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Are There Any Black Actors With Blue Eyes?

Last updated on August 25th, 2023 at 05:02 pm

The eyes are undeniably the most attractive part of the human body, and they have the power to charm you just by looking at them. At the same time, the majority of people have black eyes. Some have a beautiful eye color.

This type of person is scarce, and their eyes are so beautiful and profound that one might fall in love with them just by looking at them for a few seconds. Black actors have always been a massive part of the industry and have played a significant role in helping Hollywood reach new heights.

Although it is rare for black descendants to have blue eyes, through extensive research, we have made a list of black actors with blue eyes to find out whether your favorite black actor has blue eyes.

8 Black Actors with Blue Eyes

1) Michael Ealy

NameMichael Ealy
Age49 years
ProfessionAustralian Actor
PopularityThink Like a Man too, Fast 2 Furious, Takers

Michael Ealy was born on August 3, 1979, in Washington, DC, USA. He is currently 49 years old and still looks better than ever. He is one of the few black actors in the industry who has beautiful blue eyes, according to celebrity.fm.

In the 1990s, he reprised many roles, but none of them got him his breakthrough, which occurred in 2002 when he played felon Ricky Nash in the movie Barbershop.

2) Jeremy Meeks

NameJeremy Ray Meeks
Age39 years
ProfessionAmerican Fashion Model, Actor
PopularityTrue to the game, Dance for me

Jeremy Ray Meeks truly has one of the most inspiring stories out there. Jeremy was born on February 7, 1983, in Tacoma, Washington, US. He was arrested in 2014 in an operation termed Operation Ceasefire.

He was arrested and imprisoned for 27 months, but due to his good behavior, it was reduced to 13 months. Upon release, he says several agencies were trying to get him into their organization because of his charming looks.

His picture currently has more than 90k+ likes and 25k+ comments. He has been starring in many projects, with many films coming this year. According to FIVTheMagzine, one of his most attractive features was his eyes, which made him many fans.

3) James Earl Jones

NameJames Earl Jones
Age92 years
PopularityOthello, Hamlet, Coriolanus, King Lear

James Earl Jones is one of the most senior and well-known artists; he is often regarded as one of the greatest American actors of all time due to his amazing ability to portray every character he plays to perfection. Before joining the industry, he was patriotic and served in the military during the Korean War.

He has also won several accolades throughout his decades-long career. He was also part of many plays written by the legendary Shakespeare. Ever since he debuted in the industry, his eyes have been his most important asset. His eyes are blue, which has been confirmed by many websites, including Celebrity.tn.

4) Stacey Dash

NameStacey Dash
Age56 Years
ProfessionAmerican Actress
PopularityMoving, Mo Money, View From The Top

On several occasions, Stacey Dash has given credit to her eyes for her amazing career; right now, she is more politically active and manages acting and political work simultaneously.

Jesse Williams was born in Chicago on August 5, 1981, and is currently 41 years old. She has two kids with Aryn Drake-Lee. The couple got divorced in 2020.

Jesse came into the limelight when he was one of the 14 actors ABC Television selected from a reported 1000. He has been featured in many popular shows such as Cabin in the Woods, Grey’s Anatomy, and many others, and some credits go to his surreal eyes.

5) Gary Dourdan

NameGary Robert Durdin
Age56 years
PopularityCrime Scene Investigation, A Different World.

Gary was born on December 11, 1996. He is currently 56 years old. He is mostly known for his work in Scar City and King of the World. However, his career has seen many ups and downs as he was arrested for possession of drugs and domestic violence.

He filed for bankruptcy in 2011. He has been said to have one of the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood, as per Madamenoire.

He has African-American, Native American, Franco-Haitian (Haiti), Jewish, Irish, and Scottish ancestry, and his eye color is rare for someone of this ancestry.

6) Vanessa Williams

NameVanessa Williams
Age60 years
NationalityAmerican, Australian
ProfessionActress, Singer, Dancer
PopularityThe Right Stuff, Dreamin, The Comfort Zone

Vanessa Williams was the first woman from an African-American background to claim the world-renowned Miss America title. She was born on March 18, 1983. She is currently 60 years old. 

During her peak years, she was successful in every industry, whether music, singing, or modeling, and was one of the most desired women in the country.

Although her eyes are green, they can change color sometimes, as per the report by celebrity.fm.

7) Robert Ri’chard

NameRobert Ri’chard
Age40 years
ProfessionAmerican Actor
PopularityOne on One, Cousin Skeeter

Robert Richard is one of the most classic actors, and if you have ever watched any show on the Nickelodeon channel, you will recognize him instantly. He also featured in the horror-thriller House of Wax, which to this day is one of the scariest films you can ever watch. He was born on January 7, 1983. He is currently 40 years old.

He is also playing a supporting role in the movie Sweetwater, which was released this year. He has been mentioned as one of the most attractive faces in Hollywood with blue eyes by madamenoire.com.

8) Jesse Williams

NameJesse Williams
Age41 years
ProfessionActor, Director, Producer, Activist
PopularityGrey’s Anatomy, The Butler, The Cabin in the Woods

You may have wondered why we have mentioned the name of Jesse Williams in this list. He is a great actor, director, and producer who has worked in top movies like The Cabin in the Woods.

But do you know Jesse Williams was born to a white mother and a black father? According to Bet, he has never tried to hide his biracial status; in short, he is half-bl*ck with attractive blue eyes. Even in the interviews, Jesse mentioned that he is white and black.

Black actors with blue eyes challenge stereotypes, redefine beauty standards, and promote diversity in the entertainment industry. Their unique features spark conversations about representation and encourage inclusivity, ultimately reshaping our understanding of beauty and cultural identity.

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