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Best 40 Anime Dogs Of All Time | Anime About Dogs 2023

Dogs are not only super cute and adorable in real life but they are also absolute darlings in anime. Many anime have prominent dog characters who play a significant role in the plot along with being cute. Some anime dogs act as the pets of the more serious characters and some have anthropomorphic abilities. In this list of the best 40 anime dogs of all time, we’ll encounter all kinds of anime canines. So, let’s begin.

Best 40 Anime Dogs

1) Akamaru


Anime NameNaruto
Fur ColorWhite with a little brown
Eye ColorRed (beast form)

The most popular anime dog on this list is quite possibly Akamaru. The white furry dog is a ninja dog, trained by the Inuzuka clan. He’s been with his master Kiba ever since he was just a puppy and Kiba was a little boy. Powerful and fiercely loyal, Akamaru is also Kiba’s best friend.

Like the other Inuzuka dogs, Kiba is trained in both fighting and hunting. In fact, all of Kiba’s powerful jutsu are reliant on Akamaru. But it might not be easy to guess from the adorable face of Akamaru, with his eyes always squinted adorably.

2) Sadaharu


Anime NameGintama
Fur ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlack

Sadaharu might be the biggest anime dog on this list, but he is no less cute. This adorable dog is the pet of Yorozuya, particularly Kagura, and is practically their mascot. He’s originally an Inugami and was found by Kagura outside the Yorozuya office.

Like every character in Gintama, Sadaharu is also a wacky one, though way less than his masters. He has a hilarious habit of biting people’s heads, but the Yorozuya members are too used to it to be bothered anymore. A very good boy, Sadaharu also once saved Earth from giant alien cockroaches.

3) Bond


Anime NameSpy x Family
Fur ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlack

The newest member of the Forger family is Bond, the dog they rescue from a group of terrorists after the dog aids in saving Anya. Huge and very fluffy, his appearance resembles a Great Pyrenees’, but his actual breed is never properly revealed. But aside from this, he also has a special ability: precognition, that lets him see glimpses of the future.

In the past, Bond was used in an animal experiment where he was called Subject 8 and was treated very cruelly. But the intelligent and loyal dog is now happy and safe with his new family.

4) Black Hayate

Black Hayate

Anime NameFullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fur ColorBlack and white
Eye ColorBlack

Nobody would call First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye a softie after meeting her, but if they see her with Black Hayate, they surely would. Black Hayate is the little Shiba Inu that Riza adopts after Master Sergeant Kain Fuery finds him abandoned on the street. Initially a strict mistress, Riza soon is charmed by the sheer cuteness of the puppy.

Being the pet of Riza, Black Hayate is expectedly very well-trained. He often goes on walks with her and acts as her support when she’s going through stress. At the end of the series, Black Hayate has his own family with a partner and three little puppies of his own.

5) Tetsuya 2

Tetsuya 2

Anime NameKuroko’s Basketball
Fur ColorBlack and white
Eye ColorBlue

With a unique name like his, Tetsuya 2 is one of the most memorable anime dogs. He’s found and adopted by Kuroko who gave him his own. Others call him Tetsuya 2 while his master just calls him 2. Other than the name, there is one more thing Tetsuya 2 shares with his master, and that is their eyes. Both of them have startling blue eyes that catch your attention instantly.

Tetsuya 2’s appearance is similar to that of a Husky puppy, with black and white fur, and blue eyes. He has distinctive oval-shaped eyebrows.

6) Ein


Anime NameCowboy Bebop
Fur ColorFawn and white
Eye ColorBlack

While Sadaharu is the biggest, Ein, on the other hand, is the most intelligent of the anime dogs in this list. Like Bond, Ein was also experimented on in a research facility which led to him having extraordinary intelligence. After Abdul Hakim stole him from the research facility, a series of events led him to Spike Spiegel.

After his encounter with Spike, Ein joins the Bebop team, befriending the members and particularly bonding with Edward. His Pembroke Welsh Corgi remains one of the most significant anime dogs of all time.

7) Makkachin


Anime NameYuri!!! On Ice
Fur ColorSilver Beige
Eye ColorBlack

Among the many, many attractive things about Victor Nikiforov, having a cutie like Makkachin sure comes toward the top. A beautiful and sophisticated poodle, Makkachin has been with Victor for many years, at least around 15 years, and in all those years, he has remained a close companion.

