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(Yami Trains for New Power) Black Clover Episode 156 Spoilers and Release Dates

Black Clover Episode 156 is titled “Awakening Powers,” this episode will feature Yami Sukihero, The Captian of the Black Bulls, as he trains in the High Mana accumulated Lava Terrains. He takes up a report-call from Finral and ascertains if the group in the Heart Kingdom is training Well or not. On the previous note, in Episode 155, we saw today, the 5 Spirit Guardians of the Heart Kingdom, a brief showcasing of their powers. We come to know that the spirit guardians are at the Zero Level, but only the arcane Level Magic Soldiers can fight against the Devils. Only some months are left for the Queen of the Heart Kingdom to live. To attack and defeat the Spade and the Diamond Kingdom harboring Devils, in these few months, our friends have to Level Up up to the Arcane Level.

In the Preview, we saw some new characters in a snowy area. We know that there are no Snowy Terrains in The Clover Kingdom. Who are they? Where are they going? What New Powers are Asta and Friends going to learn? What will Yami Sukihero do to surpass his own Limits? Read further to find out more.

Black Clover Episode 156 Spoilers and Raw Scans-

The Heart Kingdoms’ Training Team is realizing their below-decent power level and aiming to become stronger. The 5 Spirit Guardians are doing their Level Best to train and teach them as their new comrades in the upcoming War against the Devils. Other friends who are back at the Clover kingdom are also training to surpass their own limits. Among them, Yami Sukihero Himself is going to train himself in the Next Episode. At the same time, some Spade Kingdom People are running and looking to enter into the Clover Kingdom. There are many mysteries like Why are they coming here? Who are they running from? To know them, let’s discuss some Spoilers of the next episode:

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  • The people from the Spade Kingdom are trespassing into The Clover Kingdom in search of Yuno.
  • Although only one of them will manage to reach the Hage Village at the outskirts of the Kingdom.
  • They are running away from the soldiers under the Dark Triad, who have hijacked the Spade Kingdom.
  • Yami will train in the High Mana Concentrated Lava Terrain.
  • Under constant use of Mana Zone, he will challenge some monsters there.
  • Asta and his friends will learn to imbue orders to their Magic.

The next episode will feature once again a training sequence but this time with real results. For sure, the next episode is going to be a blast.

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Black Clover Episode 156 Release Date-

Black Clover Episode 156 will release next week on December 15, 2020, i.e., on Tuesday. Be sure to watch it and experience the Extreme Training and Thriving of our Friends as they prepare for The Last Stand.

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Where to watch  Black Clover Episode 156

Fans can watch the latest Black Clover episodes from Funimation and Crunchyroll. Further, the episodes are airing in all pirated sites. We will be back next week with another Black Clover Anime spoiler article. Until then, stay tuned, stay hyped.

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