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Dragon Ball: All Vegeta Transformations Ranked (Weakest to Strongest) 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:28 am

Prince Vegeta (Saiyans) is one of the most adored characters in all anime/manga kingdoms, let alone Dragon Ball Z. He is the son of King Vegeta and belongs to the lineage of the legendary Vegeta Jr.

With the release of the new chapters of Dragon Ball, Vegeta has received the most incredible power-up he has ever received, which we shall discuss later in the article. 

In this article, we will be talking about Vegeta’s all forms exclusively, not including the Goku and Vegeta fusion/merged transformations (Vegito, Veku, Gogeta, Vegito SSJ Blue, Gogeta SSJ Blue, etc.), and will be covering these forms in another article.

So without further ado, let’s get on with all Vegeta transformations ranked (weakest to strongest).

10) Great Ape / Great Ape Baby Vegeta (OOZARU)


The Great Ape was shown differently in the Canon Timeline and GT. Despite that, both were badass and equally strong. Oozaru emerges when Saiyans, who has a tail, come under the moon, multiplying their powers tenfold.

In GT, when Baby possessed Vegeta and was about to lose to Goku in Super Saiyan 4, he transformed into a huge Golden Great Ape maddened with rage and capable of mass destruction. Baby Vegeta transformed because of the Blutz Wave Generator created by Bulma.

In the canon anime, Vegeta creatively transformed himself into using his own Powerball. His outfit is designed specially to expand and contract in Oozaru and human form. Vegeta’s Oozaru, although powerful, isn’t very fast or intelligent.

The Great Ape’s massive form makes him easy to spot and attack, making him weaker than all his other forms and putting him in tenth place on this list of all Vegeta transformations.

9) Super Saiyan (SSJ)

Vegeta in Super Saiyan (SSJ)

Vegeta’s Super Saiyan was triggered by letting go of his inhibitions and shown to turn his hair blonde and give him a sharp aura. During his super intense training arc, whilst trying to protect his ship from meteors, Vegeta lets go of everything, including the fact that he is a Saiyan and his thirst for power for being better than Goku. 

That’s when something inside him snapped, and he transformed into Super Saiyan. SSJ form makes Vegeta more rageful and aggressive as compared to his usual self.

8) Super Vegeta

Super Vegeta

Super Vegeta is Vegeta’s grade two SSJ transformation. In this form, all of his stats receive a boost, and his muscle mass increases, making his attacks more powerful. However, this grade two’s disadvantage is that it is too slow., putting him in eighth place on this list.

8) Majin Vegeta

Majin Vegeta

Babidi used magic to turn Vegeta into Majin Vegeta or Demon Prince. Babidi uses dark magic so that the evil inside Vegeta’s heart takes control of him and gives him an intense power boost, increasing his bloodlust.

Majin Vegeta gets a Majin seal on his forehead along with more veins on his face symbolizing his rage and bloodlust. The Magic Babidi used to control Vegeta allowed him to have replenishable stamina and health, making him that much more powerful and putting him in eighth place on this list.

7) Super Saiyan 2 (SSJ2)

Vegeat SSJ 2 Prince of Rage

Super Saiyan 2 (SSJ2) was revealed in the Perfect Cell Saga. SSJ2 grants Saiyans much more dense muscle mass than SSJ, and all stats like speed, strength, and agility become free from exerting any kind of toll on his body. Along with much longer, sharper blonde hair, this transformation makes his Aura sharp and gives. Vegeta uses this form to battle Cell and loss. 

In his fight with Beerus, however, Vegeta transformed into the Prince of Rage (because Beerus hurt Bulma), where he was able to land blows on the God of Destruction, which is a feat on its own. For this reason, he is in seventh place on this list.

6) Baby Vegeta (GT) 

Baby Vegeta

Baby Vegeta became so after he was corrupted by the alien Baby. The alien Baby fused with Vegeta to create his Tuffleized Super Saiyan. 

In Tuffleized Super Saiyan form Vegeta’s hair and eyebrows turn silver white, and red lines appear across his face. As he is a Tuffle-Saiyan Hybrid, he has great power.

Baby Vegeta, after absorbing all the energies around the world, transforms into the then Strongest creature in the universe, which Goku confirms to be true. His final form was able to land blows on Goku SSJ 4. Baby lost in the end, however, leaving Vegeta’s body and annihilated by Goku’s energy attack. Nevertheless, he is in sixth place on our list.

5) Super Saiyan 4 (GT)

Vegeta SSJ 4 (GT)

After Vegeta gets his tail back using Blutz Wave Generator created by Bulma, he transforms into Super Saiyan 4 in a Sink or Swim situation. Goku was thrilled to see this transformation and commented how Vegeta amazed him. 

