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(Todoroki Family’s Past) My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Raw Scans and Release Date

A few hours ago, the raw scans and the confirmed spoilers of My Hero Academia Chapter 301 were posted on Reddit. The story in Chapter 301 will be the continuation of the previous one. This chapter will focus on the history of the Todoroki Family.

Finally, we will witness the truth behind Dabi/Toya’s identity. The Todoroki family had a glorious past, but Endeavor’s rage towards All Might shifted Toya’s future in the dark. The maximum chapter will focus on the flashback; therefore, maybe Chapter 302 will display the current circumstances of Dabi and the Todoroki family. So, let’s begin.

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Raw Scans and Spoilers-

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 301 will officially air under the title, “Mischief of Fire- Part 1.” According to the title, in the future, we will witness the continuation of “Part” in the story. It means the successive story will cover only one environment, i.e., the Todoroki family.

My Hero Academia Chapter 300
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  • The next chapter will begin with the back story of Todoroki.  
  • We will witness the flashback of happy moments when Enji and Rei got formally married. The marriage was organized by Rei’s family, who are one of the most prestigious families.
  • Her quirk “Ice” is described as being S class in strength, and here we will witness the intention of Endeavor behind the marriage.
  • Back to the present, the chapter will display Dabi’s condition. His right is completely burnt with his own flames. He will say,Mother, Todoroki Enji, Fuyumi, Natsu, Shoto… Watch me from the depth of hell!
  • This will confirm that Dabi is the real Toya Todoroki, and he is still alive.
  • When he was a kid, he inherited his father’s will to surpass All Might. He trained so hard, but his body could not consume that much fire and always ended up burning himself.
  • Endeavor decided to give up on Toya as he knew that he would never accomplish this and might be ended up dying. But Toya took it in the wrong way and kept training so his father can see him.
  • At one point, Endeavor noticed and explained to Toya that there is more life than being a hero. However, it’s too late, and Toya decided to attack his own family. In the past, he was trying to attack Rei and baby Shoto.
Dabi My Hero Academia
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This is the summary of Chapter 301. The chapter will end with the line, “The past becomes clear! Next chapter, the family is…Now, we may see the clash between Dabi and Todoroki family in the upcoming chapter. The raw scans will be updated soon.

Here, we have attached the confirmed spoilers of My Hero Academia Chapter 301.

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Release Date-

Before telling the release date, let us inform you that there is no hiatus news next week. My Hero Academia Chapter 301 will release this Valentine on February 14, 2021. Fans have to wait for few more days to get the new chapter.

Where to Read My Hero Academia Chapter 301-

Mangaplus Shueisha and Viz Media is the official source of the Boku No Hero Academia series. Fans can read Chapter 301 from the official website once it gets released.  We will be back with another spoiler and raw scans article. Till then, stay tuned with us.


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