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(Second Power) Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Spoilers & Release Date

As we were still recovering from the shock of Takemichi’s vision, we were bombarded with yet another twist in Tokyo Revengers. After the beautiful day spent with Senju, Takemichi was accompanying Draken to his house. Takemichi realized that the place was still the same as the last time he visited there. 

As they were about to use the lift to go upstairs, Takemichi had another vision where he was covered in blood. He panicked for a moment and saw that the blood was gone the very next second. He was still dazed about what happened as they began climbing up.

 They reached Draken’s room upstairs which was much bigger than the previous room he occupied. Soon both of them started talking about Mikey as Draken inquired how Mikey was like in the future. Takemichi informed that Mikey had given to his black urges, and other than him everyone else was happy.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Spoilers and Release Date
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Mikey had managed to keep Takemichi’s promise of protecting everyone but at the cost of his own happiness. They then decided that although they were heading into a dark future, they were going to bring back Mikey at any cost.

 As soon as they left the room, Takemichi saw blood on his clothes again but realized that it was actually tomato juice. It was very similar to the vision he had a few moments back as the chapter ended with Takemichi wondering if he had the power to look into the future.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Spoilers-

As we know that Takemichi already has the power to time travel back and forth as he wished. It allowed him to change the past and save the lives of his near and dear ones. Now, a possibility has arisen that Takemichi may have additional power of Future Sight.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Spoilers
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This allows Takemichi a further headstart into the future to prevent them from taking place. This will be in contrast to his previous power, as instead of correcting the instances after they have occurred, he can prevent them from happening in the first place.

 It also leads to the question of whether he decides to act alone on his newfound power or takes somebody’s help. There are huge chances that he is going to take the help of Senju, which in turn may lead to her death that Takemichi saw in his vision.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Release Date-

The next chapter of Tokyo Revengers will release on August 18, 2021. The manga is going to remain on a break this week and will resume in the next one. The way the story is progressing, we may see its end around December.

Where to Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218- 

Fans can buy the official volumes of Tokyo Revengers from Kodanshacomics. As for the latest chapter, they can read that by visiting the sites of MangaKatana and MangaSee. Until we come back with another exciting article, stay tuned.  

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