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Check out the latest season of The Bachelor and its participants!

The popular American TV series has come back with its 28th season, which premiered on January 22nd, 2024. The dating and relationship reality series started airing on the ABC channel on March 25th, 2002.

The 28th season is a five-week episode, which will run from January 22nd to February 13th, 2024, and is hosted by Jesse Palmer. As a result of the success of The Bachelor franchise, which made way for several spin-offs, like The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelor Winter Games, and The Golden Bachelor.

The first episode was aired on January 22nd; the second will be released on January 29th, 2024; the third will be on February 5th, 2024; the fourth on February 12th, 2024; and the fifth episode will be on February 13th, 2024.

All the episodes will be broadcast on ABC at 8 p.m. EST. They will also be accessible to the audience on the streaming platform Hulu the day after their release on ABC. Hulu’s ad-supported plan costs just $7.99 per month.

A 28-year-old man called Joey Graziadei is the primary focus of The Bachelor season 28. He is a professional tennis coach who lives in Royersford, Pennsylvania. Joey is also the 20th runner-up on The Bachelorette, which featured Charity Lawson.

In the brand new season, 32 wonderful women compete with each other to catch the attention of Joey Graziadei. Some of them include Daisy Kent, Evalin Clark, Kelsey Toussant, Chandler Dewgard, and Samantha Sam Hale.

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