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10 Times Celebrities Showed Large Pores On their Real Skin

Last updated on August 26th, 2023 at 01:44 am

Some of us have rough skin, while on the other hand, some have soft and silky skin. There are also people with oily skin. We always consider celebrities to be people in a different realm.

However, these celebrities have often publicly shared that they are more or less the same as most of the audience and suffer from skin problems such as pores.

Through extensive research, we have made a list of celebrities who have openly shared their skin problems with the audience to help them embrace themselves.

What are Pores?

Pores are a type of hole that is naturally present in your skin. The pores can be of many types and sizes: large, small, clogged, clear, and many more. Every individual has different types of pores.

There are many videos and articles on the internet on how an individual can get rid of pores, but scientifically, there are no possible ways to get rid of the pores. But there are some ways to reduce their appearance on the skin.

Times Celebrities Showed Large Pores on Their Real Skin 

10) Andi Eigenmann 

Name :Andi Eigenmann 
Age :33  years
Profession :Actress , Model 
Popularity :Angela Markado , The Maid in London and Agua bendita . 

Andi Eigenmann is a Philippine actor born on June 25, 1990, married, and has two kids. The Philippine fantasy television series Wansapanataym was where she first appeared on our screens.

She later revealed through her Instagram that she uses sunblock. Still, sometimes I have a ton of freckles, my face randomly gets red, pores aren’t invisible, and random blemishes that pop out here and there,” reports Cosmopolitan.

9) Bianca Gonzalez

Name :Bianca Gonzalez 
Age :40  years
Profession :Actress , Model, Presenter 
Popularity :Di puwedeng hindi puwede! , Oh, My Girl!: A Laugh Story and Astig  

She first made her career debut on a Philippine network channel named ABS-CBN, shown on Review Night; after that, she hosted many shows, and after the year 2009, she appeared in three movies.

During the lockdown, Bianca Gonzalez posted the above picture on her official Instagram without any filters, makeup, or lightning and photoshopping, with the caption, “It is difficult to feel confident when you get breakouts, but it does happen to many of us. You are not alone. #normalizeacne “

8) Gwyneth Paltrow

Name :Gwyneth Paltrow 
Age :50 years
Profession :Actress , Producer, Business Women
Popularity :Iron Man, Shallow Hal, Proof 

Gwyneth Paltrow is an American actress. She debuted in a 1991 film named Shout, where she played Rebecca. Subsequently, she appeared in many successful movies and played the lead role in some movies. She gained huge popularity after playing the Pepper Potts role in an MCU movie, Iron Man, in 2008.

According to an article by DAILY MAIL, Dr. Aamer Khan, a cosmetic dermatologist, said Gwyneth Paltrow has enlarged pores on her forehead, nose, and chin areas due to a rosacea condition.

7) Emma Stone

Name :Emma Jean Stone
Age :34 years
Profession :Actress
Popularity :The Amazing Spider Man, The Help

Emma Stone is a very famous Hollywood American actress. She made her first debut on television with VH1, a talent competition reality show. After her breakthrough, she signed up for many films and played a lead actor. Later on, she played the iconic Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2, which helped her gain more popularity.

According to an article from Marie Claire, she struggles a lot with her skin, although her skin is now crystal clear. When she was 17, she suffered from hormonal acne.

6) Olivia Culpo

Name :Olivia Frances Culpo
Age :31 years
Profession :Actress, Model
Popularity :Miss USA 2012, Miss Universe 2012  

 Olivia Culpo was born on May 8, 1992. At the beginning of her career, she participated in and won the Miss Rhode Island USA competition; after that, she participated in many competitions.

She made her debut in the film industry in 2014 with the film The Other Women; in total, she appeared in six movies. She also appeared in many television shows and appeared in two music videos.

5) Janina Vela 

Name :Janina Vela 
Age :24 years
Profession :Youtuber, Social Media Influencer
Popularity :Beauty Tutorials, Makeup Videos

Janina Vela is a famous YouTuber who posts vlogs and beauty tutorial videos. She has three brothers. She has over 700,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, which she started in recent years.

Janina Vela posted a picture on her Instagram with the caption, “Just some honest texture. My skin has always been an insecurity for me.”

4) Cameron Diaz 

Name :Cameron Diaz   
Age :50 years
Profession :Author , Actress , Entrepreneur 
Popularity :Being John Malkovich, The Mask

Cameron Diaz is an American actress. She made her debut in the comedy film ‘The Mask.’ Later, she signed more films in different genres. She gained more popularity and fame after being cast in the comedy movie There’s Something About Mary “. She has also written two books, i.e., The Body Book and Longevity.

According to an article posted by Steeljawlinegum, they mentioned Cameron Diaz is one of the ten celebrities with large open pores. Still, we need to find solid evidence, a statement, or a picture to prove she has large open pores.

3) Jasmine Tookes 

Name :Jasmine Tookes  
Age :32 years
Profession :Fashion model, Youtuber 
Popularity :Victoria’s Secret Model 

Jasmine Tookes first appeared in commercial ad campaigns for UGG Australia and GAP. She was one of 11 models for Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

Many sites claimed that Jasmine Tookes is one of the celebrities with open pores on their skin, but after research, we didn’t find perfect proof of her skin having open pores; in pictures, as we can see, she has very smooth skin.

2) Devon Windsor  

Name :Devon Windsor 
Age :29 years
Profession :Actor, Model
Popularity :Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Devon Windsor is a famous model. Fashion photographer Suzy Gorman discovered her in St. Louis when she was just 14 years old. She first participated in fashion week for the Spring/Summer 2014 shows, but her career rose when she walked for PRADA. She also appeared in one film in 2017 named Brawl in Cell Block 99″ in the role of Jill.

As per the article by Steeljawlinegum, her skin has large open pores, but according to our research, she struggles with skin problems like acne, but there is no evidence of her skin having large pores.

1) Meghan Markle 

Name :Meghan Markle 
Age :41 years
Profession :Actor, Producer, Author
Popularity :Suits, Random Encounters

Meghan Markle first made a cameo and appeared on screen in the daytime soap opera General Hospital episode. Later, she appeared on many television shows and movies but mainly received more fame after her role as Rachel Zane in the Suits series.

As many articles say, she has large pores on her skin, but our research shows no proper evidence. It is said that she has very oily pores and she struggles with acne, but there is no solid evidence.


We all have very different skin types, which makes us human. Having large pores on the skin is common; however, in some cases, the pores cause the skin to become oily, which individuals do not like.

There are some ways to reduce their appearance. Ultimately, we should stay happy with our skin and accept ourselves.

Do small things with great love.

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