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A Demon Lords Tale: Wiki, Characters & Plot Review

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A Demon Lords Tale is a light novel and Manga written by Tooo Nooto, while Dabu Ryuu does the art of the series and is currently one of the highest-sold manga and light novels in Japan and Asian countries.

The story’s main character is Yuuki, who dies in the real world and is sent to a new world where he has the role of a demon lord who needs to build a palace, look after dungeons, and create a family.

Yuuki was a slacker in his previous life and did not have any friends or family, but he is determined to do that here and works to make sure that they are happy. He is also very possessive and gets jealous quickly.

His life is constantly filled with struggles as he has to learn various techniques to fight against strong enemies who wish to eliminate him for the sake of good.

A Demon Lord’s Tale: Wiki

Name:A Demon’s Lord Tale
Writer:Toono Nooto
First Serialization:Nov 10 2017
Genre:Isekai, Fantasy, Webtoons


When most people die, they regret what they wanted but could not do due to many issues; luckily, this was not the case with Yuuki, who got a second chance at life. Now, he is reincarnated as a demon lord, entering an unknown world filled with many unexpected plot twists and meeting various people who will join him on this upcoming journey.

He regains his senses and quickly gets a brief about the world, and the window panel clears all his doubts; he has been directly ranked as the demon lord, but his power level is deficient due to being a novice.

To reign over this vast land filled with many enemies waiting for an opportunity to strike and claim the title of Demon Lord, he must become tremendously strong and make a crew filled with loyal people.

For now, he knows that he belongs to a race called Archdemon, and to level up in the world, he needs to increase his HP, DP, and MP, which correspond to his abilities and will make him stronger.


One vital point he has is that the system keeps providing him with an unlimited amount of food so that he does not ever face starvation, and due to this, it was straightforward for him to begin his journey.

While exploring, he met a tall white dragon from the race of an ancient dragon; his class was the Supreme Dragon, which was very high and almost the top 3 strongest dragons in the world.

On the other hand, Yuuki was just a level 1 compared to level 987, the dragon; the dragon was already in fight mode since Yuuki mistakenly trespassed on her territory. However, due to his quick thinking, he could agree with the dragon.

As he was about to kickstart his journey, Yuuki took some chocolate with him to keep him satisfied, and the dragon started drooling as soon as the smell entered her nose. By seeing Yuuki, he agreed to give her the delicacy in exchange for his life.


It turns out that the demon was a girl, and Yuuki was the first to see her actual avatar; as she did not have any name, he gave her the name of Lefi, which she happily accepted as it was the first time someone ever tried doing something for her.

They later start living together, and Lefi and Yuuki start getting closer and eventually fall in love. Later, they get married, and Lefi gets pregnant with Yuuki’s child, the kingdom’s upcoming ruler.

However, soon, the kingdom sends one of the strongest heroes, Nell, to wipe out Yuuki, but they are unsure if she can complete the mission, so they also send a team of assassins to kill her once the mission is over.

Yuuki ends up rescuing her from the assassins, resulting in her falling in love with him, and she eventually becomes his wife and one of his most trusted people. The kingdom’s kids were brainwashed into thinking that Yuuki was a threat sent from God and that we needed to eliminate him to make God happy.

A Demon Lord’s Tale: Characters

1) Yuuki


Yuuki is the series’ main character, reincarnated into this unknown world as the demon lord who now needs to crawl up through the top.

Still, it will not be accessible at all, and since Yuuki is always a slacker, he needs to work extra hard. He has been aided by the system, which guides him through all the information about this world. But with the help of Lefi, he is increasing.

2) Lefi


Lefi is the first person or living creature Yuuki meets in this world, and since then, she has been constantly by his side and has helped him overcome difficult situations several times.

Also, she is one of the series’ strongest characters and understands the world well. However, she is also very possessive, acts childish, and does not listen to anyone except Yuuki when angry.

3) Shii


The very first summoning of Yuuki in this new world was a slime; when he was summoned, he was one of the strongest creatures. Later on, Yuuki named it Shii.

Later in the series, she takes the look of Illuna, which makes Yuuki very happy, and since then, they have become like brothers and sisters to each other.

4) Prince Ryuuto Gloria Alicia 


Each series always has one dumb character who thinks he is the real deal. In this series, it is the current prince of Alicia, Ryuuto Gloria Alicia.

Most of the people in the kingdom are aware of his stupidity and how he keeps making fake promises and forgets when the time comes to fulfill them. He is also very overconfident and constantly gets humiliated by Yuuki, but he never seems to understand the truth.

5) Nell


Nell was raised by the church and assigned to eliminate Yuuki in the name of God. Still, it was to destroy the enemy so they could live peacefully and nobody would challenge the church’s authority.

When Yuuki first saves her from the assassins sent by the church to silence her as she cannot do her job, she falls in love with him and later becomes his wife.

6) Mofir


Mofir is a loyal companion of Yuuki and has been with him since the beginning; he does his duty faithfully and is always on guard for anyone with bloodlust for Yuuki.

On the other hand, while playing with Nell and Lefi, he becomes the most lovable and fluffy creature in the kingdom. He also played a significant part in rescuing the bandits and killing the monster.

7) Illuna


Illuna was found by Yuuki when he was exploring the nearby forest for a place where he could practice his magic abilities.

When he found her, she was already bleeding a lot, and Yuuki immediately gave her his blood, which was a help, but as she was a vampire, they thought that giving blood indicated marriage between people.

Although they clarified her misunderstanding, she is still a child and loves Yuuki as a family.

A Demon Lord’s Tale: Plot Review

Yuuki reincarnated into a new world where he was born as a demon lord and now faces a life where he creates his own family and leads them to a happy life. However, he is surrounded by enemies who wish to exterminate him and take all his belongings.

One of his principal enemies is the current prince of Alicia, who is fixated on his wife Lefi and Nell, wants them for himself, and is willing to go on an all-out war against him if it means he can have them.

Now that Yuuki has finally made a family and is about to become a father, he has no choice but to go head-to-head with him.

Is A Demon Lord’s Tale Worth Reading?

A Demon Lords Tale is a light novel with more than 17+ volumes, and this is the manga adaptation of the series, which, to a certain extent, is very closely done to the original work. The manga explores some parts of the story that must be clearly stated in the light novel.

The fight and world-building of the series are very amusing. The characters are also well-written, making the series unique and exciting; the character development is also The pacing of the manga is also rapid so that the reader can stay energized.


The manga perfectly represents the original light novel and should be checked out; the mangaka has followed the source material as closely as possible to give the readers a sense of originality.

Although many manga adapt to the light novel, they leave out a significant part of the series to make it look good, which puts most of the readers off. A Demon Lord Tale is one of the best adaptations of the light novel and avoids such things.

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