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My Hero Academia: Fair from April 2 to May 9, 2021 in Animate Shop Nationwide

This year Animate has brought satisfying news for the fans of the My Hero Academia series. Animate is going to hold the ‘UA HERO DISPATCH’ fair from April 2 to May 9, 2021, in Animate Stores nationwide to commemorate the fifth season of My Hero Academia.

As season five of the series is just around the corner, Animate has made it possible for the fans to get their hands on official and exclusive My Hero Academia Season five goodies. Fans in Japan can also be available for this opportunity through Animate mail order.

My Hero Academia Fair
Source: @Atsushi101X

That’s not the end; at the fair, fans have a fair chance to get the Animate limited products and newly drawn illustrations of the series. Also, every purchase made at the fair comes coupled with a random bonus card; there are a total of seven different cards to collect.

The official website of My Hero Academia has also released sample images of the bonus card, so the fans can have a sneak peek for the upcoming fair. Aside from these, Animate Stores started taking reservations for goods from January 21 onwards.

My Hero Academia Fair
Source: heroaca.com

My Hero Academia is a manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. And follows the story of a boy named Midoriya Izuku who dreams of becoming a Hero, yet he is born without superpowers called Quirks in a world full of people with superpowers.


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