After accompanying Victor to Japan and meeting Yuuri, Makkachin bonds with the younger man very fast and often goes on walks with him and Victor. He’s very pampered and cherished, with Victor’s wallpaper being a picture of him along with a full album in his gallery filled with the dog’s pictures.

8) Shiro


Anime NameCrayon Shin-chan
Fur ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlack

Who doesn’t remember cute, little Shiro, the adorable pet dog of the Nohara family? Found by Shin-chan as a puppy, Shiro has been with the Noharas for years. He’s a pure white Maltese dog which prompted his name and wears a blue collar.

Since his young owner is anything but thoughtful, Shiro often doesn’t get proper care despite being very loved. Shin-chan often forgets to feed him or take him on walks, so Shiro has become quite independent at scavenging his own food and can walk himself easily.

9) Kedama


Anime NameGiven
Fur ColorWhite
Eye ColorDark blue

Mafuyu’s pet puppy Kedama is our 9th entry on this list of the best anime dogs of all time. Kedama is a cute nine-months Pomeranian puppy, given to Mafuyu by his mother to cheer him up. He’s a very energetic puppy and always in demand for some attention.

Kedama is a completely white Pomeranian which is extremely rare because white poms are a recessive trait for the breed. He also has roundish dark blue eyes. Kedama stays at home while Mafuyu goes to school and doesn’t wear a collar.

10) Shigure Sohma

Shigure Sohma

Anime NameFruits Basket
Fur ColorDark gray
Eye ColorLight gray

This entry is entirely different from most of the anime dogs in this list. Because Shigure Sohma isn’t actually a dog but does have the ability to turn into a dog. Shigure was born into the Sohma family as one of the reincarnations of the spirit of the dog from the Chinese Zodiac.

Because of this, he can turn into a dog when he’s hugged by the opposite sex. After a brief time, he returns back to his human form. Shigure’s dog form resembles his human appearance, with dark gray fur and the same color of eyes as his human form.

11) Potato


Anime NameAir
Fur ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlack

Sadly, not all dogs have owners and cute little Potato is one of them. He’s a stray dog who lives in town, and after meeting Kano, befriends her and sometimes follows her around. Potato once stole a puppet from Yukito, becoming acquainted with him and Kano.

The cute puppy is pretty small and is completely white and very fluffy. He has two beady black eyes but his mouth is hidden under his fur. The only thing Potato can say is “piko” which just makes him all the more cute!

12) Iggy


Anime NameJojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Fur ColorBlack and white with little gold
Eye ColorBlue

Not only are the men of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure insanely masculine and muscular, but even the dogs of the series are way cooler than normal cutesy puppies. Iggy, who appears in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, is a good example of that.

A street mutt whom the main characters of Part 3 find in New York, Iggy joins the group for their final encounter against DIO in Cairo. Unexpectedly, Iggy is a Stand user, possessing the power of The Fool that allows him to manipulate a mass of sand.

13) Pochita


Anime NameChainsaw Man
Fur ColorDark orange
Eye ColorBlack

Not one of the usual anime dogs, Pochita is the Chainsaw Devil whom Denji found and adopted. He’s been with Denji for years and loves the boy more than anything. When Denji dies after being sacrificed to the Zombie Devil, Pochita chooses to become his heart, consequently making him the Chainsaw Man.

Pochita is a small, orange Devil who looks like a puppy with a round head and big black eyes. He has a small chainsaw on the front of his face, where his nose is supposed to be, marking his identity as the Chainsaw Devil.

14) Pluto


Anime NameBlack Butler
Fur ColorWhite
Eye ColorRed iris with black sclera

Black Butler has all sorts of supernatural creatures and attractive men. Our next entry, Pluto, falls in both categories. He’s a Demon Hound who later gets adopted by the Phantomhive household. He’s an anime-only character.

In his Demon Hound form, Pluto takes the shape of a huge dog with white shaggy fur and bright red eyes surrounded by black sclera. He also has a fluffy tail. In his human form, Pluto becomes a young man with long and shaggy white hair, red eyes, and a fair complexion. He has snaggletooth, indicating his status as a Demon Hound.

15) Wanta


Anime NameElfen Lied
Fur ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlack

Dogs are an important part of Elfen Lied, playing major roles in the character development of essential characters like the protagonist Lucy and the runaway girl Mayu. Wanta is a small puppy found by Mayu after she ran away from her abusive parents.

