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15 Anime Characters with Pigtails (Male & Female) 2023

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The word pigtail (or twintail) has a wide range of definitions in the context of hairstyles. The name can apply to a single braid, although it is most commonly used in the plural (“pigtails“) to describe twin braids on either side of the head. Some people use the word “pigtails” whether their hair is braided or not; however, there is no common agreement on this. So, here is the list of 15 anime characters with pigtails (male and female)

1) Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom) 

nagisa shiota

To start off the list with anime characters with pigtails, we have Nagisa Shiota.

Nagisa Shiota is the main character and storyteller of Assassination Classroom and a student in Korosensei’s Class 3-E. Despite his generally placid demeanor, Nagisa possesses a natural flair for assassination. 

Nagisa is a small-framed young man with sky blue hair and cyan eyes. His hair is shoulder-length due to his mother’s demands that he keeps it that way. He wore it in a long ponytail until Kaede Kayano arrived and styled his hair in two pigtails

Nagisa is a patient, composed, and kind character who is acutely aware of his environment and the circumstances that arise around him. Despite his calm appearance, he is deeply insecure about his abilities and how others view him. Lack of aspirations and a complete absence of optimism concerning his own future are indications of this.

2) Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 

usagi tsukino

When we think of Anime Characters with Pigtails, Usagi Tsukino is one of the first characters that come to mind. Sailor Moon is the lead character in the anime series with the same name. Usagi Tsukino is her real name. She can fly and has other magical abilities. 

She has stunning long blonde pigtails that start with side buns on her head. She also has large eyes. Usagi was a bit petty and a drama queen at the start of the anime. 

But despite her chaotic and immature behavior, she has a genuine love for her friends and family. She is highly trusting and feels everyone has a moral conscience; this might be both a strength and a flaw sometimes.

3) Ranma Saotome (Ranma ½)

ranma saotome

Ranma Saotome is the central character in Ranma ½. Ranma is of “normal” height compared to his other characters his age. Ranma’s most distinguishing physical feature is his signature pigtail, which he had as a ponytail prior to being cursed. 

 Ranma is a Japanese adolescent who has been practicing martial arts since he was a youngster. As a result of slipping into a magical spring during a practice trip in China, he is cursed to shift into a girl when splashed with cold water, while hot water transforms him back into a boy.

4) Milim Nava (Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken)

milim nava

One of the most adorable and carefree anime characters with pigtails that one can think of is Milim Nava, who is one of the Octagram’s second Demon Lords.

She is considered the “Destroyer,” and she is one of the fiercest and oldest demon lords. Milim is an easygoing person who simply wants to do anything to entertain herself. 

She usually appears to be a young human girl between the ages of twelve and fourteen, which causes many people to mistake her for a child at first. Her long platinum-pink hair is tied in two pigtails

At first glance, Milim seems to be the most impatient and immature, and she has no concept of what other people would consider common sense. Calling her a child or treating her as a weakling will infuriate her or perhaps force her to lash out.

5) Izumi Akazawa (Another)

izumi akazawa

Izumi Akazawa is the leader of countermeasures for Class 3-3, and she goes to any extent to stop the Curse from murdering classmates in her class. She later becomes the Class Officer of Class 3-3. 

She has two long reddish-brown curly pigtails that are tied using blue ribbons. Izumi is forthright, daring, and bold. She possesses a tsundere personality.

6) Azusa Nakano (K-ON!)

azusa nakano

Azusa Nakano is one of K-ON’s five significant protagonists. She attends Sakuragaoka High School. She made the decision to enter the Light Music Club after hearing the band perform at the school fest, and as a result, she joined the band Ho-kago Tea Time as their second guitarist. 

Azusa’s hair is long, straight, and appears to be thin, and she wears it in pigtails. Despite having poor self-esteem and a humble demeanor, she is incredibly skilled and outperforms her senior Yui (who also plays guitar) in many aspects. Azusa is also knowledgeable and well-organized.

7) Mine (Akame ga Kill)


One of the major characters in Akame Ga Kill anime is Mine. She is a member of the assassins’ crew, Night Raid, and a self-described “brilliant sniper.” She also has a short temper and a sharp mind. 

 Mine is a petite girl. She has long, pink hair tied in pigtails on both sides of her head, topped by two pink ribbons, which sometimes wear down on occasion. She also has fuchsia eyes. She is dressed in pink. 

Mine is prone to anger and easily agitated by people she does not know well. Despite her icy façade, she has proven to be an affectionate and caring girl to all those she has confided in.

8) Wendy Marvell (FairyTail) 

wendy marvell

Wendy Marvell is one of the main characters in the anime series FairyTail. Female Sky Dragon Slayer who was previously a member of the Cait Shelter Guild. 

 Wendy has her hair up in pigtails while she is in Edolas, which are tied together by two clips that resemble animal ears. Two strands of hair fall on either side of her face. 

Wendy is initially introduced as a shy and courteous young lady. She is also rather clumsy, regularly tripping when running, which she eventually overcomes. Wendy, despite her reluctance, is excited to make friends. Wendy is also very caring about her guildmates. 

Wendy dislikes fighting. However, Wendy will battle without hesitation if it means protecting her guildmates or friends.

9) Rin Tohsaka (Fate/stay night)

rin tohsaka

In the anime series Fate/stay night, Rin Tohsaka serves as one of the three major heroines. She is the head of the noble Tohsaka family and serves as the Master of Archer in the Fifth Holy Grail War, which Rin joins in upholding her family’s customs and heritage of her late father, who died in the Fourth Holy Grail War ten years prior. 

