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Otakusnotes.com is a vast platform of thorough information and the most cognizant source of Rankings, Comparisons, and Theories about various Anime, Manga, & Webtoons. Here, impassioned Otakus, who love to share their fondness with the community, present their Knowledge and Fantasies related to popular Anime & Manga titles.

Future Goals:

Otakus’ Notes strives to be an extraordinary platform for all Otakus where they can explore up-to-date News, Reviews, Theories, of almost all popular Anime & Manga out there. So, whenever Otaku seeks help, they can always find answers on our platform.

And yes, we would be more than glad to chat and discuss your theory related to any title from the world of Anime and Manga. Drop us an email right away!

About the Founder: 

Hello everyone, My name is Abhidept Singh. As the founder of Otakus’s Notes, I am deeply passionate about the world of anime, having been enchanted by its magic since I was a young 8-year-old. My anime journey began with the epic fights of Dragon Ball Z, and my first dive into the captivating world of manga was with One Piece (of course for the story) in 2016. Over the years, my love for anime and manga has only grown, encompassing a fondness for manhwa as well. With over a hundred anime and manga experiences under my belt, I have garnered a genuine appreciation for this unique art form.

My vision for creating Otakusnotes.com is to share this enthusiasm and knowledge with fellow fans. I aspire to provide a welcoming platform for all Otakus, where they can immerse themselves in the beauty of Japanese animations and manga. This website is not just a venture, but a labor of love aimed at fostering a community where fans can come together to read, discuss, and celebrate the vibrant and captivating world of anime and manga. Join me on this incredible journey as we delve deeper into the fascinating realms of our beloved anime universe.

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Abhidept Singh

Being an Otaku, a superlative dream of mine engulfs experiencing anime to its deepest quintessence and inditing my perspective towards it. Ultimately, anime blogging carved a path toward my desire.

Arpita Samaddar

When I'm not writing for Otaku'sNotes, I can be found reading manga, watching anime, and shipping anime couples like there's no tomorrow. I also occasionally venture out whenever I need a reality check, but then soon, I find myself creeping back into my cozy abode. Nonetheless, I'm happy that I can write about my favorite topics and share my articles with enthusiastic readers.

Sahil Das

A zoology student turned writer. From hating anime to being an ardent anime lover, my journey has quite a sheen to it. While Parasyte served to be the stepping stone into this fantabulous world of animation, the foundation grew stronger with each series. If not engaging myself with anime content, you can always find me going through some Bengali classics or filling the air with some soulful Tabla beats. An artist, trying to throw some colours to my blank canvas of life.

Soumyadeep Ghosh

An ardent debater, quizzer and a real football fanatic with a variety of other interests. When not writing, can be found nose deep scrambling for facts or playing Valorant.