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Akaza vs Doma: Is Akaza stronger than Doma in Demon Slayer?

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Koyoharu Gotoge’s Demon Slayer, a.k.a Kimetsu no Yaiba, is an anime that has managed to enthrall nearly all the anime fans in the world. A common question that keeps coming up is, “Is Akaza stronger than Doma in Demon Slayer?”

The answer to this question is: Doma is far stronger than AkazaAkaza, who has lived almost for 133 yearsis extremely good in hand-to-hand combats and close-range attacksHowever, he can be easily overwhelmed by Doma’s Blood Demon Art, Cryokinesis. Previously, a spar between the two has relegated the former to Upper Moon Three. 

This fight has pushed Akaza to hone his skills further. However, it would be difficult to comprehend that he could win against Doma.

Therefore, in this article, we will address one of the most asked questions, “Is Akaza stronger than Doma in Demon Slayer?” and derive a comparison between them based on several parameters.

Is Akaza Stronger than Doma?

No, Akaza is not stronger than DomaThough Akaza is an extremely strong demon, with a powerful Blood Demon Art and heightened close combat abilities, his skills might fall short in front of The Upper Moon Two.

Akaza in Demon Slayer

Doma excels in long and short-range combats, and his apathetic behavior makes him a ruthless battle machine.

His Blood Demon Art, Cryokinesis, is one of his major winning factors against Akaza. Also, Doma consumes a lot of women, which Akaza completely refrains from. These factors couple up to make Doma the stronger demon.

How Strong is Akaza?

Akaza is the Upper Moon Threewho has lived for nearly 133 plus years. His set of skills and the number of humans he has consumed make him the fourth-strongest demon in the entire series.

He has killed multiple Hashiras in the past, including the late Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku.

Akaza excels in close hand-to-hand combats and possesses a deadly Blood Demon Art, Destructive Death. He has been training for nearly a decade and has evolved to prevent anyone from beheading him.


Rengoku slicing Akaza's neck

  • 1) Physical strength and Martial Art Skills-

As a member of the Upper Moon, Akaza is extremely strong. As a human, he mastered the Souru style, which made him capable of defeating 47 men with bare fists.

Being a demon, he spent nearly a decade training himself. He has massacred multiple Hashiras and countless demon slayers, including Kyojuro Rengoku.

During the Infinity Castle arc, we get to see his hand-to-hand combat skills, which easily overwhelms Giyu and Tanjiro. Had he not lost the will to fight, the results would be much against the fatigued demon slayer duo.

  • 2) Immense durability-

Like a demon with a high amount of Muzan’s blood, Akaza possesses a highly durable body.

During the fight with Rengoku, despite several slashes on his body, Akaza was completely harmless. His neck was the toughest of all parts to cut, and Rengoku had managed to slice a very small portion of it.

  • 3) Extrasensory perceptions-

Akaza’s sensory abilities are completely on a different dimension. His Compass Needle technique is primarily based on this.

He can sense the aura of a human or even a demon and determine their fighting capabilities. Akaza’s sharp skills kept Giyu engaged even after getting beheaded.

Akaza possesses a unique skill that he calls “Fighting Spirit.” One can sense the intensity of a person’s will to fight with it.

This skill provides him with many intricate details about his enemy, using which he can analyze and predict his opponent’s moves.

  • 4) High regeneration speed-

Akaza’s regeneration speed is immensely high. He can easily heal deep wounds and can even regrow a completely slashed limb without ease.

During the fight with Tanjoro and Giyu, Akaza managed to regrow his head, something only Muzan is said to have accomplished after a lot of effort.

Akaza is also among the few demons that can control their regeneration speed. He can accelerate or decelerate it depending upon the situation.

  • 5) Sheer Willpower-

Akaza houses the undaunted spirit and immense willpower. As a mere child of 11, he could take severe beatings that even exceeded 100, which could easily make a grown man go numb.

He even stated that he could bear those without a word just for the sake of his father. Even as a superior demon, he refuses to set his foot back in battle.

Even after getting beheaded by Giyu and Tanjiro, he regrew his head, showing his will to keep the fight on.

  • 6) Blood Demon Art-

Akaza’s Blood Demon Art, Destructive Death, clearly reflects his martial art skills. It uses shockwaves-like attacks combined with Soryu Style, which he had mastered as a human.

These shockwaves take on multiple forms and keep the opponent up without a continuous influx of attacks. Akaza generally combines these with his own punches and kicks, thus adding up further to its destructive capabilities.

His Blood Demon Art, coupled with his immense speed and multiple other abilities, becomes a deadly asset that might worry even the skilled demon slayers.

How Strong is Doma?

Doma in Demon Slayer

Doma is the Upper Moon Two, and like Akaza, has lived for 133+ years and consumed countless humans, making him the third strongest demon in existence.

He has slewed many Hashira’s in the past, notably the Flower Hashira Kanae Kocho, and easily overwhelmed the Insect Hashira, Shinobu.

Even the combined efforts of Inosuke and Kanao, who were on the same level as a Hashira, were futile before him. He was previously the Upper Moon Six but quickly snatched away the position of the Upper Rank Two from Akaza.


