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(Vice-Representative Momo) My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5 Spoilers & Release Date

The latest season of My Hero Academia involves an epic clash between class 1A and class 1B. Class 1A has always been shown under the light and has excelled in life and death situations, gathering plenty of experience. As a result, Class 1B has always felt a kind of neglect which is clearly seen by the actions of some of their students. This fight gives the perfect platform for the students of Class 1B to showcase their talents and prove to the rest of the people that they are no less than class 1B.

The first had already started, and class 1B seemed to take the upper hand by throwing away Asui and Kirishima. This was made possible by Shishida, whose insane smelling sense proved to be difficult to deal with. Meanwhile, Shinso, who had joined Class 1A to try and prove his capabilities as a hero, helped them to capture a member of 1B. However, Koja and Kirishima also got captured, and things started looking difficult for them. 

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Asui Tsyuyu came to the rescue and formulated a plan to negate Shishida’s smelling abilities. She covered all of them with her toxic mucus, which allowed them to sneak up on their opponents. Combined with impressive teamwork, they were finally able to capture the rest of Class 1B and thus secure an impressive victory. 

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My Hero Academia Episode 5 Spoilers-

As per the schedule, round 2 is supposed to take place in the upcoming episode after the conclusion of round 1. Round 2 is also going to be an exciting battle as Fumikage, Momo, and Aoyama will gear up to face their opponents. Although Aoyama has been shown to be living in everyone’s shadow, we can expect him to use this fight and prove himself as a worthy student of Class 1A.

The most attention will be on Fumikage Tokoyami since he possesses a powerful Quirk and also placed 3rd in the UA Sports Festival. His Quirk is powerful enough to shred through all of his opponents at the same time. However, we have seen that he has had some troubles in controlling his dark shadow in the past. Thus, it remains to be seen if he has trained and improved his control over his Quirk to the point where he can use any of its power levels easily. 

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Finally, let us talk about Momo Yaoyorozu. Despite not being in the thick of actions throughout the series, she displayed her brilliance and quick thinking while fighting against Eraser Head. She has exceptional leadership skills and her team will be dependent on her to guide them to an astounding victory.

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My Hero Academia Episode 5 Release Date-

As per the weekly release schedule of My Hero Academia, Episode 5 is expected to be released on April 24, 2021. After seeing a wonderful fight come to its conclusion, fans can’t already wait for the next episode to see if Class 1A continues its dominance or the scales tip in favor of Class 1B.

Where to Watch My Hero Academia Episode 5-

Episode 5 of My Hero Academia can be watched on Funimation. Funimation provides the viewers with the latest episodes of My Hero Academia as soon as they are released. We will be back next week with round 2 of Class 1A vs. Class 1B. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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