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Otakusnotes.com is a vast platform of thorough information, and the most cognizant source of News, Leaks, and Theories about various Anime, Manga, & Webtoons. Led by impassioned Otakus who love to share their fondness with the community. The enthusiasm for Anime is constantly flourishing. Therefore, we have created a platform where Otakus like us present the Knowledge and Fantasies related to popular Anime & Manga titles.

Future Goals –

Otakus’ Notes strives to be an extraordinary platform for all Otakus where they can explore up-to-date News, Reviews, Theories, of almost all popular Anime & Manga out there. So, whenever an Otaku seeks help, he/she will get their answer in our community. We will be pleased to chat and discuss your theory related to any anime. Make sure to follow our official social media handles.

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Kajal Roy
Managing Director

Kajal is a writer and a graduate of Philosophy Honors. She is an ardent follower of the fiction entertainment industry and loves to read and follow comics, anime, and TV series. Here, at Otakus’ Notes, she is responsible for planning and managing the team and content. Apart from working for Otakus’ Notes, she loves to invest her time in sketching and designing. 

Sachin Kandewal

Sachin Kandwal is the newest member of the staff. And here in Otakus’ Notes, he covers breaking stories of the Anime world. When he’s not consuming content on Reddit, he can be seen exploring Bangalore city.

Arun Kandari

An Otaku who is in love and motivated by many Anime protagonists. The One Punch Man aka Saitama inspired him to become a Fitness Freak. Apart from writing at Otakus’ Notes, he loves swimming and bowling.

Arnab Sarkar

Life took a sudden turn for me when I finally decided to watch Kimi no nawa & Clannad. While both of them made me cry and introduced me to this vast world of anime. The Anime and Manga world is an escape for me from this complicated real world and serves as a relief. Being a content writer for OtakusNotes still feels like a dream and has been one of the best things to happen to me this year. It has been a productive distraction for me and I am loving every moment of it.

Namrata Mistry
Editor (Former)

Namrata is a nature lover and frequently spends their time making elaborate plans of settling near the banks of Manasarovar lake with their best friend. If not, then they can be found reading mangas, books, comics, or science journals. Quite interested in science and will start talking about its endless theories if given the opportunity.