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Saitama vs Garou vs Blast: Who will win in One Punch Man? Manga 2023

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One Punch Man has entered one of its most arcs so far. If you are up-to-date with the latest chapters, you already know that the two of the strongest characters in the manga are fighting each other, Saitama vs Garou vs Blast. While we didn’t see Blast fight Garou head-on for long, we have enough information about his strength and powers.

Therefore, now that we have enough feat of all of their powers and potential let’s analyze them in detail.

How Strong is Saitama in One Punch Man?

Saitama is the main protagonist of the series. In a world where all kinds of beings and monsters exist, Saitama, a mere human is the strongest. He has been established as the strongest character in verse right since the beginning.

How Strong is Saitama in One Punch Man

All it takes for him to defeat his enemy is one punch. However, his absolute strength comes from his years of rigorous exercise, not any supernatural source.


  • Ultimate Speed: Saitama is the fastest character in verse. No matter how fast his opponent is, he can just out-speed them. As we have seen him fight opponents like Speed-O-SonicMosquito, and Garou, some of the fastest characters in verse. He out-sped them all like it was nothing, so much so that he created his after-images like a mirage. He can even be faster than light. For instance, when he wanted to see the back of his head in the mirror, he turned around so fast that he could see his reflection before it changed.
  • Ultimate Strength: Saitama possesses “limitless” strength. Be its brute force, physical finesse, speed, endurance, or even durability. As we witnessed throughout the manga, you can drop a supernova scale attack on him; he would still be intact.
  • Ultimate Agility: Saitama is flexible enough to slip through tight spaces and dodge almost every attack thrown at him. He is agile enough to use his legs to jump up, making him look like he is flying. He can also run on water.
  • Superhuman senses: Saitama has sharp instincts and senses. For example, he can hear people talking from a great distance. He could also detect an incoming meteorite towards the earth.
  • Superhuman Resistance: Saitama is resistant to extreme temperatures, pressure, and nuclear radiation and can survive in space.
  • One Punch Man: Saitama is the ultimate and absolute character in the series. He has limitless powers. He can defeat any character with just one punch if he wants to. This is also the reason why he has never been able to enjoy a fight in his life since no one is anywhere near his power scale.

How Strong is Garou in One Punch Man?

Garou started off as an anti-hero character with a unique ideology. He grew up sympathizing with monsters and villains who were victims of an unfair fight because they were always weaker than the heroes. Therefore, he became an equally strong force/monster to have a fair fight against heroes who claim to be strong.

How Strong is Garou in One Punch Man

Hence, he is now the “absolute evil” and the second strongest character after Saitama so far. Garou trained under Bang as his disciple and mastered the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. He left the dojo when he couldn’t possibly learn anything more than he already did. Therefore, he was born a prodigy.


  • Martial Artist: Garou is a prodigy martial artist who surpassed his master. He is such a finessed fighter that he can easily adapt his opponent’s moves and fighting style, rendering them useless against him.
  • Superhuman Strength: Garou is currently the strongest villain in the series, breaking his limiter. Even in his base form, he was powerful enough to defeat Tanktop’s Army, Genos, and Metal Bat. Later, he grew strong enough to defeat Platinum sperm, Flashy Flash, Sage Centipede, etc.
  • Superhuman speed and reflexes: Needless to mention, Garou has exceptional speed and reflexes. He is fast enough to dodge a bullet fired at him as a sneak attack. He became faster than Watchdog Man when he copied his moves. Later, he even overpowered Genos in terms of speed.
  • Formidable will: Garou’s biggest asset is his mental strength and willpower. It is only because of that that he surpassed his limiter and began his Monsterification. Even before awakening, he became an invincible character through his sheer will. He simply believed he could, so he did.
  • Ironclad Resistance: Soon after his Monsterification began, Garou evolved to become resistant to psychic, heat, cold, and even acid. This makes him almost immune to many monsters and heroes.
  • Supreme Adaptability: What makes Garou even more formidable is his exceptional ability to copy and adapt any moves. His natural adaptability increased to almost a magical level after his awakening. He could copy any technique or move he came across. For example, he fought using Bomb’s technique to defeat himself in a one-on-one battle.

