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Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Spoilers & Release Date

Today we bring to you Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Spoilers & Release Date. Kindly note that the spoilers have been formulated from the ‘I Alone Level Up’ novel and thus may not be completely accurate.

Chapter 165 began with Sung Jin-Woo expanding a ‘wall’ of his sense to locate the Beast Monarch. While he concentrates on this, the Monarch of Frost takes this opening to attack him.

Solo leveling chapter 165
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However, Sung Jin-Woo single-handedly stops his attack, crushes his ice spear, and tells him to stay until he returns. On reaching the forest, the Beast Monarch immediately surrenders to Sung Jin-Woo after noticing the difference in power. 

While the Beast Monarch makes false promises of loyalty, Sung Jin-Woo offers a chance for forgiveness. This is where Sung Jin-Woo attacks and kills the Beast Monarch within 4 strikes

As he returns to the Monarch of Frost, he offers the Beast Monarch’s ear as proof of death. Soon after, he attacks the Monarch of Frost and wounds him severely. 

This causes him to disintegrate completely and disappear forever. This is when he notices a shortsword nearby and asks Beru about its owner. 

With a scene of Sung Il Hwan heavily bleeding, Sung Jin-Woo soon locates him. The chapter ends with Sung Jin-Woo meeting his father with a cliffhanger of an incomplete reunion.

Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Spoilers- 

Chapter 166 will showcase the reunion of the Sung family that begins with explanations of Sung Il Hwan’s disappearance.

Solo leveling chapter 165
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  • After the fight with the Monarchs, Sung Il Hwan is wounded with excessive use of the Ruler’s powers. So he soon reminisces how he was granted power when he was trapped in the gap between dimensions by the Rulers.
  • It will be revealed how Sung Il Hwan was originally tasked to kill Sung Jin Woo. Although due to uncertainty of the use of his powers, Sung Il Hwan was unable to. But as Sung Jin-Woo grew, the Rulers chose to protect him.
  • As Sung Jin-Woo calls and him ‘Father,’ the two will have a tearful reunion. Here he will explain how proud he is of Sung Jin Woo and that he is glad to have protected him.
  • However, soon Sung Il Hwan’s life force will turn into ash, and so, he will pass away. This will cause Sung Jin Woo to let out a roar of pain and grief that will send a promise of death to all remaining Sovereigns.
  • While Sung Jin-Woo mourns, the world will celebrate a victory. This is where Yoo Jinho will appear to show his concern and relief. This is done through a hug that will grant Sung Jin-Woo some comfort.
  • After few more events and the current battle over, Sung Jin-Woo will visit his Shadow Soldiers. Here he remembers the shadows who were merely victims of the Sovereigns.
  • Thus he will ask them for their strength until the battle ends before granting them eternal rest. With this, we will probably finish with a battle cry from all of his soldiers.

The chapter might end with a little snippet from the Korean Hunters Association’s side. If we have this, it will show us the hunters that have gathered here in support of Sung Jin Woo.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Release Date- 

The Korean scans of Solo Leveling Chapter 166 are most likely to release on September 8, 2021. Therefore, the chapter will surface a day later with English translation worldwide. However, due to different time zones, some areas will experience the release on September 9, 2021

Where to Read Solo Leveling Chapter 166-

With a whole arc of action we’ve received, one would think that the battle is done. However, the worst is only yet to come as we build-up to the upcoming battles.

Fans can stay updated on the Solo Leveling chapters through the official Tappytoon site.

With this, we conclude with our article on Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Spoilers & Release Date. So while you wait for our next article, stay safe, stay tuned, and stay hyped.

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