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Kengan Omega: Round 6 Revealed another Hefty Worm Member from Purgatory

Last updated on November 29th, 2021 at 10:48 pm

Kengan Omega Chapter 89 have revealed another powerful member of the Worm during Round 6. After Naidan, this time Lu Tian, the centipede, is the one from the Worm who has infiltrated the Purgatory. But the unexpected moment came when Tian revealed that he was also the student of Tokita Niko during the fight with the Fifth Fang of Metsudo. So, what does that mean, and how is it connected to Kanoh Agito?

In the Kengan Omega series, this is the first time that we heard the name of Tokita Niko. The four keywords of the story, the Worm, Tokita Niko, Gaoh Mukaku, and the Gu ritual, are all connected with each other. Remember, in the Kengan Ashura series, Agito confessed that he also knows the Niko Style, but his style is different from Ohma’s Niko Style. It means, in adolescence, he also met Niko and learned the Niko Technique.

Kengan Omega Chapter 89
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Remember, in the past, only the students of Goah Mukaku knew the basics of the Niko Style. After that, they all dispersed and enlightened this style to the future generation. Every student of Gaoh Mukaku shared the same name, i.e., Tokita Niko. Therefore, there might be the possibility that both Agito and Tian had the same Tokita Niko who taught them the Niko Style.

Connection with Kengan Ashura-

Kengan Ashura had shown a glimpse of Agito’s past. He met Katahara Metsudo during the Gu Ritual, and after that, he has been fighting for the Kengan Association. The series hasn’t unveiled how Agito ended up in the Gaoh Ritual.

Recently the conversation between Agito Kanoh and Lu Tian displayed that they know each other. Also, at the end of Kengan Omega Chapter 89, Tian categorized Agito as a prototype. He showed himself the true student of Tokita Niko, who inherited everything from him. This advance towards the theory that Agito was also the student of Tokita Niko, and he had to perform the Gu Ritual forcefully. Maybe their teacher was evil Tokita Niko (the antagonist of the series), that is why Lu Tian ended up in the Worm.

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