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Top 15 Strongest Apostles in Berserk (Based on Manga)

Berserk is a very famous manga known for its dark fantasy. The manga takes place in medieval Europe and focuses on the protagonist, “Guts,” who seeks revenge on the main antagonist, “Griffith,” who betrayed his group. At the same time, the world is filled with horrifying creatures who want to kill humans.

The terrifying beings mentioned are apostles. Every apostle was once human until they wanted to become demons to become powerful. The humans turned themselves into apostles, using a benefit to summon God’s hand and sacrifice their most loved thing. In this listicle, we will look at the 15 strongest apostles in Berserk, and the ranking will be based on manga.

15 Strongest Apostles in Berserk 

15) Unidentified Female Apostle

Unidentified Female Apostle

The above picture shows the apostle, the first to be killed in the Berserk series. Her actual name is still unknown. In her human form, she was always naked and had long blonde hair. In her apostle form, she became green-skinned while growing twice the size of the main character, Guts.

We see her speaking only once at the start of the manga; she is also very arrogant. She used to lure men to sleep with her, so she would kill them while they were unconscious.

14) Unidentified Roaming Apostle

Unidentified Roaming Apostle

The apostle in the picture was the first apostle slain by guts, but he escaped the eclipse. In his human form, he looked like a short, bald man with small eyes and misshapen teeth. His clothes were covered in mud. In his apostle form, he appears to be a giant with the chin of a short-snouted canine’s head and a mouth full of tusks and uneven teeth.

In the manga, he has no personality; he is the first opponent Guts faces and is concerned with eating him as a sacrifice. Manga has yet to explain much about him.

13) Borkoff


Borkoff is an apostle with an armor hide and an impressive set of jaws. He was responsible for a big event; he took off Guts’ left arm below the elbow during the eclipse. He first appeared in the Golden Age arc, and then we saw him in the Millennium Falcon arc.

Borkoff appears like a giant salamander with six legs, covering his body in thick, dark scales. In his humanoid form, he carries a lance and a shield.

12) Egg of the Perfect World

Egg Of The Perfect World

Egg of the Perfect World became an apostle because he was an outcast. As a human, he had a sad backstory. He was an outcast who lived on the fringes of society; he didn’t want to live in sight, so he used to live in the underground tunnel.

Later, after becoming an apostle, he believed in the path of faith. He believed in those shoes with great passion. He was a warm-hearted person, and hence, he didn’t want to kill anyone.

11) Mozgus


Mozgus is the main antagonist of the Conviction Arc; he is the most feared and famous Holy See inquisitor. He owns a group of personal torturers. His symbol is four broken wheels.

The Egg of the Perfect World turns him into a pseudo-apostle. When he becomes an apostle, he transforms into the idol he believes in, making him big with white wings. He can even turn into human form when he wants. His whole body gets covered with tough feathers in apostle form, giving him outer armor.

10) Snake Lord

Snake Lord

The Snake Lord, aka Snake Baron, was the Apostle ruler of Koka. We have seen him living in the castle of Koka. He was genuinely evil; he used to order the town mayor to give him gold and human cattle as food in exchange for not hurting the town residents and the mayor.

The mayor was truly scared of the snake lord, so he had to fulfill his following demands: Eventually, guts faced him, fought him, defeated him, and left him on the verge of death.

09) Wyald


Wyald was indeed a bloodthirsty criminal. He was an apostle and the leader of the Black Dog Knights, who were involved in crimes like murder and rape. They used to work for the Kingdom of Midland.

When Wyald was human, things were still abnormal about his features, and after turning into an apostle, he possessed ape-like features and abnormal fighting abilities. Throughout the series, we have seen his carefree and blood-lusting personality.

08) The Count

The Count

The Count was an extremely cruel apostle. He used to kill heretics and their families; he was a gluttonous apostle who could not fulfill his hunger before the eclipse. When Count faced Guts, he enjoyed taunting Guts during the fight but panicked and lost when it became clear Guts had won.

After losing, he tried to sacrifice his daughter Theresia in exchange for a new life but was unsuccessful and got dragged into the Vortex of Soul. He died in a fight with the Black Swordsman.

07) Rosine


Rosine is a female apostle and the main antagonist in the Conviction Arc. As a human, she had a tomboy personality; she spent her time exploring the forest and catching small animals.

As per the manga, Jill thinks Rosine wanted to become an elf because she liked the story from her village of a child named Peekaf who ran from the village because he looked like an elf and was frustrated because he had no clue who his parents were.

After becoming an apostle, she looked like a giant female Luna moth and called herself “the queen of the elves.” She terrorized the people of Misty Valley, as she and her gang would eat animals and villagers and kidnap children.

06) Irvine


Irvine is an apostle who serves with Zodd. He is the archery captain of his band, “Band of the Falcon.” Irvine is an introvert; he is very efficient in battles but shows little concern for matters in Band of the Falcon.

He likes spending time alone by hunting wildlife and camping in the woods while playing the lute and sitting near the campfire. He is an apostle but very kind, gentle, and caring towards others.

05) Rakshas


Before becoming an apostle, Rakshas was a mysterious figure who originated from the Kushan Clan of the Bakiraka. Later in the story, after he became an apostle, he became the commander of the demon search and destroy squad of Griffith’s Band of the Falcon.

He is a very intellectual demon; he knows almost everything about the war between the Kushans and the Kingdom of Midland. He is also mighty; he has abilities like shape-shifting, enhanced agility, and exceptional stealth.

04) Locus


Locus, also known as Moon Knight, is a captain of the army’s lancers in the Band of the Falcon. He has a stoic personality; he is a very focused apostle. He is known for his wisdom and sense of honor, making him unique among all the other apostles.

Before working under Griffith, he was a great warrior and a living legend. He was known as the Moon Knight, the Mightiest of All Knights. He was undefeated, and he never served one master. Since becoming an apostle, he has sworn loyalty to Griffith and dedicated himself.

03) Grunbeld


Grunbeld, also referred to as the Great Flame Dragon, is the third-strongest apostle. He is the leader of the Band of the Falcon Giants. He is honorable; being a severe man, he doesn’t like fooling around and hates jokes. It is sporadic for an apostle to be disciplined like Grunbeld. He is a man of pride.

After getting defeated by Guts, he congratulated Guts for winning the battle and gave his word to Guts, saying that from now on, he would carry on duty to defeat Guts as an honorable apostle.

02) Zodd


Zodd is a mighty apostle and warrior. He has killed thousands of warriors during battle just with his strength. Unlike other apostles, he doesn’t eat human flesh. He is not a bad apostle, as he doesn’t like killing weaklings. Though he doesn’t enjoy battling against weakness, he possesses thrust for battles.

He is known for his rivalry with Skull Knight in the manga. He serves Griffith as one of the strongest and most trusted warriors of the White Falcons. After years of being underground, he returns to the battlefield to continue his slaughter.

01) Ganishka


Ganishka is one of the most potent and famous apostles. His goal was to extend his territory to every corner of the world. He had a tough childhood dealing with Kushan royalty. He learned about war and finally concluded that the only way to win was to scare people.

The obsession with taking control of the whole world dragged him down the wrong path, resulting in him hurting his family. When Ganishka met Guts, he was very impressed by his survival abilities and courage. Unlike other apostles, Ganishka refused to submit himself to God’s hand.


In the article, I have covered the 15 strongest apostles out of all the apostles in Berserk. Each apostle possesses a different ability and power and is powerful enough to hurt humans. Even though there are many more apostles in the manga, I have covered the strongest according to their feats shown in the manga.

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