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(Imminent Danger) Tokyo Revengers Chapter 220 Spoilers & Release Date

Previously on Tokyo Revengers, we saw that Senju had asked Takemichi to a date. They went to an amusement park which made Senju extremely excited. These are the times when it feels like we are witnessing a different version of Senju. 

Although she wore the same Brahman uniform to the festival, she was a completely different person who enjoyed all the rides like a kid. It also made Takemichi smile to see such a form of Senju. It was then when Senju started speaking of the war between the three deities. 

She told Takemichi to take care of Kantou Manji Gang along with Draken while she and Akashi will handle Rokuhara Tandai. As they finished that conversation, they spotted a Tanzaku and went there to write their wishes.

Mikey Tokyo Revengers
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Takemichi wished that he would be able to defeat Mikey, while Senju promised to protect Takemichi from all dangers. After that, they shook their hands which triggered the vision in Takemichi’s mind again. But this it was clearer, and he saw that it was the same location as the amusement park. 

Meanwhile, the scene suddenly shifted as Inupi hurried to Draken’s shop and told him that all the members of Rokuhara Tandai were approaching Takemichi’s location. Takemichi also realized that the vision he saw was supposed to take place at that present moment, and somehow he needed to change Senju’s fate.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 220 Spoilers-

No one could have predicted that Takemichi’s vision of Senju lying injured on the ground would come to reality so quickly. Everyone had thought it was going to be the result of the big war between the three deities. However, Ken Wakui surprises us yet again as a tense situation is building. 

Rokuhara Tandai is composed of brawny guys who hit first and think later. If they are approaching Takemichi’s location with their full gang, they would not only outnumber him and Senju but also decrease their chances of winning.

Senju Tokyo Revengers
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Senju is a crazy strong girl, but without her gang’s support, it may be incredibly difficult for her to take on Rokuhara Tandai alone. Takemichi is also not a fighting type despite having incredible resilience. 

So now he has to take that stand and surpass his limits then and there if he wants to have the slightest chance in preventing the vision he saw. Draken and Inupi will also likely arrive on the scene to help them since they know about the upcoming danger. 

They can also contact the members of Brahman which will indicate that the war between the three deities will start with the battle between Rokuhara Tandai and Brahman. The real potential of the first generation black dragon members can also be finally seen by the fans.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 220 Release Date-

The latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers will release on September 1, 2021. There is no doubt that all the fans will be holding their breath in anticipation of the upcoming events since no one would like to see Senju die.

Where to Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 220-

Kodanshacomics is the official license holder of Tokyo Revengers, and fans can buy the official volumes by visiting their website. Other than that, they can read the latest chapters with the help of unofficial sites like MangaKatana and MangaSee. Stay tuned for more Tokyo Revengers articles. 

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