Ever since then, the two have been together. Struggling to survive on the streets, Mayu could only feed Wanta and herself bread crumbs. Yet, the little puppy stays loyal and affectionate to the girl. After Mayu finds shelter in the Maple House, he remains with her and becomes everyone’s friend.

16) Zeke


Anime NameHighschool of the Dead
Fur ColorWhite with black ears
Eye ColorGold

This good boy has captured the hearts of the viewers with his bravery and loyalty. Zeke is a little puppy whom Takashi and his group find one day in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. He is separated from his owner whose status is unknown and is thus taken in by the group.

Zeke is very courageous and has very sharp senses. He’s often the first one to realize when “they” are near. He’s protective towards the group and never hesitates to stand up to “them.”

17) Heen


Anime NameHowl’s Moving Castle
Fur ColorWhite, tan, and blond
Eye ColorBlack

Studio Ghibli has continuously given us memorable and iconic characters throughout the years. There are plenty of unique and delightful characters in the 2004 movie Howl’s Moving Castle and Heen is one of them. He’s a dog with unique looks and coloring and acts as the “errand dog” for Suliman.

Heen is not the liveliest of the bunch. He’s very lazy and often just slacks around. His mode of communication is primarily gasping and wheezing.

18) Weed


Anime NameGinga Densetsu Weed
Fur ColorWhite and silver with a bluish tint
Eye ColorBlue

The protagonist of Ginga Densetsu Weed is the eponymous Weed himself. He is an Akita-Kishu mix breed with white and silver fur with a bluish tint and very pronounced eyebrows. Weed used to act as the supreme commander of Ou, having retired now.

He is a brave and kind dog, always compassionate towards others, and possesses a strong sense of justice. Weed is also very charismatic.

19) Pedro Martinez / Maru

Pedro Martinez

Anime NameKimi ni Todoke
Fur ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlack

This cutie is responsible for the budding friendship between the shy Sawako and the popular Kazehaya. Maru is a cute puppy abandoned by his owners in a cardboard box. Sawako and Kazehaya find him one rainy day while going to school and immediately take a liking to the adorable puppy.

Eventually, Kazehaya takes Maru in and often takes him on walks to play. Sometimes Sawako joins them. It’s a running gag how Maru dislikes and is afraid of Sawako despite her being sweet to him.

20) Cezar


Anime NameCastlevania
Fur ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue

Hector is a frightening individual but his love for pets is understandable. And his favorite pet is none other than Cezar the pug. Cezar is an undead puppy resurrected by Hector. His undead status shows in his body as the right side of his face is that of a skeleton and so is one of his legs.

Cezar has completely black fur and bright blue eyes, with one of his eyes missing. He’s very dear to Hector and often cuddles with him.

21) Koromaru


Anime NamePersona 3
Fur ColorWhite and gray
Eye ColorRed

Koromaru from Persona 3 is certainly one of the best anime dogs of all time. He’s a Shiba Inu with white and light gray fur along with bright red eyes. Koromaru used to be a stray dog, left alone at the shrine after the death of his owner who was a monk at the shrine.

Even after his owner’s death, Koromaru continued to guard the shrine and even killed one assailant who tried to invade it. Currently, he is one of the members of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad.

22) Chouchou


Anime NameOne Piece
Fur ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlack

One of the many things One Piece has always excelled at is backstories. The series has some of the most heartbreaking backstories, both for the main characters and for side characters like Chouchou. The Straw Hats meet the dog towards the start of their journey, at Orange Town.

He’s a wonderful dog, fiercely loyal to his owner who died. Even after his owner’s death, Chouchou diligently guards the pet food shop his owner founded. He is, without a single doubt, one of the best anime dogs of all time.

23) Alexander


Anime NameFullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fur ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlack

Fans of Fullmetal Alchemist will never forget Alexander. Unfortunately, it is not because of just how adorable the dog is, but because of the dark ending he faces. He’s the family dog of the Tuckers and the constant companion of the little Nina Tucker.

Nina and Alexander quickly bond with the Elric brothers when they come to visit their house. The adorable combo steals everyone’s heart and that’s why it hurts all the more for what happens next.

