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Bone Smashing – Is it Necessary & Best Way To Do It (Easy Guide)

Last updated on August 25th, 2023 at 05:14 pm

As a person, we always want to look attractive and appealing, and we spend money on our faces and other body parts because we want to become more beautiful with each passing day.

From the day we are born, we are racing against time. No matter how beautiful you may look in your teen or adult phase, the force of nature will inevitably take that away from you.

The internet has been the greatest invention of mankind. Still, for some unexplained reason, people tend to believe everything they see online and follow it without consulting proper doctors.

One such technique that became quite popular on Lookism forums (now Looksmax.org) as a way to give a chad-like structure to your face surfaced in the year 2018, as reported by knowyourmeme.

Bone smashing stresses certain face parts to give it a defined shape. This theory is based on Wolf’s law, which says that bones adjust according to trauma.

I. What is Bone Smashing?

Bone Smashing
Bone Smashing | Credit: steeljawlinegum

Many of you might be familiar with mewing and bone smashing, but the only difference is that mewing benefits us and does not cause any harm.

Bone smashing is based on the theory that applying continuous pressure and stress to certain parts of our bones receptively over a prolonged period can make the bone size more prominent, visible, and robust.

Human bones tend to adapt to any situation. You can notice it when you break some bones in your body, and when you successfully recover from it, the bones will be much stronger than before.

The science behind it is that bone callus increases the size and density of the bone due to the formation of microcracks and the regeneration of the bone.

It is usually done on the cheekbones and the chin to give them a sharp look; however, it is a very controversial method because it has not been proven scientifically correct.

II. Why is it Necessary to Do Bone Smashing?

Bone smashing is unnecessary and should be avoided at any cost, as the claims made by people are not confirmed to be accurate, and in the process, you can get severely damaged as well.

The process is very controversial, and several doctors have said to avoid doing any process like this because there is a high chance of damaging your facial structure permanently.

The concept is based on Wolf’s law; however, it has been taken way too out of context, and the law was certainly not derived so that individuals can use it to change their bone density.

Bone smashing is real and can be seen in sports such as MMA, boxing, and others, where breaking your bones is normal; however, they recover quickly.

This is because the bones in their faces have gotten used to the pattern over a prolonged period, and thus, their bone density and strength are far greater than those of any other average person.

III. Best Traditional Way to Do Bone Smashing?

If you are interested in bone smashing, you need to take extra precautions to smash your bones in a symmetrical pattern and not end up with a broken jaw or chin.

However, it is essential to mention that bone smashing has never been proven scientifically, and whoever wishes to do it might still face the risk of severe injury.

  • Step 1: Breath Through Your Nose

Before beginning the process, you need to calm your mind and need extra muscle-mind connection. To achieve this, sit in an empty place without distractions and focus on breathing.

  • Step 2: Focus On Every Muscle In Your Body

To achieve good results, try to visualize the muscles in your body and establish a muscle-mind connection. Studies have shown that average athletes activate around 40% more muscle than bodybuilders because of a muscle-mind connection.

  • Step 3: Use Your Weak Hand and Adjust Yourself

After doing the above process, bring your non-dominant hand to the bone you want to target, such as the cheekbone, jaws, or any particular area. Remember, you must keep breathing regularly and not change your breathing pattern.

  • Step 4: Start Lightly Smashing

Take your non-dominant hand and start tapping lightly on the particular bone, and remember not to apply too much or too little stress; just using light power would be efficient.

  • Step 5: Repeat The Process

Do the above process for 30 seconds and repeat it five times daily. It is important to remember that overdoing will not increase the speed of results; therefore, it is advised to do it within a safe range

IV. Any Side Effects & Precautions

Unfortunately, the side effects and risk of bone mashing outweigh the benefits considerably. By bone mashing, you put yourself in a position to get severely or permanently damaged.

Applying extra stress to the facial bones is also not recommended since it leads to broken bones, which can only be fixed by surgery. Bone mashing was popular in the early 2000s but, later on, faded away.

However, it was revived and brought back to life by TikTok in 2021 by @wiilliamli, who showed several pictures before and after smashing the bones, encouraging many people to try it.

