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The Dark Triad Arc Commences At Last in Black Clover Episode 158

Last updated on January 24th, 2021 at 03:30 am

Black Clover reached the end of its training and character development arc with episode 157. The next episode will formally introduce the Dark Triad in the Spade kingdom. We will be given a glimpse of their power and authority in episode 158. On the previous note, Episode 157 showed some awesome development in today’s episode, as Asta has finally reached the level to fight Gaja at full power. As updated by Loropechka, everyone who came to train in the Heart Kingdom has grown considerably. Along with that, we also saw the other magic knights training at their best.

Black clover spade kingdom arc news
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Black Clover Upcoming Spade Kingdom Arc Spoilers-

The next episode will display the real terror of the three people who singlehandedly defeated a whole country, overthrew the reigning royals, and established their own monarchy. This will make us compare the power level reached by our young friends in the Arcane stage to the Dark Triad they are going up against soon. As the Heart and the Clover kingdom have just reached the ending of their preparation for the joint attack, the two most unbelievable cases will occur.

First, a Spade kingdom rebellion will run away to the Clover kingdom and reach the Hage village. There he will ask for Yuno’s presence and reveal that Yuno is actually the prince of the Spade kingdom. Second, at the time Yuno reaches the village, the Dark Triad will attack the Heart and Clover Kingdom and kidnap Yami, Vengeance, and Loropechka.

Black clover spade kingdom arc news
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Black Clover Episode 158 is titled ‘The Beginning of Hope and Despair,’ it is scheduled to release next to next week, on January 5, 2021. The week gap is being taken by the production for the preparation for the upcoming arc. The next episode will spell the beginning of the next arc by the introduction of the Dark Triad and their oppression of the people of the Spade kingdom.

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