24) Taromaru


Anime NameSchool-Live!
Fur ColorLight brown
Eye ColorBrown

Whoever says zombies are scary hasn’t seen Taromaru yet. The Shiba Inu was infected before he died and was later resurrected. After being found by Kurumi in a mall, he is taken in as the pet and mascot of the School Live Club.

Taromaru is playful, smart, and patient. He’s a very happy dog who loves his new owners. He wears a red collar and often has his tongue out.

25) Apo


Anime NameSpace Brothers
Fur ColorFawk and brown
Eye ColorBrown

Another pug among all these anime dogs, Apo is the pet dog of Hibito Nanba. His astronaut owner named him after the Apollo moon missions. Apo loves hot dogs and always has a lively smile on his face. He’s very close to Hibito and Mutta and shares a good relationship with pretty much everyone he meets.

Apo regularly wakes up Hibito on time in the mornings. Mutta lovingly calls him his lucky charm.

26) Bee


Anime NameDragon Ball Z
Fur ColorLight gray
Eye ColorBlack

Remember Bee from Dragon Ball Z? The adorable puppy was adopted by an unlikely duo: Innocent Buu and Mr. Satan. He’s a fluffy Labrador puppy with light gray fur. The playful puppy was one day found wounded by Buu. 

Buu proceeded to heal the puppy, thinking it’d run away from him when healed. But Bee latched onto Buu instead, taking a liking to him and becoming his friend.

27) Cherry


Anime NameLucky Star
Fur ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlack

Iwasaki family’s pet dog Cherry is at number 27 on this list of the best anime dogs of all time. Cherry is a large and fluffy dog with completely white fur and beady black eyes. The age, breed, and gender of the dog are unconfirmed.

Cherry looks quite intimidating with the large size but the dog is actually pretty temperate and well-behaved. The birthday of Cherry is on October 20.

28) Enek


Anime NameSpice and Wolf
Fur ColorBlack with little white
Eye ColorBlack

The pet dog and companion of Norah Arendt, Enek is a black sheepdog. Fiercely loyal and smart, Enek is very capable of guarding the livestock. He loves Norah very much and is very protective of him.

Norah found Erek some years before after the owners of the dog died. She took into Enek and took up a guarding job with him beside her.

29) Ruth


Anime NameThe Ancient Magus’ Wife
Fur ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed

Another anime dog who isn’t really a dog. Instead, Ruth is a Church Grim and Chise’s familiar. Because of this, he is mentally connected to Chise. As a fae and a familiar, Ruth has two forms: one of a human and the other of a dog.

As a human, Ruth looks like a young man with dark hair and red eyes. In his dog form, he turns into a huge and viscous dog with black fur and red eyes.

30) Belka & Strelka

Belka and Strelka

Anime NameLittle Busters!
Fur ColorBlack (Belka)

Black and white (Strelka)

Eye ColorBlack (Belka)

Blue (Strelka)

The 30th entry has not one but two names. Belka and Strelka are the pet dogs of Kudryavka Noumi. They are named after the Russian dogs who were sent to space after Laika. Belka is smaller than her companion and of contrasting colors.

Strelka is a big Siberian Husky with black and white fur and signature clear blue eyes. Belka, on the other hand, is a tiny Schipperke with black fur and black eyes.

31) Kazuhito Harumi

Kazuhito Harumi

Anime NameDog & Scissors
Fur ColorBrown and black
Eye ColorDark gray

The circumstances of this entry easily make him one of the most significant and also one of the weirdest anime dogs of all time. Kazuhito Harumi is a middle school student who gets killed one day while trying to protect a young woman from an armed robber.

After his death, he’s reborn as a dachshund dog in his next life while retaining his memories and is bought by Kirihime Natsuno, a woman with sadistic tendencies. 

32) Pakkun


Anime NameNaruto
Fur ColorBrown and dark brown
Eye ColorBlack

One of the most capable dogs in Naruto has to be Kakashi’s personal ninja dog Pakkun. He’s also the only dog in the story to have the ability to speak human tongue. Pakkun leads Kakashi’s ninken and is very proficient in trailing and retrieving.

He is also the smallest dog out of his team. Pakkun is a brown miniature pug with a deadpan expression. He wears a Konoha headband on his head and a matching blue vest along with bandages wrapped around his arm.

