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Top 10 Anime Girls With the Cutest Pout Of All Time (2023)

I think we can all agree that anime has the best girls. Even a deadly female character who can kill you within seconds has a dedicated fanbase because we love them all, no matter what personality they have.

Anime pouts are almost revered by the whole fandom. I mean, there is a whole subreddit called r/pouts for them. Yes, they are a means of expressing anger usually, but we can’t help but say, “Adorable!” when we see them. They are just that precious.

Since a lot of us appreciate a good anime pout, we will be looking at the Top 10 Anime Girls With the Cutest Pout Of All Time (in no particular order). Of course, we wouldn’t want to incite any waifu wars, so apologies in advance if we leave your favorite. Keep on the lookout for more such lists in the future!

For the sake of being fair, we are taking one character per anime. Let the cuteness begin!

Top 10 Anime Girls With the Cutest Pout Of All Time

10. Aqua


Anime NameKonoSuba
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorLight Blue
Episode Number S2 E7

It is only right to start our list with the most iconic pout of all time. Deuteragonist of the comedy fantasy series KonoSuba, Aqua was initially a goddess of water who guided humans to the afterlife until Kazuma tricks her into taking her with him.

She is famous for being useless the whole series and is promptly called the useless goddess by Kazuma.

Aqua cries and whines a lot, so her pouting face is not that uncommon, much to Kazuma’s scorn and anger. She has her useful moments, but they are few (very few) and far between.

9. Hitori Bocchi 

Hitori Bocchi

Anime NameHitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu
Eye ColorPink
Hair ColorBrown
Episode NumberS1 E1

Next is our friend Hitori Bocchi who is definitely one of the most relatable characters out there. She is shy and has extreme social anxiety, which means she is pretty paranoid about the few friends she does have. She may have eccentric ways of dealing with situations, but her heart is in the right place.

Bocchi’s pout has become somewhat of a meme by now. Her puffed cheeks and slightly angry eyebrows are a sight to behold.

8. Miyano


Anime NameTanaka-kun is Always Listless
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
Episode Number S1 E3

Miyano is the adorable side character in the slice-of-life iyashikei anime Tanaka-kun is Always Listless. She is Tanaka‘ self-proclaimed apprentice who wanted to learn his listless ways to appear more mature and cool.

Unfortunately, that didn’t end in success since she is too bright and cheerful. She is Echizen‘s best friend.

Her small stature and overall cuteness mean that she just gets cuter when she pouts angrily. Thankfully, her anger was laid to rest after she made up with Echizen.

7. Emi Handa

Emi Handa

Anime NameBarakamon
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Episode NumberS1 E12

She may not have appeared for long, but she definitely stole our hearts. Emi Handa is the mother of Seishuu Handa who is the protagonist of the slice-of-life comedy, Barakamon.

She is really beautiful and often has a motherly aura. However, she is quite volatile, contrary to her appearance, doting but overprotective of Sei, often letting her emotions get the better of her.

She is expressive and shows what she feels. She is quick to jump to conclusions. Sei has a difficult time dealing with her, but he knows how much she cares about him.

6. Morgiana


Anime NameMagi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Eye ColorPink
Hair ColorMagenta
Episode NumberS1 E18/E1

Tritagonist of Magi and a pure-blood Fanalis, Morgiana is a quiet girl who initially met Aladdin and Alibaba when she was a slave under Jamil.

She is quite strong and has a strong sense of smell which allows her to smell even the stench of death. She starts getting more open as she travels with Aladdin and Alibaba.

Morgiana is both deathly and cute. Although her badass moments cannot be compared, it is equally rewarding to see her getting more expressive as the story goes on.

5. Kurisu Makise

Kurisu Makise

Anime NameSteins;Gate
Eye ColorPurple
Hair ColorRed
Episode NumberS1 E19

We have to add one of the best (underrated) Tsunderes in anime. Kurisu Makise is a genius neuroscientist who graduated from university at the age of 17.

She joins the Future Gadget Lab after getting recruited by Okabe. It didn’t take long for Okabe to give her a nickname as well (Christina), much to her annoyance.

Kurisu is usually a sensible and mature girl, but she is often thrown off balance by Okabe. We cannot really blame Okabe for teasing her so much because her pouts and angrily embarrassed expressions are the best.

4. Yui Hirasawa


Anime NameK-On!
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Episode Number S1 E11/ S2 E8

We simply cannot make this list without including the OG CGDCT (Cute Girls doing cute things) anime. And who better to add than our beloved airheaded protagonist, Yui Hirasawa?

This adorable, fearless go-getter joins the Ho-Kage Tea Time band without any prior experience simply because she thought Light Music means easy music. However, she is surprisingly diligent in learning guitar and turns out to be a musical genius with perfect pitch.

Yui hardly ever gets angry, and it’s hard to take her seriously when she does due to how adorable she is. Of course, her pouting face is equally adorable, like all her expressions!

3. Eru Chitanda

Eru Chitanda

Anime NameHyouka
Eye ColorPurple
Hair ColorBlack
Episode Number S1 E19

There is one perfect word to describe Chitanda. CURIOUS with a capital C! Deuterogonist of Kyoani’s mystery drama Hyouka, Eru Chitanda is the president of the Classical Literature Club.

Since Oreki is so good at solving mysteries, Chitanda gets attached to him quickly and often becomes hyperactive whenever a new mystery stumbles towards their way.

Chitanda is pretty, polite, and cheerful. She is quite expressive, and her eyes literally light up whenever she is curious. Oreki often has a hard time telling her no, even when he is an advocate of “energy conservation.”

2. Miyako Shikimori

Miyako Shikimori

Anime NameShikimori’s Not Just a Cutie
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorPink
Episode Number S1 E1/E7

From cute to cool in an instant, Miyako Shikimori is the protagonist of the rom-com anime Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie. She is confident, caring, and loves her high school sweetheart, Izumi, a lot. She is often cute and affectionate, but whenever her cool switch turns on, she becomes a different beast.

The series is littered with many of Shikimori’s cute moments. She pouts when she is flustered, annoyed, or slightly angry.

1. Kaguya Shinomiya


Anime NameKaguya-sama: Love Is War
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorBlack
Episode NumberS2 E1

I had to think long and hard about whether to put Kaguya or Chika on this list. But seeing as how Chika’s derpy expressions and pouts are well known by fans, our madam vice-president deserves more recognition.

Titular protagonist of the psychological romance anime, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Kaguya Shinomiya is the definition of a “perfect” student. She is smart, rational, intelligent, beautiful, and a pro at like a thousand different things.

Of course, her love for Shirogane doesn’t allow her to be totally rational all the time. She has her embarrassing moments and lets her feelings slip, especially around Shirogane and Chika. Her slightly angry, highly embarrassed pout is extremely adorable.

And that’s it for our list! We hope you enjoyed reading it. Hopefully, you didn’t die from an overdose of sweetness!

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