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What is the truth behind the K-pop stars HyunA and Junhyung dating rumors?

South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, and model HyunA shared a post on Instagram that went viral and caught headlines about her dating Junhyung.

Junhyung is a former member of Highlight, a K-pop band, and is currently active as a singer-songwriter, record producer, rapper, and actor. HyunA posted a picture of her holding the hand of Junhyung and walking along a beach, which started the speculation of their dating.

HyunA uploaded that picture on Instagram with an amorously affectionate caption on January 18th, 2024. Later that day, Junhyung also ended up sharing the same photo on the site.

HyunA previously had almost a six-year relationship with Dawn, a rapper and singer-songwriter, before choosing to go separate ways in 2022. They were one of the most well-known couples in the Korean entertainment industry.

But the news didn’t receive positive responses from the fans; instead, they seemed disappointed. Their dismay stemmed from Junhyung’s involvement in the Burning Sun controversy. It was a 2019 sex and entertainment scandal concerning many K-pop idols and police officers.

Despite their dating rumors, both artists’ agencies came forward to clear the air. HyunA’s company remarked, We are involved with our artist’s personal life. On the other hand, Junhyung’s agency acknowledged the rumor by saying, Because it’s a personal matter, it’s difficult for us to confirm.

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