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Overtake Ep 5 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(The Final Race)

Finally, we see Madoka’s past and what changed his view of a photographer. Overtake Ep 5 is now even more hyped after all the incidents from the previous episode. The episode starts with Haruka visiting his family’s grave. 

We also see the commercial Haruka shot, which became a huge hit. But Haruka seems annoyed that Madoka took his photo without his knowledge. Then, we also get to see a few more comedic interactions with the main cast. 

After that, we learn that Alice, who works for Belsorisso, was Haruka and Kotarou’s childhood friend. Just while they are talking, they are greeted by Satsuki. Satsuki says that he was surprised Haruka appeared in a commercial before him.

Haruka keeps getting popular as he is involved in more photoshoots now. However, Madoka hesitates to take his pictures, says these photos aren’t good now, and runs away. Yukihira Saeko then later talks with Haruka about Madoka. 

Madoka was initially a photojournalist but changed his persona after an earthquake 12 years ago. There, he took a photo of a girl who a Tsunami swallowed. He received a lot of hate and backlash for it and never took photos of people after that. 

But Madoka slowly started changing after he met Haruka. In the same episode, we also see Haruka’s past. We see the incidents of the day when his dad died in a crash accident. Haruka explains all of this to Madoka near his father’s grave. 

Haruka also says that Madoka will take his photo after he stands in the winner’s podium. 

Overtake Ep 5 Spoilers & Predictions

Overtake Ep 5 Spoilers & Predictions

This episode gave us more insight into what kind of a person Haruka is. We also learned a lot about Madoka and why he changed completely. On top of this, he is also trying very hard to bring sponsors to Komaki Motors. 

Thanks to his photos, Haruka had been featured in some commercials, which were also a huge hit. But, the best part is yet to appear, and there is another continuation and a final race for the competition in which Haruka joined before. 

In the first race, Haruka had placed 4th and crossed Tokumaru after the latter made a big mistake. Tokumaru would get a lot of criticism for his racing style in the first race. Due to him, they couldn’t secure the 2nd position for Belsorisso motors. 

He also seemed to hate Haruka more now since Haruka ranked a position higher than him in this race. Tokumaru will become an even more aggressive driver in this next race to prove his worth. 

We can expect him to try again for the top position in the final race. But this also looks bad for Tokumaru if he fails in the next match. Haruka would also not back down without a fight, and we can expect a good clash between him and Tokumaru in the upcoming episodes. 

Overtake Ep 5 Release Date

Overtake Ep 5 Release Date

Overtake Ep 5 will be released in exactly four more days, on October 29th. The release time for the episode is 6:30 PM IST, but you need to wait for some hours to get updated on all of the official and unofficial streaming services. 

The anime series is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and the official Ani-One Asia YouTube channel. You will likely need a Paid VPN to access this series at your location. 

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