  • 1) Apathetic nature-

Doma was naturally apathetic, i.e., he was unable to perceive any human emotion. Even as a demon, he followed a very casual approach.

His face has an emotionless, carefree, and friendly façade. He rarely gets serious in any fight and always does things casually.

This nature of his makes it worse, as the opponent is unable to guess his move by a mere look at his emotions. He can easily analyze and develop effective tactics without getting swayed by emotions.

  • 2) Extrasensory Perception-

Doma possesses superhuman perceptions. He can detect attacks even by not looking, thereby completely nullifying sneak attacks.

He can easily tell the abilities of someone, even my staying far from them.

  • 3) High Durability-

As a demon whose veins run a large amount of Muzan’s blood, Doma possesses a highly durable body.

Even after getting blitzed by Kanao’s poison, his neck could not be slashed easily.

Even after ingesting nearly 37 kg worth of poison by Shinobu, which is nearly a couple of hundred times more lethal than an average demon, it took a lot of time to get adversely affected by it.

  • 4) High speed and reflexes-

Doma’s casual movements are beyond the perception of the human eye as if he’s simply teleporting.

He managed to fatally would Shinobu in a fraction of a second that it took a couple of minutes for the highly trained Hashira to register that she had been wounded.

His reflexes were too immensely heightened. Doma even claimed that he could easily evade Akaza’s close-range attacks, a seemingly impossible task to accomplish.

  • 5) Reactive Adaptation-

Shinobu Kocho’s poison which is lethal to any demon, was rendered completely harmless by Doma.

He was quickly able to develop its antidote without much trouble. It took an immense amount of poison to weaken him, which was nearly 700 times more lethal than an average demon.

Akaza vs Doma| Who will win

Cryokinesis- Doma's Blood Demon Art

  • 1) Based on speed-

Judged on the basis of their speed, both of the demons move by speeds far beyond the human eye to comprehend.

However, Doma’s speed is a bit on the higher side than Akaza’s. His casual movements are so fast that he appears to be teleporting.

  • 2) Based on strength-

Akaza, as a human, had mastered the Souru Style martial arts and could annihilate 47 men with the use of bare fists.

Even as a Demon, he has retained his strength which got further heightened. So based on physical strength, Akaza is the winner.

  • 3) Based on Blood Demon Art-

Akaza’s Blood Demon Art is Destructive Death, while that of Doma is Cryokinesis. Destructive Death is based on Akaza’s Souru Style, which is immensely powerful in close-range combat. Here, Domas Cryokinesis gets the upper hand.

Cryokinesis is one of the most dangerous demon arts, capable of producing ice clones and frost from his flesh and blood. He can use them to produce an innumerable number of clones with the same capabilities as Doma himself.

  • 4) Based on Will Power-

Among Doma and Akaza, the latter possesses greater willpower. His undaunted spirit allowed him to regrow his head even after getting beheaded by Tanjiro.

Even as a human, he would endure countless beatings just to heal his sick father. Doma, despite his sheer willpower, falls short before Akaza.

  • 5) Based on reflexes-

As both of them were among the strongest demons, both Doma and Akaza possessed some heightened reflexes.

But between them, Akaza steals the show. The immense reflexes Akaza has shown during his fight with Rengoku and Giyu, two of the fastest demon slayers, are really commendable, thus making him the clear winner.

  • 6) Based on durability-

Akaza’s body is more durable than Doma’s. As a human, he had endured such severe beatings that could easily make a grown man numb.

He has undergone such intense training that he evolved into a demon with an extremely tough neck. Even Rengoku, despite using all his strength, could cut only a small part of it.

  • 7) Based on abilities and techniques-

Demon’s bodies are primarily shielded from physical damage as they can easily heal a wound or even regrow arms and legs.

What makes them strong is their set of abilities, which makes Doma the winner. Doma has flaunted his exceptional abilities like poison resistance, which could easily make the Upper Rank three go numb.

  • 8) Based on the previous fight-

Akaza and Doma have had a face-off long before. Doma, who was the Upper-Rank Six, easily defeated Akaza, who was then the Upper-Rank Two, thereby taking his position, pushing him a level down.

Hope we have cleared all ambiguities regarding, “Is Akaza stronger than Domain Demon Slayer?” Therefore, in a fight between Doma and Akaza, clearly, Doma would emerge victoriously. Akaza, despite having undergone intense training after his fight with Doma, falls short in front of Doma’s Cryokinesis.

Where to read and watch Demon Slayer?

With the current season nearing its end, Demon Slayer anime can be viewed on several platforms like Netflix and Funimation. The manga version is available on its official website or several other websites on the internet.

Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist, wakes up one day to find his family slaughtered by a demon. He discovers that his sister has also been transformed into one to his horror.

To return her to human form, he joins the Demon Slayer Corps, whose mission is to exterminate all demons on the planet. The Demons, who serve to be the primary antagonists, follow a strict hierarchy, where the strongest ones have been labeled as the Upper Moon.

Here, we conclude the answer on, “Is Akaza stronger than Doma in Demon Slayer,” along with vs. battle. We hope you like it. We will be back with another post. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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