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(Thomas Andre vs Sung Jin-woo) Solo Leveling Chapter 144 Spoilers & Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 144 will be featuring a face-down between the Special Authority hunter, Thomas Andre, and hunter Sung Jin-woo in the direst of situations. Hwang Dong-su has abducted Yoo Jinho to get the details of the gate raid, in which his younger brother had died but hunter Sung Jin-woo came out unscathed.

On the previous note, chapter 143 revealed the Kamish dragon, the most hideous monster ever recorded in history. Sung Jin-woo sure got some valuable information from Kamish, but he dissolved pretty fast. Now, what will Jinho do? Will he succumb to the torture? Would Sung Jin-woo arrive in time to save him? Read further to know the answers to be revealed in the next chapter.

Solo Leveling Chapter 144 Spoilers
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Solo Leveling Chapter 144 Spoilers & Details-

Sung Jin-woo regretted not tagging a shadow soldier along with Jinho. He dispersed the shadow soldiers in all directions to search for him. Thomas Andre has also realized that Hwang Dong-su did not heed his decision and thus needs to reach him before Sung Jin-woo does. How will the story unfold when these two superpowers confront each other? Read further for the potential spoilers of the upcoming chapter.

  • Sung Jin-woo will use all his 5 senses to the fullest and the 6th sense of perception by his thousands of shadow soldiers.
  • He will pinpoint Jinho through an orc shadow soldier and burst with rage at a single sight.
  • Jinho will be beaten to a pulp as he refuses to answer Hwang Dong-su, the S-rank hunter.
  • Sung Jin-woo will commute instantly to the spot and deal with Hwang and his accomplices in the blink of an eye.
  • Just as he goes to finish off Hwang, special authority hunter Thomas Andre will land through the roof.
  • As a sharp and stiff, tensed aura builds up between their eyes, the situation becomes heavy by the second.

Basically, the next chapter will be featuring the desperate Jin-woo raking all his brain cells for once to save his subordinate. He will befall hell on Hwang and his accomplices. Although not being a healer type will affect him in the battle. Nevertheless, an astounding sequence is incoming for the readers.

Solo Leveling Chapter 144 Spoilers
Source: Webtoons.com

Solo Leveling Chapter 144 Release Date-

Solo Leveling Chapter 144 will be releasing on March 18, 2021, i.e. Thursday. It has a weekly release schedule, so fans have to abide for another week for more throbbing action and story. Sung Jin-woo always regarded Jinho as his younger brother and respected him dearly. The upcoming clash, challenging these emotions will no doubt, begetting a ground-shattering chapter.

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