Breaking: “Neko to Jii-chan” Manga Has 700,000 Copies In Circulation for Volume 1-7

Neko to Jii-chan manga has sold more than 700,000 manga copies in circulation for volumes 1 to 7. The manga has been hugely accepted by the readers, and it is quite evident from this spectacular achievement. Written and illustrated by Nekomaki sensei, it started serializing on August 7, 2015. Read further for an insight into the story with the latest volume 7 cover.

Neko to Jii-chan Volume 7 Cover-

Neko to jii chan
Source: @MangaMogura (Twitter)

This is the cover of the latest volume 7 of Neko to Jii-chan. ‘Neko’ translates to ‘cat,’ and ‘Jii-chan’ translates to ‘grandfather‘ in Japanese. This work depicts the everyday life of an old man, Daikichi, who lives alone on a small island with his pet cat, Tama, after his wife passed away.

Set in the backdrop of the island’s vibrant seasonally changing sceneries that change day by day, the heartwarming daily lives of the cat and the old man unfold. The lives of a human being and a cat are carefully expressed with warm coloration. It also has a live-action movie adaptation by the same title.

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