the piano who fled out of the window on spotting Conan. While chasing that person, Conan tripped over someone who happened to be Murasawa lying unconscious on the ground. Conan then decided to check the underside of the piano and made a huge discovery that a secret compartment in the piano was being used in the dealings of Cocaine. The inspector managed to find Asou Keiji’s last message in the meantime and brought it to Conan. It was stated in the last message that Asou Keiji had a son named Seiji who hadn’t died from the fire 12 years ago and was still alive.

Detective Conan Episode 1001 Spoilers and Release Date
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The mysteries began to clear out for Conan who then used Detective Mori in his usual way to reveal the truth. Conan said that Doctor Narumi was the son of Keiji who had come to take the revenge of murder on his father and all the clues pointed towards him. However, Doctor Narumi managed to escape to the community center and set it on fire. Although Conan tried to rescue him by saying that his father would have wanted him to lead a happy life, he refused and decided to die in the same way as his father.

Detective Conan Episode 1002 Spoilers-

Since there was no preview shown for the upcoming episode of Detective Conan, we can expect that the main story regarding the Black Organisation is going to take a new turn. The viewers have been kept in the dark for a considerable time from the main story and it is about time they are brought back.

Detective Conan Episode 1002 Spoilers and Release Date
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Currently, the CIA’s undercover member Kir and the PSB undercover member Bourbon are working in the Black Organisation who are also the major source of information for Conan and the others. It also remains to be seen what will be the next move of Akai Shuichi who has only one motive in mind and that is to bring down the Black Organisation. Meanwhile, Haibara has also been working to avenge her sister’s death by uncovering the secret of the Black Organisation. It is needless to say if Shuichi is planning something, Haibara is going to be involved in it.

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Detective Conan Episode 1002 Release Date-

Episode 1002 of Detective Conan is going to be released on March 20, 2021. It has a weekly release and gets aired every Saturday. Since the episode is probably going to be about Black Organisation, it gives enough reason for the fans to get excited about the upcoming episodes.

Where to watch Detective Conan Episode 1002-

Detective Conan Episode 1002 can be watched on the streaming service Netflix or Crunchyroll. They provide the latest episodes to the fans as soon as they are released. We will be back soon with another spoiler and prediction article. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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