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One Piece Volume 98 SBS: Sanji’s Synopsis in Advanced Ages

One Piece volume 98 SBS has revealed the potential looks of Sanji at the age of 40 and 60 with two different theories. Sanji is just 21 years old right now, after the time skip. Back when he was introduced as the 5th member of the straw hats crew, he was just 19. It is clearly evident that he has grown way stronger both as a pirate and as a cook.

The volume 98 SBS has delivered some potential looks of Sanji with the transformation he might gain as he reaches the age of 40 and 60. SBS is a special column featured in the One Piece volumes since volume 4. It is generally formatted as a straightforward question-and-answer column, with Eiichiro Oda replying to fan letters on a wide variety of subjects.

Sanji advanced age synopsis one piece 98 sbs
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These are the illustrations from the Volume 98 SBS featuring two different theories of Sanji’s looks after 20 and 40 years from now. The theory on the top is a serious take on the topic, which shows a lightly bearded Sanji by the age of 40. The right side follows the same track and shows him with a chef’s hat at the age of 60, given that everything goes all right, which looks like Zeff, his mentor and adoptive father.

The second theory, below the line, is a comical take on the topic, which features a fat and ugly Sanji by the age of 40. The progression shows a muscular and fierce-looking structure by the age of 60, which looks completely similar to Judge, Sanji’s father.

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