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20 Ugliest Cartoon Characters Of All Time

When someone talks about cartoons, many of us wonder what a cartoon is. The cartoon is an organization that appears in audio and visual art. Every age group loves cartoon characters, and some have emotions connecting with the cartoon, animated, and fictional characters.

The medium comprises good, bad, handsome, and even ugly characters. In this article, we are going to take a look at the top 20 most ugly characters of all time in cartoons and discuss them.

20 Ugliest Cartoon Characters

20) Ren Hoek

Cartoon: Ren and Stimpy

Ren Hoek

Ren Hoek is one of the characters in the Ren and Stimpy Cat cartoon. There were two characters in the cartoon show: Ren Hoek and Stimpy Cat, followed by Ren Hoek. However, they were adult party cartoon characters, and the look and appearance of the ren hoek could have been better on the TV screen.

19) Stimpy

Cartoon: Ren and Stimpy


Stimpy is a cartoon character from the famous comedy show Ren & Stimpy. Ren and Stimpy are the friends in this cartoon, and the Stimpy Cartoon character was voiced by the artist Bully West from 1990 until the present. However, the appearance and look of Sticky were those of one of the ugliest cartoon characters. He is often regarded as one of the most ugly-looking characters in cartoons.

18) The Great Gazoo

Cartoon: The Great Gazoo

The Great Gazoo

The Great Gazzo Cartoon is a fictional animated cartoon based on aliens. The makers of the great Gazzo were Hanna-Barbera. However, the look and appearance were not what the audience liked. A tiny green-flying alien scientist was the character. He is also hilarious and entertains the audience throughout the series.

17) Mr. Magoo

Cartoon: What’s new? Mr. Magoo

Mr Magoo

What’s new? Mr. Magoo is a fictional animated cartoon character from the United States. The cartoon character involves an older man and his dog. The makers of What’s New, Mr. Magoo, were John Hubley and Millard Kaufman. However, the audience was not very happy with the appearance and looks of Mr. Maggo, as he was an older man in the cartoon character and displayed little fashion.

16) Uncle Ruckus

Cartoon: Uncle Ruckus

Uncle Ruskus

Uncle Ruckus is the fictional animated character from the United States cartoon show Uncle Ruckus. Uncle Ruckus is a middle-aged character in The Cartoon, and he is very popular and known by the audience for his dark and racial touches of humor.

However, the audience didn’t like Uncle Rustus’s look, as they loved his humor. Uncle Ruckus’s appearance is that of a middle-aged, fat black man with only one eye.

15) Popeye the Sailor

Cartoon: Popeye the Sailor


If you are a cartoon lover and you have watched a cartoon a little bit, you might have seen the Popeye the Sailor Man cartoon. It is one of the most popular cartoon shows in the world, and in the early 2000s, every kid was a fan of Popeye and his power.

He used to eat spinach, and after eating spinach, his biceps get pumped up, and he has a lot of power to fight with any enemy and beat them. Also, he used to smoke a corncob pipe. However, his appearance was not loved by the audience, and that’s the reason why Popeye the Sailor Man has a very low fandom.

14) Quasimodo

Cartoon: The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Quasimodo is the fictional animated cartoon from the famous French show “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Quasimodo is an adult character in the cartoon show, and he is the bell ringer. However, cartoons are watched mainly by children, and children don’t love the old appearance of the Quasimodo in the cartoon.

13) Dobby

Cartoon: Harry Potter 


Every Harry Porter fan might have heard about the Dobby he was, and the house elf, and his work was to keep his loyalty to wizarding the family in the “Harry Porter Show.” Harry Porter is well-known among youngsters, and Dobby performed in the animated Harry Porter cartoon.

He is also one of the most beloved characters in movies and cartoons. He is one of the most loyal characters, and he wants Harry to be happy and free from his curse.

12) The Crypt Keeper

Cartoon: Tales From The Crypt


You might have heard about the show “Tales from the Crypt.” The crypt keeper is the character from the cartoon, and it was presented in such a horror way that many people didn’t like his appearance. The specialty of the crypt keeper was that he was an undead character.

11) Beavis

Cartoon: Beavis and the Butthead


The famous American animated cartoon show of the 1990s, “Beavis and the Butthead,”. Beavis is the young-age character in the cartoon Beavis and the Butthead. He was known and famous in the show for his crude behavior and laugh. But his appearance was not very impressive, as he had long blond hair.

He displays bad or arrogant behavior towards everyone, and he is particularly famous among children for his evil laughs. He is also very disliked, as he plays the role of a bully.

10) Butthead

Cartoon: Beavis and the Butthead


Butthead is the character from the fictional and animated American show “Beavis and the Butthead.”. He was a high school teen student. He did not have a perfect appearance in the show; he was tall, and his face was also extended.

But the head is a friend of the Beavis, and they have a lot of fun together as they study together in high school. However, the audience was hoping for a better presentation of the butthead.

