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10 Most Famous Cartoon Characters With Curly Brown Hair

Hair is the most crucial part of the human body; it adds more beauty to the face, and if maintained properly according to the shape of the face, it will make a person look even more attractive. Curly brown hair is considered very beautiful for both men and women; it shows your confidence.

Many like to take inspiration from cartoons to style their hair according to their facial structure and dressing sense. The cartoon can give you a rough idea of how the hair will suit you. Here are the top 10 cartoon characters with curly-brown hairs.

Characters With Curly Brown Hair

10)  Franklin Armstrong

Show name: Peanuts/The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show


Franklin Armstrong is the character from Peanuts. The character is originally from the comic strip Peanuts, created by Charles M. Schulz. He was introduced as the black character in the show.

He first appeared when he met Charlie Brown when they were both on the beach. Franklin told Charlie Brown that his father was a soldier fighting in Vietnam, to which Charlie responded that his father is a barber now but a retired army man.

He had also fought a war, but Charlie needed to know which one. Later, Franklin visited Charlie’s place and also met his other friends.

9) Susie Carmichael

Show name: Rugrats

Susie Carmichael

Susie Carmichael is Angelica’s best friend and plays a supporting role in the Rugrats franchise. She is an Afro-American girl. Her personality and character are opposite to those of Angelica.

She is always supportive of Angelica’s cousin Tommy and his friends. She is Angelica’s friend, but we have seen her often take a stand against Angelica for their good. We have seen Susie styling her hair with three braids with a barrette at the end of each and wearing a yellow and purple dress. Her personality is shown to be that of a friendly, kind, and bright kid.

8) Susie Gratuity “Tip” Tucci

Show name: Home

Gratuity Tip Tucci

Gratuity “Tip” Tucci is an essential character in Home, animated by Dream Works. She is the second-most important character in the movie Homes. It is DreamWork’s 31st full-length animated film.

She has also appeared in Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh. She is voiced by Rihanna in the film and Rachel Crow in the series. Her personality is lonely, kind, funny, and sweet, but at the same time, she is also very short-tempered. She has dark skin, green eyes, curly brown hair, and is tall. She wears casual clothing paired with red Converse.

7) Darren Patterson

Show name: As Told by Ginger

Darren Patterson

Darren Patterson is one of Ginger’s best friends. Darren has lived next to Ginger since they were small children. Ginger trusts Darren more than Dodie and Macie, who have been friends for a long time. Darren is calm and reliable.

He is not very popular in school, but when his headgear is removed, he becomes instantly attractive to his classmates. We have seen him dating Miranda, but later in the series, he declares his love for Ginger, and as a result, they become a couple.

6) Otto Rocket

Show name: Rocket Power

Otto Rocket

Otto Rocket is the lead character in the movie Rocket Power. Otto is shown as a 10-year-old boy living near ocean shores with his sister and widowed father. He is skilled in skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding; he has also won several medals in competitive matches.

He is also very good at cycling and rollerblading. Overall, he is a very athletic guy. He is also the captain of the local youth league street hockey team.

5) Corvus

Show name: The Dragon Prince


Corvus, as shown in the series, is a very skilled fighter and good at finding things. He is also very experienced as a soldier in Katolis’s Standing Battalion. He is said to be the most reliable soldier under Amaya.

Later, as the story proceeds, he joins the Crownguard, becoming a part of them to help King Ezran. Crovus is a physically fit man with brown eyes, dark skin, and brown braided hair. He also has a scar across his right eye and eyebrow.

4) Missy Foreman-Greenwald

Show name: Big Mouth

Missy Foreman Greenwald

Missy Foreman is one of the main characters from the show Big Mouth. She is a very close friend to Andrew, Jessie, and Nick. She is very emotional; she isn’t physically developed according to her age.

In the series, we have seen that she was encouraged to get involved in academics and to be comfortable and proud of her body. Missy has thick, curly brown hair, light brown eyes, and a short build.




Bumblebee is a superhero appearing in DC comic books and cartoons. She is one of the members of Teen Titan. She is also DC’s first black female superhero. Bumblebee has no superpowers; her powers are derived from her high-tech battle suit, increasing her human power to superhuman.

2) Carl Wheezer

Show name: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

Carl Wheezer

Carl Wheezer is Jimmy’s best friend. He is known as nervous, timid, and suffering. In the series, we have seen him trying to act more relaxed to overcome his personality traits around Jimmy and a mutual friend.

He has many talents, but his best ability is to sing. As seen in the series, he has peach skin and freckles, and he has small back eyes.

1) Gabby



Gabby is the main character from the show Gabby’s Doll House. The show was released on Netflix and aimed at pre-school-aged children. Gabby is a small girl. She is very creative and loves to play and explore.

She has a magical doll house that is filled with many dolls. Overall, the show is excellent for entertainment and kids.


As seen in the list, the cartoon characters look so handsome with those beautiful curly brown hairs. Each character looks confident with their natural hair; so should we, which concludes our list.

Do small things with great love.

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