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Top 10 Hottest Slutty Anime Girls Of All Time (2023)

While there is no shortage of strong and interesting female characters in anime, there are also plenty of anime girls who are more frank and clingy than one would expect. These anime girls have no hesitation in displaying their interest in their love interests, sometimes quite aggressively. They are hot and they know what they want. And on that note, here are the top 10 hottest slutty anime girls of all time.

Top 10 Hottest Slutty Anime Girls Of All Time

10) Yamada


  • Anime: Yamada’s First Time: B Gata H Kei

The first entry on this list of hottest slutty anime girls isn’t all that slutty really, though she is very interested in becoming one. 15-years old Yamada appears as a perfectly nice high school girl with pretty looks and decent scores. 

However, nobody knows that she’s aspiring to sleep with 100 men by the end of her third year in high school.

Yamada is lustful and overtly fixed on sex, but her insecurity as a virgin stops her from actually fulfilling her wish. It’s then that she decides her first time should be with a virgin so that she’s not the only one embarrassed.

9) Elinalise Dragonroad

Elinalise Dragonroad

  • Anime: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Unlike the other characters in this list, Elinalise Dragonroad isn’t inherently promiscuous. In fact, she’s a nice woman with a soft and gentle heart. But she was cursed to need sex, thanks to the Magic Crystal, and because of this, she has to have physical relationships with men and hunger for it regularly.

Throughout the story, she sleeps with a lot of men, even after she falls in love with Cliff as the curse demands her to. But in spite of this, she’s retained a romantic heart and enters into a loving relationship with Cliff.

8) Miwako Mizukoshi

Miwako Mizukoshi

  • Anime: HenSemi

HenSemi is an ecchi OVA series about a bunch of college students who attend an Abnormal Psychology Seminar. Every character in it is weirdly sexual in some ways, but when we say slutty, one Miwako Mizukoshi comes to mind.

Miwako is the girlfriend of Komugi Musashi, another student at the seminar with a weird fetish of his own, and is the star student of the seminar. She has a lot of kinks, including masochism and entomophagy, and isn’t afraid of lusting after men, and even one of their professors, despite having a boyfriend.

7) Hotaru Mizushina

Hotaru Mizushina

  • Anime: Netsuzou Trap

Hotaru Mizushina may not fool around with a lot of people, but she sure has some slutty tendencies. It’s evident when she seduces her childhood friend, Yuma Okazaki, despite both of them having boyfriends. She touches Yuma without her consent even when she’s confused and it’s making her uncomfortable, and on top of that, when they are on a group date with their boyfriends.

Over the course of the story, she lures Yuma into an unfamiliar physical dynamic, claiming that she’d better practice with Hotaru because she’d be too nervous with a boy. Hotaru also keeps playing sexual “pranks” on Yuma.

6) Charlotte Linlin

Charlotte Linlin

  • Anime: One Piece

It might come off as a shock to see a character from One Piece on the sluttiest anime girls list, but there’s no way we could’ve excluded Big Mom from it. Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom was a drop-dead beauty in her youth and used this to sleep her way to a powerful pirate crew made solely with her own children.

Big Mom has married 43 men and has had a total of 85 children with them, 46 of whom are sons and 39 daughters. If sleeping with more than 40 men and having 85 children isn’t slutty, we don’t know what is.

5) Riko and Ako Suminoe

Riko and Ako Suminoe

  • Anime: Kiss x Sis

What’s more slutty than hitting on your own little brother? Riko and Ako Suminoe prove this point to the extreme by being as promiscuous as one be towards their teenage brother Keita, and luring him into many questionable situations.

The Suminoe twins are as lustful as they come and create sexually charged situations to start a physical relationship with Keita. The sisters even compete between themselves to see who gets Keita’s attention. And because of this lewd behavior, they are part of our sluttiest anime girls list.

4) Naruko Yokoshima

Naruko Yokoshima

  • Anime: Seitokai Yakuindomo

There are plenty of bad teachers in anime, but Naruko Yokoshima is entirely on another level. Not only is she a horrible and unreliable teacher, but she’s also a pervert who doesn’t bother to hide her perversions from her students. In fact, she makes sure to tell them all about her kinky fantasies.

Naruko has slept with a lot of people, and if that doesn’t make her one of the slutty anime girls, the next fact certainly will. She preys on younger men and even her own students.

3) Akane Minagawa

Akane Minagawa

  • Anime: Scum’s Wish

Another horrible teacher on this list, Akane Minagawa is the new music teacher who becomes instantly popular among students and teachers because of her pretty looks and seemingly innocent personality. Turns out, Akane is great at pretending and her real self is a selfish woman with promiscuous tendencies who uses men as she likes without remorse.

Akane dates a lot of guys but isn’t interested in them in any way. So, she just sleeps with them before discarding them. Not only that, she even sleeps with Mugi Awaya, an underage student of hers, using his affections for her to get her away.

2) Interspecies Reviewers Girls

Interspecies Reviewers Girls

  • Anime: Interspecies Reviewers

There are so many slutty characters in Interspecies Reviewers that it’s impossible to name only one. In fact, the premise of the anime is as slutty as it gets. It starts with a group of researchers visiting the infamous brothels to interview the seductive workers of many species there.

From Okpa who is a Dagon with many slimy tentacles to the elf Elma, this anime has every kind of promiscuous woman there could be. Even the guys in this anime are total perverts. For this reason, we’ve collectively placed all the girls of Interspecies Reviewers at number 2 on this list of slutty anime girls.

1) Panty Anarchy

Panty Anarchy

  • Anime: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Now we’ve reached the top of the list and the hottest of the all slutty anime girls out there is Panty Anarchy, an angel who’s been banished from heaven. Panty revels in physical relationships and regularly sleeps with various men in love hotels. 

She doesn’t stop there and proclaims that she wants to have relations with at least 1,000 men. Her obsession with the act and her frequent rendezvouses make her the most promiscuous anime girl of all time and earns the top spot as one of the slutty anime girls.

With our last entry, we conclude the ranking of the top 10 hottest slutty anime girls of all time. We’d like to make sure that we’re not demeaning them in any way, just pointing out their promiscuity. They are awesome and you can find them in their respective anime. We’ll be back soon with more anime top 10 lists and rankings, so keep reading Otakus’ Notes.

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