33) Chalk


Anime NameDr. Stone
Fur ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlack

On number 33 is Ishigami Village’s very own Chalk. This little puppy is taken in by Suika and becomes close with the other members of the Kingdom of Science. He’s a little puppy with completely white fur without any spots. Chalk also has cute floppy ears and wears a rope around his neck as a collar.

Once he gets older, Chalk becomes more sturdy and gains some darker tint to his fur on the back. As a puppy, he is excitable and playful and barks to get attention from the people around him.

34) Inuarashi


Anime NameOne Piece
Fur ColorBrown, dark brown, and white
Eye ColorBlack

Inuarashi is not a pet dog like most other entries in this list. But he is a dog Mink and thus, must be included in this list of best anime dogs of all time. He’s the Ruler of Day in Mokomo Dukedom on Zou, acting as the leader of the place from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Along with his fellow ruler and rival Nekomamushi, Inuarashi was saved by Kozuki Oden years ago in Wano. Ever since then, he has served the man and stayed loyal to him for 20 years even after his death.

35) Chikuwa


Anime NameLaid-Back Camp
Fur ColorFawn and beige
Eye ColorBrown

Laid-Back Camp is an enjoyable slice-of-life anime that gives the viewers some much-needed serotonin boost. Joining the cast of characters in this endeavor is the cute little Chikuwa. He’s a small Chihuahua and Ena Saitou’s pet dog. 

Being a Chihuahua who is not known for its heaving coating fur, Chikuwa needs to wear little winter coats for cold places. He is quite an energetic dog and likes to go on walks.

36) Maron


Anime NameTo Love Ru
Fur ColorDark gray and white
Eye ColorBlack

This goofy-looking dog is Maron. He’s a Boston Terrier who lives with the Sairenji sisters. His original owner is Akiho but she is too busy to take care of him. So, he is looked after by Haruna most of the time and loves her for her care. He’s very passionate about protecting Haruna, thinking of himself as a freeloader in the household.

Maron has a very cute appearance with dark gray and white fur. His fur has an arrow-like shape rising from his nose toward his forehead. He has round eyes and always has his tongue out.

37) Mike


Anime NameHunter x Hunter
Fur ColorWhite (1999)

Tyrian Purple (2011)

Eye ColorYellow (1999)

Black (2011)

Not all dogs are cute and fluffy, some are viciously dangerous and one such anime dog is Mike. This huge and scrawny hound is the guard dog of the Zoldyck family. Just like his owners, Mike is sharp and deadly. He’s trained to remember anyone he meets once.

The main goal of Mike is to kill all intruders, an order given to him by his owners years ago. He’s very loyal to the Zoldyck family but doesn’t listen to anyone but them.

38) Hiroyuki


Anime NameKemono Michi
Fur ColorFawn and white
Eye ColorBlack

Up next is Genzo Shibata’s adorable puppy Hiroyuki. This cute fluffy puppy has fawn and white fur. His face has a unique coloring where white fur is shaped like a maple leaf, surrounded by tawn fur. His belly is also covered with white fur.

Hiroyuki is a loyal companion to his owner, always accompanying him everywhere, even when Genzo is fighting. The two of them are eventually transported to another world where it seems like Hiroyuki is from a rare breed and people try to steal and sell him because of it.

39) Pochi


Anime NameHow to Keep a Mummy
Fur ColorBlack with little gray
Eye ColorWhite

This unique-looking dog belongs to Sora Kashiwagi. Pochi has soft black fur that turns white towards her legs and her ears, along with a cute pink nose. Her eyes are white and round in shape. She wears a yellow collar around her neck.

According to Sora, Pochi is 50 years old, yet she is as mischievous as a kitten. She loves the attention and affection from Sora.

40) Tanuki


Anime NameSuper Lovers
Fur ColorLight brown and dark brown
Eye ColorBlack

We’ll end this list of best anime dogs with little Tanuki. Because of his coloring and fluffy fur, he looks like a raccoon, hence his name. He was previously fed by Onodera who is the landlord of the Kaidou brothers. After Onodera is hospitalized, Tanuki is taken in by Ren.

Tanuki’s original owner was a quiet, old man, which is why he’s so quiet in comparison to other dogs. After his owner died, he ended up on the streets. His actual breed is unknown, but judging by his appearance, he can be a Pomeranian or a Spitz.

Here is the list of the best 40 anime dogs of all time. These dogs are as adorable as the ones in real life. Check them out in their respective anime and visit Otakus’ Notes for more lists like this.

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