The post blew up on TikTok and gained several million views, and thus, the trend of bone smashing came back to life since the internet does not let anything go unnoticed. Several other YouTubers also joined this trend, made videos, and used athletes as examples.

Some of the apparent damages and threats involved in bone smashing include bruising, swelling, pain, inflammation, permanent damage, self-harm, and asymmetry, and it is not advised at all.

There have not been any significant cases where following the process has proven beneficial or successful, and it should be avoided at all costs. Instead, individuals should use techniques like mewing, which have been scientifically proven.

We strictly prohibit using such techniques and advise individuals not to follow this type of thing without consulting any doctors or asking their parents or guardians.

V. Any Alternative

Bone smashing as a theory is correct and fact-checked, but it is not advised to be followed for changing your bone structure as it can be fatal and might result in death in some cases.

Suppose your goal is only to look attractive in photos and videos or on your social media platforms. In that case, you should instead rely on filters from social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Sure, it might not be the best solution out there, but it reduces the risk of you getting your face wreaked for your life to zero, and overall, it is wiser to use this method rather than try something that has not shown results.

The examples that have been used to promote this are usually athletes, but you will be doing bone smashing for a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes a day compared to individuals who have done the same thing for years, which is why their bones get more robust.

Bone smashing might work, but it will take decades to prove or give out results, so wasting time on a technique is not logical or advised.

Instead of this, you should rely on bone bashing, which is a similar process to bone smashing, but the positive aspect is that you can use it without issues.

Sure, it might not be the best solution out there, but it reduces the risk of you getting your face wreaked for your life to zero, and overall, it is wiser to use this method rather than try something that has not shown results.

What is Bone Bashing and How is it Different from Bone Smashing?

Bone Bashing
Bone Bashing

Bone bashing is the process of strengthening your bones by doing work or exercise that is natural to the body; for example, the machines we use in gyms can target a particular muscle.

That is not how our body is supposed to work and grow. To get the same impact, we need to do motions where every muscle group should be involved rather than only a few.

Bone smashing can only be done on your face using a hammer or object, which you can use to tap the muscle lightly, but the downside is getting injured or not getting any results after several years.

Bone bashing is a process that takes years, but the growth is scientifically proven and has been shown in athletes who have been involved in sports such as running or football.

The reason is that the bones grow when put under pressure, and the muscles contract with some force of gravity. Things like swimming and cycling cannot be beneficial in the long term.

This is because when you swim in the water, the effect of gravity is almost negligible, and you feel like you are in space. The best thing to do for bone-bashing would be to walk or run.

Studies have shown that women who walk for 4 hours a week have a 40% less chance of contracting hip problems, and women who walk or work for 8 hours a week have an even lower rate, reports the New York Times.

The crucial aspect is that bones require dynamic impact, which will help our bones if we perform activities such as hopping or jumping rope 100 times a day.

This technique is highly beneficial compared to bone smashing and does not require going to the gym. In today’s era, most of us are extremely busy, and some prefer to avoid going to the gym or lifting weights.

Bone bashing can be done by taking regular walks after or before dinner, and that should help make your bones stronger and will take relatively less time than going to the gym.

However, another method also uses a treadmill but moves the machine uphill so that you require more force and power to go up or even stand on the pedals while cycling uphill.

What is most important is to have a strong core that helps you work out without getting tired or feeling powerless after only a few minutes. One thing you can do to strengthen your core is do squats.

Activities such as dancing, carrying groceries home, and moving or clearing your lawn using a lawn mover are also remembered to do them with limitations, as going overboard might damage them.


If you want to have a chad face and do not care about the downside, then you can go for bone smashing. However, we don’t advise such techniques as there is not enough data to back up the claim while also having significant downsides that can give your face permanent damage.

It may take several decades before you notice any significant changes to your facial structure.

A better way to go about it is by using bone bashing instead of smashing, and it may take years, but bone bashing is a perfect and clinically tested process.

By doing bone bashing, you can secure your bones for when you get old, which will help you stay fitter than the average population if you perform bone bashing repeatedly over the years.

Do small things with great love.

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