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(Sung Jin-Woo versus Boss Giant) Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Spoilers and Release Date (CONFIRMED)

Finally, the battle between Korea’s most potent hunter and the S-rank dungeon’s giants has begun. And as a result, we have witnessed a one-sided massacre of the Giants by hunter Sung Jin Woo. Only his Shadow Soldiers are enough to take down the Giants.

On one side, hunter Sung Jin Soo, along with his Shadow Soldiers, clears the Giant monster, and on the other side, hunter Jin-Ho helps the civilians in evacuating. Now, what will happen in Solo Leveling Chapter 135? Of course, hunter Sung Jin-Woo will clash with the Boss Giant. But what will be the outcome? Let’s discuss.

Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Spoilers-

The other story in U.S. East Maryland is also running wild along with Tokyo. The team of Nation Level and S-rank hunters of the USA are ready for another S-tier dungeon breakdown. We are sure that it will be interesting to witness the power level of the Nation Level hunter. Back to the present, the next chapter will cover the majority portion of Tokyo, where hunter Sung Jin-Woo and his shadows are overwhelmingly massacring the Giant.

Solo Leveling Chapter 135
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  • Hunter Sung Jin-Woo has divided his soldiers into influential groups, i.e., the ants’ group, the ice bears, the orcs group, and the soldiers’ group.
  • In the next chapter, all groups will be arrived at one point after massacring Giants. The soldiers’ group led by Igris and Iron will take down the maximum of the Giant Monsters.
  • All will reunite at one point along with hunter Sung Jin-Woo against the Boss Giant, who is still guarding the S-rank dungeon.
  • Sung Jin-Woo will summon his new shadows from his collection, i.e., the Giants’ Shadows. Now he will have a total of 1000 shadow soldiers against the Boss Giant.
  • He will command every soldier to attack at once, excluding Beru and Igris. He will use his shadows as bait. And as a result, nearly half of the Shadow soldiers will wipe out in just a few seconds.
  • Hunter Sung Jin-Woo will astonish at how a monster who is bigger than the Giants can move even more significant speed than the highest rank melee type hunter.
  • But with this, he will identify the weakest point of the Boss Giant Monster. The Boss-Giant’s skin is tough to penetrate, and also, he has covered his skin with the magic except for his face.
  • Therefore, hunter Sung Jin-Woo, Beru, Igris, and Sky Dragon Kaisel will advance towards the Boss Giants’ face.
  • With the team efforts and best coordination between them, hunter Sung Jin-Woo will manage to kill the Boss of an S-rank dungeon, and from this, the battle will over.

Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Release Date-

Solo Leveling Chapter 135 will release next Wednesday, i.e., on January 13, 2020. The timings of the release will differ according to the region. Fans have to wait one week to get the official chapter.

Where to Read Solo Leveling Chapter 135-

Fans can read Solo Leveling Chapter 134 from the Mangadex website. And for Chapter 135, they have to wait till the official release. We will be back next week with another spoiler article. Till then, stay tuned with us. 


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