Vegeta’s SSJ4 had Red fur on his body except for his chest, along with purple gloves and spikey dark brown hair. This form has its own shortcoming, which is the limitation of its use (10 minutes) and his ability to transform again (not at will but artificially). Despite this, his level of strength lands him in fifth place on our list.

4) Super Saiyan God (Red)

Vegeta Super Saiyan God

Vegeta unlocks this transformation using the Six Pure Saiyan Ritual. He transforms for the first time against Broly, and it is a treat to watch the two legends fight. Vegeta can easily switch between Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan blue according to his convenience. 

The Super Saiyan God form is used by Vegeta mostly to travel and not to fight. This form has Red Hair with a hot glowing aura of a God and divine power, putting it in fourth place in our list for All Vegeta Transformations.

3) Super Saiyan Blue

Vegeta Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan

Vegeta perfected this form in the pre-Tournament of Power arc. This form was used by Vegeta multiple times to fight against god-tier opponents like Black Goku, Jiren, Topo, Frieza, and Broly. In this form, he is Super Saiyan after going Super Saiyan God, which gives his dive power a super Saiyan boost and allows him to fight like a true champion. 

Against Topo (who had the raw power of God of Destruction), Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan Blue) emerged victorious, showcasing Vegeta’s Power being enhanced by emotions of Pride and Rage. This form is undoubtedly gained much respect and fan following, putting it in third place on our list.

2) Super Saiyan Blue Evolved (Shinka)

Vegeta Super Saiyan God Blue Shinka

Super Saiyan Blue Shinka is obtained by Vegeta when he unlocks his true potential. Angry and Prideful about Goku breaking his limits again, Vegeta unlocks the perfected form of Super Saiyan God. Vegeta’s Aura becomes stronger and denser and more dark blue. 

In the Galatic Patrol Prisoner Arc, Vegeta trains under Pybara to learn Chi Control and all kinds of techniques, the most amazing being Forced Spirit Fission, using which he deals some deadly serious blows on Moro. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Shinka is one of the Strongest Transformations of Vegeta, which is coupled with Spirit Control, making him a total beast.

This form rivals if not beats Goku’s Super Saiyan God Kaioken form and is placed in the second place on this list of All Vegeta Transformations

1) Ultra Ego

Vegeta Ultra Ego

The most powerful form of Vegeta right now is his Ultra Ego Form. This form is taught to Vegeta by none other than the God of Destruction Beerus himself. The Ultra Ego form is the power that is derived solely from the destructive instinct Vegeta has and is also claimed by him to be unbounded.

Ultra Ego is first shown during Granolah the Survivor Saga Arc. After he realizes that Ultra Instinct isn’t his cup of tea, Beerus teaches him the technique, which is solely derived from his instinct. 

Vegeta’s appearance becomes more ragged, and his hair and eyes turn purple. His Aura is burning intensely like wildfire, and this form gives a god-like boost to Vegeta’s durability. The most broken thing about Ultra Ego is that the amount of pain he receives from his opponents is directly proportional to his strength. Thereby the more damage and pain someone inflicts, the stronger he gets. Ultra Ego is, therefore, the Strongest Transformation of Vegeta.

Is Vegeta more powerful than Goku? 

Currently, after gaining the new form of Ultra Ego, Vegeta has become slightly more powerful than Goku. However, Goku and Vegeta have yet to break their limits. In their battle against Gas, Garnolah helped them overcome Gas, which is still unfolding. Goku and Vegeta have displayed their new and more powerful transformations, which are yet imperfect 

Toriyama Sensei will soon reveal their perfect forms as well. Fans are very excited as these forms are very hyped both in manga and within the fans due to their extreme power levels and importance to the story. 

 According to a new theory, Toriyama sensei is planning for the ascendance of Goku and Vegeta into more powerful beings than the Grand Priest himself. Only time will tell, though, as fans are still waiting for their fight with such divine power-ups.

Is Vegeta more powerful than Gohan? 

In the current canon timeline, Vegeta is more powerful than Gohan. Gohan gave up on training and only continued it after he grew up and Old Kai unlocked his potential. Vegeta, on the other hand, has been training intensely and rigorously for years in adverse conditions honing himself and his techniques, making him stronger compared to Gohan. 

On various anime discussion forums, Gohan’s Beast mode ( which is an evolved form of his potential unlocked state ) is considered to be fairly strong and powerful enough to put Ultra Ego on his toes. The winner, however, will be Vegeta, as his Ultra Ego form will just keep enhancing his endurance.

With this, I shall conclude this article on The Strongest Transformations of Vegeta Ranked (Weakest to Strongest). Akira sensei is working just as hard as Goku or Vegeta to give us more insane god-like power-ups that all of us are hyped to see. If you liked this article, please be sure to check out our website for more Dragon Ball content along with other anime as well.

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