How Strong is Blast in One Punch Man?

Blast is basically Dr. Strange of One Punch Man. He is titled the No.1 hero by Hero Association. He has been traveling through space and different dimensions to collect Mysterious Cubes.

How Strong is Blast in One Punch Man

Therefore, we only got to see him in action occasionally. The man is even acknowledged by Fubuki as the top hero of the world and speculated to hold a lot of superpowers.


  • Extraordinary Speed: Blast has proven himself to be faster than Flashy Flash. Based on recent chapters, he is fast enough to keep up with Cosmic Garou when he countered his attacks.
  • Incredible Strength: His strength is shown clearly when he is able to carry the Mysterious giant Cubes on his fingertip like a cotton ball. He is also speculated to be stronger than all the heroes in terms of strength (except Saitama) by Fubuki.
  • Supernatural Powers: Blast can create portals that allow him to travel through different dimensions. His portals and singularities can also act like a space prison since he can trap anything inside them. Additionally, he also may have some psychic abilities such as mind-reading or telepathy. This is because of the incident where he found out about Fubuki being Tatsumaki’s sister simply by patting her head.
  • Supernatural Resistance: For now, Blast is proven to be resistant to radiation. He has also shown to be able to survive in space as per the latest manga chapter. As for extreme temperatures, we have yet to receive any proof. More so, since we have limited knowledge about all of his powers as of now.

Saitama vs Garou vs Blast: Who will win

Now that we have discussed their strength and abilities in detail, time for the main question. Amongst them all, who would win? We’d be lying if he said we didn’t know the answer already. The answer is- Saitama. He is limitlessly powerful, as confirmed by the latest chapter. He overpowers everything and everyone that stands before him no matter what because he is the One Punch Man.

Now to analyze further, let’s see who would win, considering various factors.

Based on Strength: If strength is the main factor here, absolutely no one defeats Saitama. Garou, even in his Saitama Mode, couldn’t do any harm to him. As for Blast, he struggled to keep up with Garou during his brief encounter. Therefore, for this category, Saitama>Garou>Blast.

1) Based on Speed:

We have witnessed Saitama be fast enough to create his after-images. He has surpassed every character known for their extraordinary speed in the manga. Even Garou couldn’t catch up to his speed despite his Cosmic Terror Mode.

As for Blast, he may turn out to be faster than Garou at best, but that would simply be teleportation, not speed. Therefore, for this one, it is Saitama>Garou>Blast.

2) Based on Regeneration:

Now rapid regeneration isn’t some ability that naturally occurs to human beings. Therefore, Saitama and Blast both fall back in this category. Neither of them possesses it except Garou.

And if we consider Saitama and Blast’s defense against damage, Saitama can simply dodge it, and Blast can simply teleport or go back in time, but they cannot regenerate if they receive physical damage somehow.

Therefore, for this one, it is Garou>Saitama>Blast. Blast falls last since he is less durable than Saitama.

3) Based on Adaptability:

Garou has evolved to adapt and copy any technique or move in his Cosmic Terror Mode. Even in his base form, he could adapt and copy his opponent’s fighting style and technique.

As for Saitama, he too has shown to not only adapt but overpower his opponents using their own techniques. Lastly, Blast has also demonstrated some adaptability during his fight against Flashy Flash and Garou. But that was more of an application of his powers rather than adaptability.

Therefore, for this one, it is Saitama>Garou>Blast again.

4) Based on Abilities:

Lastly, considering their overall strength and abilities, Saitama wins. For Garou and Blast, it is pretty challenging to figure out which one of them would be more at a disadvantage since we don’t know enough about Blast yet.

Therefore, considering their brief fight in the latest chapters, it is safe to say that Garou can overpower Blast because he immediately surpassed Blast using his own powers.

Therefore, if the battle were to go something like Saitama vs Garou vs Blast, the ultimate result would be Saitama>Garou>Blast unless we find out more about Blast’s powers.

With that, we have covered everything regarding the question Saitama vs Garou vs Blast: Who would win? Now that we have answered your question, we shall conclude the article here. We will be back with more such answers to various other questions regarding different characters of manga/anime. Until then, browse through and enjoy some more interesting articles from us below.

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