Rin has aqua eyes and her long brown hair tied in two-side-up pigtails held in place by substantial black ribbons and the rest hanging loose. 

Rin is smart, serious, resourceful, and highly competitive. She puts on the appearance of being a prim and perfect honor student at school, but this is really a façade she keeps up to keep people from looking into her personal life. In private, she is authoritarian and unpleasant, but she usually has pure intentions for the people she cares about. 

She is considered a role model student at her school. Her tone of voice is typically harsh and dismissive of others, but she has a kind, big-sisterly demeanor on the inside.

10) Tamaki Kotatsu (Fire Force)

tamaki kotatsu

Tamaki Kotatsu is a Third Generation Second Class Fire Soldier who previously worked in Special Fire Force Company 1. She was penalized by Special Fire Force Company 8 for her service to Rekka Hoshimiya.  

Tamaki is a young woman with long, straight dark hair wrapped into pigtails, golden eyes with white pupils, and a curvy figure. Tamaki has a good attitude and is compassionate to everybody, particularly members of her brigade and kids. She has nonetheless demonstrated traits like boastfulness and loudness.

 She is noted for being extremely clumsy, which she blames on her “Lucky Lecher Lure,” resulting in her getting into embarrassing situations, for which she frequently blames others. Tamaki has exhibited insecurity about her strength in comparison to her friends, particularly in terms of conviction, as she believes she did not join the Fire Force for a special reason.

 These insecurities morph into a rage before giving way to her sudden determination to catch up and improve herself. Tamaki is a fearless individual with a deep sense of justice and a desire to defend those around her, despite her fears and aggressiveness.

 Even when confronted with foes who are stronger than her, she maintains her cool and attempts to fight back while carefully analyzing the situation.

11) Temari (Naruto) 


Temari is a series of supporting characters. She is a Sunagakure jonin-level shinobi. Temari is one of the anime characters with pigtails that has a unique style.

 Temari is strikingly similar to her mother, with teal eyes and sandy blonde hair pulled together in four continuous pigtails. She has a giant folding fan on her back that she can use to produce enormous wind while battling. 

 Temari has been labeled “the most fearsome kunoichi.” She takes pleasure in watching people suffer. She competed against Tenten in the Chunin Exam. Tenten was helpless against her since her powerful wind carried all of Tenten’s weaponry off. 

Tenten, on the other hand, defeated Temari in a rematch. Temari has shown Tenten a lot of respect since then.

12) Beatrice (Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World)


Beatrice, also known as Betty, is one of the protagonists of Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World and also among anime characters with pigtails.

Beatrice has big sky-blue eyes with pink butterfly designs in her pupils. The tips of Betty’s twin tails are pink at the tips of her hair. Betty’s blonde hair is worn long and tied in frilly vertical drill-shaped pigtails that reach her hip and acts like springs when tugged on. She had a huge pink ribbon around her waist and a pair of identical ribbons placed at the top of her twin tails as well. 

 Beatrice tends to look down on others and has a difficult time interacting with people who want to approach her. She appears to be tough but is actually lonely and has a softer heart than she lets on, despite her swagger.

13) Megumi Tadokoro (Food Wars)

megumi todokoro

Megumi Tadokoro, one of the anime characters with pigtails in Food Wars, is also a supporting character.

Megumi is a young lady with long blue hair, yellow eyes, and shorts. Megumi has long, navy blue hair that she wears in twin braided pigtails and a floral hairpin on the top right. 

 Megumi is awkward and timid; however, she is also caring. She has good manners and always speaks politely. She frequently buckled under pressure at the beginning of the series to the point where she received Es in every class, but after meeting Soma, she gradually started to gain confidence.

14) Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star)

kagami hiiragi

Kagami Hiiragi, also nicknamed “Kagamin” by her close friend Konata Izumi, is one of the central protagonists in Lucky Star. She is Tsukasa Hiiragi’s elder twin sister.

 She has long soft purple hair that is tied into pigtails with ribbons and has bright violet eyes. Kagami can be shy at times, making her a tsundere as well.

 She is also concerned about her weight and constantly goes on diets. However, she frequently ends up regaining her weight since, while she will not admit it, she is addicted to snacking.

15) Soji Mitsuka (Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu)

soji mitsuka

Soji Mitsuka is a regular high school boy with a love for pigtail (twin-tail) hair. When monsters invade his town and claim that all twin-tail in the world belongs to them, he meets a mysterious girl named Twoearle from a parallel universe.

These demons feed on human spiritual energy. Twoearle grants Soji the ability to transform into a pigtailed female robot fighter known as Tail Red. Soji is one of the most recognized anime characters with pigtails.

After undergoing a Transformation Process, Soji gains the physical features and thinking of an adolescent teenage female. TailRed has lengthy hair that reaches almost to her ankles and is styled in the pigtail hairdo.

 Her twin tails are secured in place by decorative, triangle-shaped hair ties that also function as a storage area for her Tail Gear Tools. Her hair is a vibrant red, with the tips of her twin tails fading from crimson to fiery yellow. She has dark purple eyes and medium beige skin tones. 

The pigtail, often known as the “twintail” in Japan, is not a new hairstyle. It’s not something new in the West, and it’s indeed not something new in Japan. But in recent years, it has gained wider popularity than ever.

Here, we conclude our article, “15 Anime Characters with Pigtails.” We hope you like the post. We will be back with another article. Till then stay tuned with us.

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