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After Sundance, Sasquatch Sunset confirmed the theatre release date!

At the Sundance Film Festival held on January 19th, 2024, many films got their world premieres, but one such movie that touched the viewers’ hearts was Sasquatch Sunset. It has a different and unique approach to primal nature.

Sasquatch Sunset was made under the direction of Nathan Zellner and David Zellner, and David Zellner also worked as the film’s writer. It will be debuting in theaters on April 12th, 2024. It is also revealed that this movie will be showcased at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival, organized between the 15th and 25th of February 2024, and South by Southwest from the 8th to 16th of March 2024.

The plot narrates the tale of an unforgettable family year in their lives. It meticulously and precisely depicts the three Bigfoots, also referred to as Sasquatch’s everyday existence, in a way that is quite remarkable.

The absurdist comedy film stars Jesse Eisenberg, Riley Keough, Nathan Zellner, and Christophe Zajac-Denek. Bleecker Street presents Sasquatch Sunset, a 90-minute lengthy film, and a trailer has also been released.

Source: https://www.shootonline.com/spw-video/sasquatch-sunset-teaser-trailer-2024