09) Haggis Mchaggis

Cartoon: Haggis and Bumble


Haggis Mchaggis is the fictional cartoon character from “Haggis and Bumble,” a Scottish show. The Scottish cartoon show is top-rated. The character Haagis Mchaggis is famous for his humorous and quirky nature. However, his looks and appearance did not interest the audience that much.

He has a very jolly personality and makes everyone laugh; however, his appearance is somewhat ugly, and that, combined with his funny nature, makes him a funny and beloved character in the community.

08) Jemima Puddle-Duck

Cartoon: Jemima Puddle-Duck


Jemima Puddle-Duck is an English tale by Beatrix Potter. The duck is dressed with a scarf over its head in this famous English cartoon, famous for its adventures worldwide. However, the audience did not like the appearance much.

07) Quagmire

Cartoon: Family Guy

Glenn Quagmire

Quagmire is the famous American animated fictional character for the show Family Guy. Many Americans love Family Guy, and the show is so famous that it has over eight seasons.

The show is an adult cartoon show; however, the appearance of the characters could have been more liked by the characters. As The Family Guy is a very famous show with many characters, people expect the appearance of the characters to be better.

Due to his behavior and habits, he has been one of the trendiest characters lately, with him being the cover of several memes. He is also extremely loved by the audience.

06) Slimer



The slimmer are the animated and fictional cartoon characters from the show “Ghostbusters.” Ghostbusters is a top-rated show, and it also has a few seasons. The slimmer means the onion head or the green slime ghost.

However, creating the slime character design cost them 3 lakh dollars and six months. It took a lot of work to create the character in such a short amount of time. However, the public doesn’t like the appearance of the slim person, as he has long teeth and is a fat green ghost. In The Ghostbusters, he was well-known for his antics and love of food

05) The Groke

Cartoon: Moomin


The Groke is an animated and fictional character from the famous Japanese cartoon show “Momins.” The maker of the Momins Japanese cartoon show is Tove Jansson. One of the specialties of the show is that it says that she has a tail, but it is never seen.

Whenever she stands on her feet, the land below her feet freezes, and the plants and grass die. However, the character’s appearance was not loved by the audience, as she was fat and bald with long hands and feet. However, her early presence and solemn nature in the show “Momins” are still loved by the audience.

04) Witch Hazel

Cartoon: Looney Tunes

Witch Hazel is a famous animated and fictional character from the Warner Bros. TV show “Looney Tunes.” The Looney Tunes is a very famous American cartoon show, and there are a lot of multiple characters in the fictional show “Looney Tunes.”

The witch Hazel was famous for her comical spells and the interactions between the characters in The Looney Tunes. However, her appearance and look in the show were not loved by the audience, as she is a witch. Her appearance resembles that of a fat-free lady with a big nose and a witch hat over her head.

03) Ed Bighead

Cartoon: Rocko’s Modern Life


The famous fictional and animated character from “Rocko’s Modern Life,” Ed Bighead, is a middle-aged character and a toadfish in the cartoon series. He is popularly famous for his grumpy attitude in the series and the neighborly disputes he has.

However, his look and appearance are not loved by the audience that much, and Big Head also has a book comic of the same story named “Rocko’s Modern Life.” The kids were also afraid of the appearance of Ed Bighead, as his legs were in the opposite direction, like ghosts.

02) Meg Griffin

Cartoon: Family Guy

The top-rated and famous animated and fictional cartoon show “Family Guy,” as known by almost everyone, The Meg-griffin is one of the essential characters from the show “Family Guy.”

Meg Graffin is a teacher in the show and a high school student. She is famous for her awkwardness and low self-esteem in “The Family Guy.” She is a well-known cartoon character.

However, the audience doesn’t like her appearance that much in the show, as she wears long and round glasses. And a round pink hat over the head. Meg Griffin is the female character and is loved by many female audiences for her attitude in the show and her dressing sense.

01) Oogie Boogie

Cartoon: The Nightmare Before Christmas


Oogie Boogie is the famous animated and fictional cartoon character from the Walt Disney cartoon show “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” There are so many characters in the show.

But Oogie Boogies is one of the main characters, and the show’s makers built more than 203 puppets to feature and represent all the characters in the show. One of the main characters, Jack Skellington, in the show, has over 800 heads. The oogie boogie is famous for his early presence and song in the Caretoon show “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

However, it was one of the most popular hit shows by Walt Disney and was loved by everyone. However, the audience did not like the appearance of the Oogie Boogie character that much in the show, and they thought and were experiencing the new look for the cartoon character Oogie Boogie the Boogeyman. But the audience still loves the show and is famous for it.


These were the 20 most ugly cartoon characters. The cartoon characters are not just the cartoon characters; they are the emotions of the audience, and the audience feels a connection with the characters sometimes. So it’s also crucial to have the appearance and look of the cartoon character good and well-designed, as it affects the show very much and has a huge impact.

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