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(Sung vs. Beast Monarch) Solo Leveling Chapter 165 Spoilers & Release Date 

Today we bring to you Solo Leveling Chapter 165 Spoilers & Release Date. The spoilers noted below are from the ‘I Alone Level Up‘ novel.

Chapter 164 of the Solo Leveling series showed us the deletion of the system’s restrictions and power limits of Sung Jin Woo and shadow soldiers. This leads to the return of Ashborne, the Shadow Monarch, to the world of eternal void.

It also leads to the complete deletion of the system altogether. As all this is being done, we are shown the mysterious yet familiar savior.

Sung Il Hwan vs Monarchs
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This savior is recognized as the Fragment of Brilliant Light by the Monarch of Frost. And as most of us guessed, it is Sung Il Hwan, and thus he fights against the two monarchs. 

In this fight, he manages to take on both monarchs at once. However, the fight is disrupted as the Beast Monarch senses the awakening of the Shadow Monarch and then leaves. 

The agitated Monarch of Frost decides to destroy the entire area and so sends his most powerful attack. However, this is disrupted by Beru and the other shadow soldiers who have escaped from the frost prison. 

Just as Sung Il Hwan is injured, we have the complete awakening of Sung Jin Woo as the Shadow Monarch.

Solo Leveling Chapter 165 Spoilers- 

Chapter 165 will showcase the power and authority of Sung Jin Woo as the Shadow Monarch. This will be shown as he tracks down the Beast Monarch and then deals with the Monarch of Frost.

Solo Leveling chapter 164
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  • In this chapter, Sung Jin-Woo will expand his sensory perception and locate the Beast Monarch in a jungle. However, as he’s about to pursue him, the Monarch of Frost will make his move.
  • The Monarch of Frost will throw an ice spear imbued with immensely concentrated mana at Sung Jin Woo. But Sung Jin-Woo gains access to the scope of vision of the Shadow Monarch, which allows him to slow time.
  • Thus he will use Ruler’s Authority which uses invisible mana and stop the ice spear. Further, he will send a wave of mana to destroy the Monarch of Frost’s creations and order him to stay put. So he will set off to hunt the Beast Monarch. 
  • As the Beast Monarch is tracked down in a jungle, he will soon beg for forgiveness, enveloped in ulterior motives. However, Sung Jin-Woo, after gaining his ‘loyalty,’ will ask that he withstand 5 attacks in exchange for forgiveness.
  • With this, we’ll have a fight between the two which will result in the loss of the Beast Monarch’s ear. This loss will be due to the first attack only, and so it will be followed by the next 4 attacks.
  • On the other end, just as the Monarch of Frost attempts an escape, Sung Jin-Woo will make an appearance. He will then show proof of the Beast Monarch’s death which is followed by a fight between the two. 

The chapter will most likely end with the death of the Monarch of Frost. We could get an interaction between Sung Jin Woo and Sung Il Hwan. This may be followed by another tragedy in the life of Sung Jin Woo.

Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Spoilers & Release Date
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Solo Leveling Chapter 165 Release Date – 

Chapter 165 of the Solo Leveling series is set to be released on 1st September 2021. And with two monarchs getting what they deserve, be sure not to miss it.

Where to Read Solo Leveling Chapter 165-

At this point, we’ve gotten most of the information to fill in the plot holes the main battle still awaits. And so fans keeping up with the series can read all of its chapters legally on Tappytoon.

With this, we conclude with our article on Solo Leveling Chapter 165 Spoilers & Release Date. So until we’re back with another article, stay safe, stay tuned, and stay hyped.

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